Senseo CA6500

Name: CA6500
Brand: Senseo
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 120 ml

Philips CA 6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister
Philips CA 6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister
Senseo Milk frother CA6500/60; 8710103610014; CA6500/60; Milk Frothers

Similar to what Nespresso is doing with its Aeroccino, the Senseo company is introducing a milk frother that perfectly complements its range of pod coffee machines. We are referring to the Senseo CA6500 frother.

The Senseo CA6500 is an electric frother manufactured by Philips (like all Senseo appliances) and is marketed in two colours: black and white.

It allows you to froth a maximum of 120 ml of milk, more or less enough to prepare a couple of cappuccinos. Thanks to its electric bass, it allows us not only to froth but also to heat the milk we serve; this means you can pour cold milk directly from the refrigerator, and in a few seconds, have a dense hot foam ready for your coffee.

Advantages of having an electric frother at home! The base has a plug that goes directly to the current, although the carafe can be handled separately.

The appearance of the Senseo CA6500 is very clean and sober. It has a totally smooth cylindrical base, with no edges, corners or recesses. It is easy to clean and does not take up too much space when storing it, although this is due to its small size, and the consequence is that it does not have an excessive capacity.

Senseo CA6500 milk frother: Black or white?

As we said, we can acquire two different models of the Senseo CA6500, one in white and one in black. Both are very helpful. We leave you the direct purchase links of each, so you can take home the one you like:

Philips CA 6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister
Philips CA 6500/60 Senseo Milk Twister
Senseo Milk frother CA6500/60; 8710103610014; CA6500/60; Milk Frothers
Senseo CA6500 - milk frothers
Senseo CA6500 - milk frothers
Senseo CA6500/01 milk frother White; 8710103678496; CA6500/01; Milk Frothers

Operating the Senseo CA6500 frother couldn’t be easier: the large central button acts as a switch and as a starter. It lights up in red or blue, depending on whether we’re operating indoors or outdoors. The container is connected to the electrical base with a 360º connector, which you can see in more detail in the following photograph.

Unlike other electric frothers, this Senseo CA6500 does not incorporate the rotating wheel (which generates foam) at the bottom of the container. It then inserts it into a mast that protrudes from the lid down and acts on the milk as if it were a small mixer. Both main parts (the container and the mast lid) are dishwasher safe, but a good rinse under the tap is usually sufficient to clean them.

The container has a non-stick coating on the inside walls to prevent the milk from sticking to it during the healing process.

Senseo CA6500 milk frother: Main features

  • Available in two colors: black and white.
  • Allows milk to be frothed, either hot or cold.
  • Includes, electric bass, with a 360º connector.
  • Dishwasher safe components.
  • Estimated frothing time: 130 seconds.
  • Transparent lid that prevents, splashing to the outside.
  • The main carafe has an internal coating with non-stick properties.
  • It is capable of frothing up to a maximum of 120 ml.
  • Energy-saving: this frother has an automatic switch-off function.
  • Power: 450 watts.
  • Cable length: 75 cm.
  • Weight: 600 gr.
  • Beater Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 20 cm.
  • Two years manufacturer’s warranty.

Advantages of Senseo CA6500 milk frother

  • The electric base prevents us from having to heat the milk before or after frothing it.
  • It is very handy and can be stored anywhere. It takes up hardly any space.
  • It has Senseo’s signature and Philips’ expert manufacturing behind it. A real guarantee.

Disadvantages of Senseo CA6500 milk frother

  • The predominant material in the whole piece is plastic.
  • It is not a high-capacity frother: 120 ml gives enough to prepare a couple of cappuccino cups.
  • There is no choice of speed or temperature for the frothing process. It is supposed to be pre-set to the right values, but it is still a pity that we cannot customize it to our taste.

Senseo CA6500 milk frother: Videos

TestFazit friends always provide us with excellent tutorials and presentations of accessories, such as this one of the Senseo CA6500 electric beater:

You can also watch the official Philips Senseo commercial presenting its frother:

Why buy a Senseo CA6500?

Well, first of all, it is clear that owners of a Senseo coffee machine will opt for the Senseo CA6500 frother to cover the lack of vaporizer in their machines. A manual one does not match the comfort and power of an electric milk beater.

However, users of espresso or other coffee machines have many more options to consider. This Senseo CA6500 belongs to the mid-range of milk frothers, and in the electric segment, there is plenty to choose from. We find similar features and prices, for example, the Beper Dolce Crema, Klarstein Biancolatte, Grundig MF 5260, or the Severin SM 9495.

As we have already said in the analysis, this frother gives to prepare enough foam for a couple of cappuccinos, not more. If you need more volume, you should look at larger blenders such as the Clatronic MS 3326 or the Severin SM 9688.

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