Severin SM 9684

Name: SM 9684
Brand: Severin
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 500 ml.

Severin SM 9684 500 ml Induction Milk Frother
Severin SM 9684 500 ml Induction Milk Frother
detachable stainless steel milk frother, 360° connector for easy use; induction technique

The Severin SM 9684 frother is the basic or simplified version of the model immediately above: the SM 9685, which we have also analyzed in our pages. The differences between both electric skimmers are simply three:

The main one is that this Severin SM 9684 allows you to produce milk froth at only two temperatures: at room temperature (or cold) or a hot temperature of 65º. On the contrary, the SM 9685 has a wider range of action and allows the user to select between different outlet temperatures: 45º C, 55º C, 60º C and 65º C. 

The second difference, derived from the previous one, is the logical price difference: The Severin SM 9684, as a general rule, will always be cheaper than the SM 9685, although it is convenient to check prices at the time of making our purchase because it can make variations and surprises in the form of discounts or occasional price reductions.

The third difference is the size: the SM 9685 can hold a maximum of 700 ml of milk, while the capacity of the carafe of this Severin SM 9684 is half a litre.

Otherwise, both in appearance and in functionality and materials, both skimmers are identical and coexist independently in the market. They meet the very specific needs of a sector of users who use their milk frother on a daily basis and who therefore benefit from the speed and power of an electric mixer.

And within this group, it gives us the option of choosing whether we are interested in spending a little more or a little less depending on the differences mentioned above.

And once the presentations are done, we are going to see below in more detail the qualities of this model of Severin SM 9684 frother:

Severin SM 9684: Half-litre capacity milk frother

Severin SM 9684 is a milk frother or emulsifier, which has an electric base. This electric base applies heat (by induction) to the stainless steel container above it, which is where the milk is served, so as a result, we can froth the milk either hot or cold. If we do not want to froth but heat the milk, all we have to do is change the accessory that is attached to the rotating motor.

There are two accessories (which, by the way, are stored very conveniently in the base of the frother itself): one with small teeth, which is used for frothing and another smoother one that does not form froth but is capable of shaking or stirring the milk enough so that it does not get stuck to the walls of the glass.

The glass or emulsifying jug, by the way, is made of stainless steel and has a maximum capacity of half a litre. Therefore, with the Severin SM 9684, we can heat up to 500 ml of milk, but if we want to make froth, we can only fill it up to 250 ml; the reason, as you know, is that froth is formed by injecting tiny air bubbles into the milk, and therefore it increases its volume considerably. If we fill the milk carafe more than halfway, the froth will overflow and spill.

We must also highlight two accessories of this carafe that make its handling quite easy. Firstly, the thermally insulated handle allows us to handle the jug without the risk of burning our hands (the stainless steel quickly takes on the temperature). And, secondly, the plastic lid serves to cover the mouth of the glass and thus prevent splashes from jumping out.

Severin SM 9684: Main features

  • Milk frother with electric base and three basic functions: cold milk froth, hot milk froth, or milk heater.
  • The thermostat regulates that the temperature of the appliance always reaches 65º C, which is considered optimal for emulsifying milk.
  • The electric bass is connected 360º to the jug or emulsifier cup.
  • Stainless steel milk jug with a maximum capacity of 500 ml (250 ml if we are going to prepare milk froth). To operate, it needs a minimum quantity of 100 ml of milk.
  • Temperature insulating handle, to be able to handle the jug comfortably.
  • Non-slip sideburns on the base.
  • Plastic lid that covers the mouth of the jug and prevents splashing outwards.
  • Additional compartment for embedding frothing accessories and keeping them always at hand when not in use. They are attached to the base thanks to a magnetic support.
  • On/off switch backlit with blue light.
  • Automatic switch-off function.
  • Power: 500 watts.
  • Weight: 1.4 kilograms.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 21 centimeters.

Advantages of the Severin SM 9684 milk frother

  • Severin is a firm of absolute reference -perhaps the number 1 in the market- as far as milk frothers are concerned.
  • It’s capacity: 500 ml of milk is more than what many electric skimmers in this same price range offer.
  • The magnetic coupling allows us to always keep the frothing accessories in the same base of the appliance. This way, we avoid losing them.
  • It is a milk whisk with a very good price-performance ratio.

Disadvantages of the Severin SM 9684 milk frother

  • It does not allow selection between several temperature ranges, as is the case with the top model SM 9685.
  • Sometimes the wheel (the frothing accessory) comes off, but this is no problem beyond having to put it back in place to continue the process.

Severin SM 9684: Videos

We always like to include an audiovisual section in our product analyses to complement the information and show our readers everything that the texts and photos do not reach.

There are several tutorials and video demonstrations of the Severin SM 9684 milk beater on the web, but we found these two especially interesting:

The first one is a complete video where we can see the frothing process from the beginning to the end:

And the second video is a demonstration of a particular user’s use, but with excellent image quality and definition:

Why buy a Severin SM 9684 milk frother?

In its segment -middle range electric frothers- the Severin SM 9684 is one of the most recommended options and also the most popular in the online sales lists. Not only for its evident quality but also for having behind it a great brand like Severin, of great prestige in the sector of milk frothers.

Severin SM 9684 seems to us to be an electric frother that is quite reasonably priced for the features it offers, and that can only fall short if you are very demanding with temperatures (for example, if you like your cappuccino froth warmer). You need an emulsifier that allows you to choose the temperature of the froth output.

In this last case, we recommend you to take a look at the superior models Severin SM 9685 or Severin SM 9688. Does it compensate for the price difference in exchange for enjoying this functionality? That’s up to you to decide.

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