Kushi 240 Ml

Name: 240
Brand: Kushi
Operation: Electrical
Capacity: 240 ml

Kushi® - Electric and Automatic Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Milk Frother (240ML)
Kushi® - Electric and Automatic Stainless Steel Hot & Cold Milk Frother (240ML)
High quality, stainless steel design; Non-stick interior for easy cleaning; Frothing capacity 115ml

The truth is that the Kushi firm is not exactly the most popular in the market. It is a UK manufacturer that, although it has not yet crossed the borders of the Iberian Peninsula, deserves a place in our lines thanks to a fantastic electric milk frother: The Kushi 240 ml.

This milk whisk has an electric base that allows us not only to make milk froth in two temperatures (hot or natural) but also to use it as a milk heater when in use.

To do this, we have two interchangeable heads: one-toothed, spring-like, froth milk and another smoother one that only does a little stirring of the milk so that it does not stick to the walls while we heat it. Each time we have to attach the accessory that best suits our purpose to the skimmer.

In total, the entire process of emulsifying the milk with a Kushi Frother takes about two minutes in the hot temperature mode (which reaches 70º C). The operation is very simple: choose cold or hot, press the button, and that’s it. There are two lights, one red and one blue, which indicate which temperature mode we have selected.

The Kushi Frother has a very stylish design, with a perfect cylinder shape, almost without edges or ridges. The main container is made of stainless steel, and the electric base is also made of stainless steel.

However, we found a slight inconvenience in its distribution: the control panel (which is reduced to the main switch and the two pilot lights) is integrated into the milk jug, not in the base, so we cannot wash the container in the dishwasher, we have to scrub it by hand every time we use it.

As you know, the stainless steel milk frothers do not need much care, as the milk hardly sticks, and you have to rinse them and rinse them very well with hot water. But this incompatibility with the dishwasher is still a nuisance.

Kushi milk frother: 2 sizes, 3 functions

The Kushi milk frother is available in two sizes: a standard quarter-litre capacity and a very generous half-litre capacity. Remember that the skimmers can never be completely filled because the froth increases the volume of the original milk considerably. If we fill it too much, it will end up overflowing.

The capacity of the Kushi emulsifiers for frothing milk is 115 ml and 250 ml, respectively. That is more or less half of the total volume of the container. To give you an idea, with 115 ml of milk, you have enough to prepare three cups of cappuccino or two cups of froth.

If we are only going to heat the milk (without frothing), then we do not need to take this limit into account. We can fill the container to the maximum.

Kushi milk frother: General characteristics

  • Stainless steel milk frother, with electric bass.
  • It is capable of performing three functions: frothing milk from time, frothing hot milk and heating milk.
  • Available in two sizes: 240 ml and 500 ml.
  • The maximum capacity for frothing milk is 115 ml and 250 ml, respectively.
  • Walls with double insulating coating, made of plastic and stainless steel.
  • The internal thermostat regulates the temperature of the skimmer so that it never exceeds 70º C (the ideal point for emulsifying the milk is considered to be 65º C).
  • Includes, two interchangeable heads or accessories: one for frothing and the other simply for heating.
  • It is capable of heating milk or milk froth in a maximum of two minutes.
  • It has silicone pins (anti-slip material) on the base, to avoid slipping.
  • Plastic cover prevents splashes from jumping out.
  • The milk container and the electric bass are connected with a 360º connector (no fixed position, ideal for left-handed and right-handed people).
  • Automatic shut-off function. Just start the frothing process, no need to worry about stopping it.
  • Includes an adapter for the plug: no problem to use it, even if it comes from the UK.
  • Made in the UK.
  • One-year warranty, courtesy of KushiChef.
  • Power consumption: 500 watts.

Advantages of the Kushi milk frother

  • It is an automatic frother: no need to stop the process, as the frother stops when it has finished heating the milk.
  • Built 100% in stainless steel.
  • We can choose the same skimmer in two different sizes.
  • A great detail is that it includes an adapter for different plugs.
  • Especially the large model (500 ml) has an excellent price/performance ratio.

Disadvantages of the Kushi milk frother

  • The output temperature cannot be selected. The thermostat only regulates up to the limit of 65º C – 70º C.
  • Little known manufacturer.
  • We cannot put it in the dishwasher.

Kushi milk frother: Videos 

Here’s a great commercial presentation and demonstration of the use of the Kushi Frother:

Why Buy a Kushi milk frother?

It is really interesting to find different milk frothers that bring a bit of fresh air to the crowded middle segment of sales in this type of product. We are referring, in particular, to electric skimmers around 40-50 pounds.

These are emulsifiers that allow you to heat milk but not choose different outlet temperature levels. In this crowded scenario, it is true that the Kushi frother has a lot of competition, but it certainly comes out of the comparisons very well.

It is built 100% with stainless steel, its design is eye-catching and up-to-date, and we can also choose the size that best suits us according to the one we are going to give it.

We loved some of the details, such as being able to attach the base to the milk jug with a 360º connector or the fact that the skimmer stops by itself when the temperature of the milk has reached the ideal point.

The summary: The Kushi milk frother is an excellent option in this segment, even though it is still unknown in our country. It is on a par with other more popular alternatives, such as the Klarstein Biancolatte, the Caso Fomini Jet, the Jura 72033 or the Severin SM 9495 itself.

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