Tea and Infusions

We may be a website specialising in coffee and domestic coffee machines, but no one can deny the age-old link between coffee and tea.

They are the two most popular beverages in the world; they even share the same brewing method in many cases (tea is always infused, coffee is also infused although it can also be brewed using other ways), and the most important thing: they share many users and enthusiasts who consume them indistinctly.

Some only drink coffee and only drink tea, but many consumers enjoy both options. Who hasn’t ordered a tea in a coffee shop because they didn’t feel like a coffee or had already had several that day? Well, one thing doesn’t take away from the other. And this is the specific section of our portal for lovers of tea and infusions in general.

Types of teapots… How to choose one?

The most important thing if you want to make tea at home is to have a good teapot. And we are convinced that many readers are unaware of the existence of so many different types of teapots:

How to choose your kettle for your home? The most important thing is to know that each kettle type has certain advantages and disadvantages and that no class is objectively better than the other.

So the best thing to do is to get to know them all and decide for yourself. Perhaps this video will help you to clarify your ideas a little if you don’t want to read all the teapot guides at once.

Tea accessories

And secondly, here you have the necessary utensils and appliances to enjoy tea at home as if you were in any tea shop in your city:

Here you will find everything from the most basic tools for preparing tea, such as infusers of all kinds, to the pieces of kitchenware needed to enjoy it (cups, trays, bowls or even complete tea sets).

Nor can we leave out very useful accessories for the preparation of tea, which are also used in the field of coffee, such as kettles, whistling kettles or the classic gooseneck teapots for serving water. And of course… all the information and queries of interest about this fascinating world:

The best tea recipes

Nor can we leave out the different tea preparations and recipes that can be made with this infusion. We also talk about them in our coffee recipes section, but it is obligatory to mention them here.

And it is that tea admits as many recipes and preparations (or more) than coffee. Here you have different ways to enjoy your favourite infusion, which of course, we will be expanding over time: