Philips Series 5000

Name: Series 5000
Brand: Philips
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.8 litres

When we have to analyse a machine like this Philips 5000 Series, everything is paraben and goodwill. Because this is the fourth component of one of the most successful product lines we have seen in recent times: the Philips Series.

Starting with the 2000 and ending with the Philips 5000 Series, the latest model we are reviewing today. It corresponds to the reference Philips EP5310/10.

As with the previous ones, this Philips 5000 Series has its paragon in the Saeco signature (let’s not forget that the Philips Dutch have made numerous coffee machines and models for Saeco). In this case, the unequivocal equivalent is the Saeco Incanto. We will discuss the comparison between the two in more detail later on.

Philips 5000 series Automatic Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel
Philips 5000 series Automatic Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel
Functionality: American coffee and caffelatte; From espresso to cappuccino: 8 specialties in one touch with integrated milk jug

Now let’s take a look at the details of the Philips 5000 Series. A super-automatic coffee machine, worthy successor of the previous models, whose main focus is on users who need to prepare several different types of drinks throughout the day. If you drink espressos, lattes, cappuccinos, cappuccinos, lattes at home, then you need a machine like this.

The Philips 5000 Series is a 1.8-litre capacity coffee maker, which allows you to make up to 6 different specialities at the touch of a single button (all buttons are visible on the front panel of the machine) and also includes a half litre milk tank so that you can make the foam and serve it directly into the cup or glass.

This means that with the Philips 5000 Series, you can naturally make cappuccinos or lattes without moving the cup. 100% automatic.

Philips 5000 Series: 100% Automatic Coffee Machine

Who can think of buying a Philips 5000 Series from Amazon? Well, mainly the user who is behind a high-end automatic coffee machine (and has the budget for it, of course).

It is an above-average machine among the super-automatics, and this can be seen in details such as the ceramic grinder, the stainless steel body, the possibility of preparing automatic cappuccinos that we have already mentioned, or the colourful control screen that serves to inform us and to navigate through the different menus and options of the coffee machine.

If your aspirations are more to buy a somewhat more basic automatic coffee machine or to make espressos and normal coffees… then you’d better opt for other, more economical machines.

The control panel of this Philips 5000 Series, as you can see, is presided over by the screen in the middle and the three buttons on each side (six in total). Four of these buttons are used to activate the automatic preparation of different specialities: espresso, normal coffee, cappuccino and latte. Two other buttons are used to customise the coffees (especially the aroma) and to navigate through the menus.

philips series 5000 2

The main difference between this 5000 Series and the previous ones, beyond the functions, is the stainless steel body and the built-in milk tank. Here you can compare all of them by reading the reviews we made at the time on the web:

And here, we attach the purchase links with the current rates for these models. They are ordered from lower to a higher level of performance (and price, too)

Philips 5000 series Automatic Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel
Philips 5000 series Automatic Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel
Functionality: American coffee and caffelatte; From espresso to cappuccino: 8 specialties in one touch with integrated milk jug

NOTE: Please note that the Series 4000 model is now being discontinued.

Philips Series 5000 Vs Saeco Incanto

As we said in the introduction to the review, the Philips 5000 Series and Saeco Incanto are equivalent machines. The Saeco Incanto came out several years earlier, but beyond that, they are very similar coffee machines even in the aesthetic aspect.

The only “difference“, if it can be called that, is that Incanto has several models on the market – some more basic, some better – and this Philips 5000 Series corresponds only to the most advanced of them: the one with the milk tank.

So to be strict, we should equate the Philips 5000 Series with the most advanced version of the Saeco Incanto. Which to choose? At the time of writing, the two coffee machines are very evenly matched even on price, so we have no great argument for choosing one or the other. They are practically the same model with a different manufacturer.

In this file, you can see the comparison of both. Visually they are identical, except for the logo of each manufacturer, which you can see just below the switch.

Philips 5000 series Automatic Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel
Philips 5000 series Automatic Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel
Functionality: American coffee and caffelatte; From espresso to cappuccino: 8 specialties in one touch with integrated milk jug
Saeco Incanto Super-automatic espresso machine HD8917/09
Saeco Incanto Super-automatic espresso machine HD8917/09
Elegant design. Impressive coffee quality.; Delicious Latte Macchiato at the touch of a button

Philips 5000 Series: General features

  • Water tank with a capacity of 1.8 litres, accessed from the top.
  • Milk jug included, 0.5 litres.
  • External stainless steel housing.
  • Integrated grinder, with ceramic grinding wheels, 250 grams capacity and with five settings or grinding thicknesses to choose from.
  • Hermetic lid that preserves the aroma of the coffee beans and helps to reduce the noise of the grinder.
  • Coffee beans can be used from the grinder or ground coffee from a separate entrance.
  • There is a user profile in which we can store our favourite coffee settings.
  • Compatible with AquaClean water filters.
  • The main switch on the coffee machine is located right in the middle of the front panel.
  • You can customize the length of each coffee, the temperature in 3 levels and the dose (intensity) in five.
  • Removable coffee group, can be separated from the interior of the coffee maker.
  • Waste deposit (coffee grounds) with a capacity of approximately 15 services.
  • Aluminium and stainless steel boiler.
  • LCD screen to inform you of the status of each operation and to navigate through the menus.
  • Maximum cup height: 15 cms.
  • Option of preparing two cups of coffee at the same time.
  • Automatic preparation of the following drinks: espresso, normal coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot water, milk foam, American and coffee with milk.
  • Automatic cleaning, rinsing and decalcification programmes.
  • Cable length: more than 1 meter.
  • Approximate weight: 7.2 kg.
  • Dimensions of the coffee maker: 22 x 34 x 43 cms.

Benefits of the Philips 5000 Series

  • The production of latte macchiato and cappuccino is 100% automatic: you press a button and in a few seconds you have the drink ready, without any intervention or even moving the cup.
  • The grinders are made of ceramic material.
  • The additional input is that you can use ground coffee directly, in addition to the traditional coffee beans in the grinder.
  • The possibility of programming and storing different coffee settings in a personal user profile (only one, though).
  • The boiler, made of steel and aluminium, allows the coffee machine to heat up very quickly and the coffees always come out at the right temperature.

Disadvantages of the Philips 5000 Series

  • Perhaps we are missing more variety or breadth in the catalogue of automatic slides. Although it is true that espressos can be configured and personalised in a thousand different ways.
  • There is no pre-infusion control.
  • It is a coffee machine that goes a little over the average budget.

Philips 5000 Series: How it works

In essence, this Philips 5000 Series is not a machine that is very different from other automatic coffee machines on the market. It is reasonably intuitive to operate, but in case there are any inexperienced users, we will leave you this video explaining how to use the Philips 5000 Series.

Why buy a Philips 5000 Series?

Above all, this is a coffee maker designed for users or households that are going to prepare several different types of coffee several times a day. This is its greatest virtue. If you only want it to make espressos or coffees that are always the same… well, here you will find quality in abundance, but you will also pay a lot of money for a lot of features that you will not use in the long run.

As we have already mentioned, the closest alternative to the Philips 5000 Series is the Saeco Incanto. If you’re more discerning and want to take it a step further, you can take the Saeco PicoBaristo up a notch. And below that, well, you don’t have to move from this product line: the Philips 3000 Series or the 4000 Series are great alternatives, not so complete, with less detail, but much cheaper.

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