Severin SM 9685

Name: SM 9685
Brand: Severin
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 700 ml.

Severin Induction Milk Frother 700 ml, Variable Temperature Control
Severin Induction Milk Frother 700 ml, Variable Temperature Control
detachable stainless steel milk frother, 360° connector for easy use; induction technique

When it comes to milk frothers, Severin is one of the companies that has always been at the forefront of the sector. Severin offers a wide range of electric mixers and emulsifiers, basically divided into two groups: those of the medium-range and those of the high range, differentiated more than anything else in that the latter, in addition, to heating the milk, allow for the selection of different temperature ranges. And in this second group is our protagonist of today: The Severin SM 9685 frother.

The Severin SM 9685 is an electric frother with three functions: frothing milk (cold), frothing milk (hot) and heating milk (non-frothing). And when operating in hot mode, both to create the froth and to heat the liquid inside, we can select up to four different temperature ranges thanks to its control wheel. We will talk about them later.

Its capacity is quite generous: the container has a total volume of 700 ml (almost three-quarters of a litre), and therefore we can heat between 100 and 700 ml of milk or any other drink we want. If we want to create froth, then the maximum volume we can serve is just half that: between 100 and 350 ml. It is because, as froth is formed (through the creation of tiny air bubbles in the milk), the volume of the initial milk increases considerably and if we overfill the container it will most likely spill.

To avoid splashing, the Severin SM 9685 frother includes a practical plastic cover. Also, the Severin SM 9685 has all the usual features of an electric frother of this type, such as the stainless steel jug, the heat-insulating handle, the necessary non-slip pins on the base, or the electric bass that is connected independently to the container above. Come on, you have to connect both elements to skim or heat the milk, but the rest of the time (serving, cleaning, storage), you can handle them separately. Really practical.

Just as practical, by the way, as the detail of the integrated compartment that allows you to store, inside the appliance itself, the two small accessories in the shape of a wheel or crown that serve to froth or shake (without frothing) the milk inside the container.

And if you still have any doubts about their use, please check the Severin SM 9685’s instruction manual in PDF format.

Severin SM 9685: Up to four different temperatures

As we have already said, the greatest virtue of this Severin SM 9685 is that it allows not only to heat the milk but also to select its output temperature. Most mid-range skimmers on the market offer the option of heating the froth to 65º C (the point considered optimal for emulsifying the milk), but if we want a little less, there is no choice but to wait and let it cool down. It entails the risk of the froth breaking and losing some of its firmness.

In the case of the Severin SM 9685, there is a control panel with five positions or light indicators, which we can see in detail below. As we can see, the leftmost indicator determines the natural or cold temperature option, while the other four allow us to choose whether we want to obtain the milk froth at 45º C, 55º C, 60º C or 65º C; a variety of ranges more than enough to satisfy all tastes and palates.

You cannot select a temperature above 65º C, as then the milk would run the risk of boiling and spoiling the whole result. It is why the optimum point for the emulsion of the milk is always 65º C (we explain this in-depth in this article: How to froth milk correctly).

Severin SM 9685: Main features

  • Removable stainless steel jug.
  • White electric battery with power plug.
  • Three main functions: frothing milk, frothing hot milk, or milk heater.
  • White plastic exterior finish.
  • Storage compartment for frothing/milk mixing accessories, which are attached to the holder with a magnet.
  • Emulsifier capacity: 700 ml for heating milk, or 350 ml for frothing
  • Temperature selector: we can choose the emulsion point between 45º C, 55º C, 60º C or 65º C.
  • Control panel with LED indicators.
  • Anti-slip pads at the base of the skimmer.
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Energy-saving function: the frother switches off automatically.
  • Safety thermal cut-off.
  • Power consumption: 500 watts.
  • Approximate dimensions: 19 x 15 x 23 cms.
  • Weight: About 1.5 kg.

Advantages of the Severin SM 9685 milk frother

  • Above all, the possibility of choosing different temperatures to form the froth or to heat the milk.
  • The rear magnetic compartment, designed to store the emulsion and stirring accessories, which are the smallest parts of the skimmer and are always easy to lose.
  • It is a skimmer with a capacity well above average: up to 700 ml for heating or up to 350 ml for skimming, almost twice as much as we find in a mid-range heater.

Disadvantages of the Severin SM 9685 milk frother

  • If you are not going to take advantage of the possibility of choosing the temperature (for example, if you settle for the optimum point of 65º C), then it does not make sense to invest extra money in this skimmer, as that function is the only one that differentiates it from lower range skimmers.
  • It is a model that may have already been surpassed by the next skimmer in its range, the Severin SM 9688, which has similar qualities but is more recent.
  • We miss a stainless steel finish not only on the decanter, but also on the electric bass.

Severin SM 9685: Videos

It is a complete test and demonstration of the use of the Severin SM 9685 frother:

And if you want to know even more details, do not miss this commercial presentation of Severin itself:

Why buy a Severin SM 9685?

As we have already emphasized throughout this analysis, Severin SM 9685 is a milk frother designed for users who enjoy this type of preparation and take care of even the smallest details of their lattes and cappuccinos.

The possibility not only of emulsifying the milk but also of choosing the temperature at which it will be served is a true luxury that few emulsifiers are able to offer. If you are clear that you need a top-of-the-range frother and you are willing to make this investment (which may be the same or similar to that of your coffee maker), then do not hesitate; the Severin SM 9685 is for you.

In the chapter on recommendations and alternatives, to find models equivalent to this one, we must go to other skimmers that allow you to choose the temperature, such as the Severin SM 9688.

Another large frother(750 millilitres), although without temperature selection, is the Clatronic MS 3326. If, on the other hand, you prefer to go down a step and save 20 or 30 pounds of your budget in the process, you can consider other mid-range electric frothers, such as the Severin SM 9495, the Klarstein Biancolatte or the Beper Dolce Crema.

Nor can we forget the Severin SM 9684, a model almost identical to our protagonist, the only difference being that it does not allow you to choose the temperature at which the froth comes out. In general, the whole line of Severin SM 94 frothers (as opposed to the SM 96) is more economical than our frothers of today.

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