Severin SM 9495

Name: SM 9495
Brand: Severin
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 180 ml.

Severin is a manufacturer with a wide range of offers in the sector of emulsifiers or milk frothers. If we have already analyzed its high range skimmer (Severin SM 9688) today, we are going to do the same with the representative of the medium range: The Severin SM 9495.

The different nomenclature refers to the date of manufacture of the product: in general, the skimmers of the SM 96 line of Severin are more recent than those of the SM 94 series.

The Severin SM 9495 is an electric frother with a maximum capacity of 180 ml and 500 watts of power. It does not have a large size (there are electric mixers on the market with a capacity of more than 200 and 300 millilitres). Still, it is functionally identical to other models in higher ranges and prices.

So if you are the only consumer in your house or the only user of the skimmer, we find this Severin SM 9495 a perfect and economical option.

Like any other electric frother, the Severin SM 9495 allows us to perform up to three basic functions: cold frothing, hot frothing, or just heating the milk (without frothing) by induction.

It does not mean you have to put your skimmer on the kitchen stove, far from it, simply that when you plug it into the mains, the base generates heat that is transmitted by induction to the jug where the milk is.

The internal thermostat regulates the heating process and stops it automatically when 65º is reached, which is the optimum temperature for emulsifying the milk. Above this temperature, there is a risk of the milk boiling.

It does not prevent us from using our Severin SM 9495 with chocolates, for example, or with cocoa shakes, to froth them and create tasty shakes at the temperature we like best.

However, as our website is about coffee machines, we focus on what is most interesting, which is the emulsion of milk to create froth.

Severin SM 9495: Small capacity frother

The Severin SM 9495 frother is very easy to use. It has in its electric base a big button or switches for starting. The rotating motor inside (in charge of stirring the milk) will work when we press it.

The container or frother is made of stainless steel and can be dismantled or mounted on the electric base whenever we want. The connector between the base and the jug is 360º, which means that it does not have a fixed position, but we can attach it as we like. And the steel carafe, by the way, is dishwasher safe.

If you are familiar with electric skimmers, you will know that they have two interchangeable wheels or crowns, which are attached with a magnet to the rotating motor and which serve to skim the milk or to make the milk spin (without frothing) while it is being heated so that it does not stick to the walls.

In the case of the Severin SM 9495, apart from these two crowns, we liked very much the detail that includes a small compartment in the lid to store them when not in use. A very good idea, because they are small pieces and therefore easy to lose.

As for the service, the only thing we have to take into account is not to serve more milk than necessary in the jug. On the interior walls, there are some marks that indicate the maximum level we can reach.

The minimum (for the motor to take effect) is 60 ml, and the maximum is 120 ml if we are going to froth, or 180 ml if we only want to heat. The levels in both cases differ because we already know that frothing increases the volume of the milk considerably.

Finally, we look at the more secondary (but important) elements of the Severin SM 9495, such as the handle (black, temperature insulating and quite ergonomic) and the necessary plastic cover that prevents splashes from jumping out when the frother is working.

Severin SM 9495: Main features

  • Electric frother with three functions: frothing milk in its natural state, frothing milk at 65º, or milk heater.
  • The maximum capacity of the jug is 120 millilitres if we are going to froth, and 180 millilitres if we are only going to heat.
  • Stainless steel jug, dishwasher safe.
  • 360º connector to easily attach the jug to the base.
  • Includes two interchangeable wheels, for heating or frothing the milk.
  • Compartment for storing the wheels when not in use.
  • On/off switch.
  • Automatic switch-off function.
  • Ergonomic black handle, resistant to high temperatures.
  • Plastic cover to prevent splashing.
  • Non-slip pads on the base.
  • Power: 500 watts.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 24 centimetres.
  • Weight: about 1 kilogram.

Advantages of the Severin SM 9495 milk frother

  • Severin is a firm with great prestige and experience in the electric mixer sector. Its wide range of frothers is a guarantee.
  • That it has a specific compartment to store the small accessories.
  • It is very practical if we are few at home, and more economical than other frothers with similar features.

Disadvantages of the Severin SM 9495 milk frother

  • It is not a large capacity frother, only 180 ml for heating milk, or 120 ml for frothing. If we need to make more froth frequently, we may want to check other larger electric mixers.
  • The lid does not have a rubber seal, so sometimes it does not fit precisely over the mouth of the jug and needs to be tightened by hand to prevent the milk from leaking out.
  • The temperature cannot be selected, although 65° should be sufficient to please most users.

Severin SM 9495: Videos

Here we leave you with a complete use test of this electric milk mixer, along with a detailed evaluation of the result (of its froth):

Why buy a Severin 9495 milk frother?

The SM 9495 Severin Emulsifier is perfect for work or individual consumers because of its small size and its ease of use and maintenance (you separate the steel jug and rinse it or put it in the dishwasher). If you are looking for an electric skimmer with these features, this is a great option.

However, in certain cases, it can be a bit short due to its size. If you need to work with larger quantities of milk, you can look at the Clatronic MS 3326, the Caso Fomini Jet or the Krups XL2000, for example. And if you feel like trying better models, for example, with a temperature selector, you only have to go to the superior models of Severin itself: the SM 9685 and the Severin SM 9688.

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