Beauty and the Beast Teapots

In a section on teapots, one of the most emblematic and well-known pieces in this sector could not be missing. Okay, maybe not for purists or for the die-hard fans of enjoying tea at home… but for the general public and especially for the youngest members of the household. We are referring, of course, to the Beauty and the Beast teapots.

The story comes from the successful Disney film (Beauty and the Beast, released in 1991) in which, apart from the two main characters, there were two secondary characters called Mrs. Potts (a classic English teapot) and Chip (a matching cup).

They became so popular, both in the making of the film and in the musical numbers, that in the end they had their own line of merchandising, and of course here we include original and real pieces of tableware: the Beauty and the Beast teapots. Which are actually not two teapots, but a teapot and a cup.

Over time, these pieces have become an ideal gift for children and fans of classic Disney films. And sometimes it’s not easy to find them in shops, so here is a selection of the different models of Beauty and the Beast teapots on Amazon.

What is the name of the teapots in Beauty and the Beast?

We’ve already said it: Potts and Chip. The teapot and the little cup, respectively.

Original design of the little cup

What do Beauty and the Beast teapots look like?

If we stick to technical parameters, the Beauty and the Beast teapot is a classic English-style teapot, made of white ceramic with some gold trimmings.

If you search for Beauty and the Beast teapots on Amazon, you will find a number of different manufacturers. All the pieces look more or less the same (after all, they are based on the same characters), but you can find differences in the quality of the ceramics, the decorations, and the composition of the set.

The complete set (cup and teapot) is usually available, but in some cases only the teapot can be purchased separately. In the more luxurious versions, which are perfect for special occasions, the two components are integrated in a gift box.

StMandy Beauty and The Best Tea Set Mrs Potts TeaPot and Chip Mug Sculpture Ceramic Tea Set Figurine
  • This beautifully designed beast themed teapot is the ideal way to make a perfect jug of freshly brewed tea every time you see your favourite Disney movie. The Mrs Potts teapot with the iconic...
  • Perfect FigeGifts Idea --- Many favourite mugs convey a personal meaningful message, while coffee mugs have certainly become a gift.
  • Inspired by the beauty and the beast
  • Gift box, it could be used as a cosplay, sculpture figure, perfect for birthday gift or Christmas gift. Wash thoroughly before use, not microwave or dishwasher safe
  • After the promotion: as long as the package is opened, the goods cannot be returned. (No quality problems) As this is a teapot and a cup, it cannot be resold for health reasons.

Can I buy them separately?

Yes, it is not the most common, but it is also possible to find the Potts or Chip figures (teapot or cup) separately. They will always be more expensive than if you buy them in the same set, but it is an interesting alternative if you ever break a piece or just want to get some extra Chip cups to have a complete Beauty and the Beast tea set.

Beauty and the Beast tea set (full version)

This is a special version of the Beauty and the Beast cups set that includes three pieces instead of two. In addition to the teapot (Potts) and cup (Chip) we also have a handy matching sugar bowl. Of course, the quality and type of decoration is the same as in the traditional two-component versions (the teapot with the cup).

Beauty and The Beast Tea Set Wife Chip Teapot Cup Ceramic Coffee Teaset Valentine's Day Gift [1 Pot...
  • 1. Material: Ceramic
  • 2. A cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a book, a sunshine, a cozy, lifelong life.
  • 3. This reusable cup is made of eco-friendly materials, which saves you money and time for the barista's coffee and helps save the environment, safe and pollution-free.
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What are the main drawbacks of the Beauty and the Beast teapot?

Well, as with everything in life, there is always a kind side and a less grateful side. In the chapter of disadvantages, and always from the point of view of an adult person fond of preparing tea (which is what this infusions section of the website is all about), we have to mention these two details:

  • The teapot (the figure of Mrs Potts) does not have an infuser. That is to say, it is more of a tea pitcher than a teapot specifically designed to infuse herbs inside. You can always buy one separately, but of course… you have to get the shape and size right for Mrs Potts’ mouth.
  • The teapot is usually small, if we look for a 1 litre teapot for example, it would be very unbalanced.
  • Due to their shape and the uniqueness of their decoration, they are not very practical for everyday use: they have to be washed by hand and with great care. So sometimes these items remain more as decorative objects in the house than as real pieces of kitchenware to be used for drinking out of them.
  • Who buys a tea set of one (1) cup? Well, this is more of a pair than a set, and if you want to serve it to your guests, you will have no choice but to complete the service with other tea cups completely different from Chip’s character.