Severin SM 9688

Name: SM 9688
Brand: Severin
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 700 ml.

Severin SM 9688 Induction Milk Frother with Variable Temperature Control, 500 W, 700 ml, Black
Severin SM 9688 Induction Milk Frother with Variable Temperature Control, 500 W, 700 ml, Black
Induction heat technology, no scorching; Cold or hot frothing, heat setting adjustable from approx. 40 to 65 C

When it comes to milk frothers, Severin is one of the inevitable references in the sector. There are several outstanding models within Severin’s range of milk beaters, but one of the most outstanding and recent is this Severin SM 9688.

The SM 9688 is an induction milk frother and generally preserves the design and appearance of other Severin frothers. It is a high-end, highly advanced milk whisk that uses special technology that prevents the milk from burning during the heating process.

Induction heating ensures that the milk will never burn or suffer from the risk of overheating because, in theory, the heat is not applied directly to it. However, if you are unsure and want to avoid a breakdown, you can always stop the process by pressing the on/off switch before it is completed.

An interesting detail of this Severin SM 9688 emulsifier is the presence of two interchangeable heads, one for frothing the milk and another one that serves to heat the milk -without producing froth-. Therefore, the Severin SM 9688 is the ideal tool to prepare chocolates, cocoa powder, or any other beverage that needs hot milk without frothing it. When you want to prepare milk froth, you only have to change the head.

Also, the skimmer has a small storage space at the back of the machine to store the head that is not in use. As the pieces are rather small, we can make sure that we do not lose sight of them.

Severin SM 9688: How to use it

The Severin SM 9688 frother offers a slightly wider range of options and functions than conventional milk beaters. Despite this, its handling is not at all complicated, as we will see below.

In the centre of the frother, there is a large button that serves to turn the device on and off. Around this button is a rotary control whose function is to determine the temperature at which the milk will be processed.

It has four positions, one for preparing “cold” (unheated) milk and another three for heating it to 50º C, 60º C and 65º C. As you already know (and if you don’t, you can read this article to remember it: how to froth milk correctly), the latter is considered the ideal temperature to emulsify the milk. And you should know that not all milk beaters allow you to select the output temperature.

By the way, this dial or circular marker is illuminated and lets you know at all times, along with the beeps, what the status of the machine is and what it is doing.

When you are going to use your Severin SM 9688 frother, the first thing you have to do is pour the milk in. The stainless steel jug has two marks inside: one at the level of 350 millilitres, which indicates the maximum amount of milk you can use to froth (you know that if you froth the milk, you will increase its volume quite a bit) and another mark at the level of 700 millilitres, which is the maximum amount of milk you can fill if you only want to heat it.

When you have the milk ready, press the main switch to start the skimmer. The indicator light and audible warnings will tell you when your milk is ready or when the pre-set temperature has been reached.  Simple, isn’t it? Just pour your milk and enjoy!

Severin SM 9688: General characteristics

  • It is an emulsifier that heats the milk by induction. The heat is not applied directly to the milk, and reduces the risk of burning the milk.
  • It is completely removable. It is divided into several components (see photos attached).
  • The milk container is made of stainless steel. It has a black heat-insulating handle.
  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • It can be used for hot or cold milk froth.
  • Capacity: holds up to 700 ml. of milk.
  • Suitable for frothing approximately 120 to 350 ml or heating approximately 120 to 700 ml of milk.
  • Heats up to 65 ºC.
  • Includes accessories for frothing and heating milk. We can apply the one we are interested in at any time.
  • They are stored with a very safe magnetic connector.
  • Non-slip pads on the base of the device.
  • 360º connector for easy use.
  • Safety thermal cut.
  • On/Off switch with blue LED indicator.
  • Automatic switch-off function: saves energy if you are not using the skimmer.
  • Approximate power: 500 watts.

Advantages of the Severin SM 9688

  • Induction heating prevents the milk from burning, or at least greatly reduces the risk. Very useful for users not very skilled in the art of emulsifying milk.
  • The possibility to select up to 3 levels of milk outlet temperature (in addition to processing the raw milk).
  • Severin has a wide range of milk frothers on the market. They are experts in this sector and guarantee the reliability of the product.
  • The components can be stored separately, so the storage of the product actually takes up little space.

Disadvantages of Severin SM 9688

  • It is clear that this is a top-of-the-range milk frother, so its price goes accordingly. Perhaps not all users are willing to invest more money in their frother than in the coffee maker itself.

Severin milk beater SM 9688: The videos

It is Severin’s official commercial, which serves us as a way of presenting the product:

And here is a demonstration of the full use of this fantastic milk frother:

Why buy a Severin SM 9688 milk frother?

The reason to buy a milk frother is always to complement the features of our coffee machine (usually espresso machine or coffee pod machine). Either we need a milk frother because our coffee machine doesn’t have one and we like to enjoy this kind of preparation at home, or we have a coffee maker with a vaporizer. Still, its results are not enough for us, and we look for a more specialized accessory.

In either case, users usually opt for a conventional milk frother or whisk. However, this Severin SM 9688 goes one step further. We can classify it as a high-end frother, which means that its price is high and its performance also exceeds the average in the sector.

We recommend the Severin SM 9688 frother if the temperature of the milk emulsion is an important aspect for you (and for your palate). There are not many milk frothers on the market that allow you to select the temperature of the milk with the precision of this SM 9688 from Severin. 50º C, 60º C, 65º C, natural temperature, you choose.

And if your budget does not allow for so much, you can take into account some more modest models from Severin, such as the SM 9495.

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