Krups XS6000

Name: XS6000
Brand: Krups
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 250 ml

Krups XS600010 Auto Cappuccino Milk Frothing System for Krups Fully Automatic Machine
Krups XS600010 Auto Cappuccino Milk Frothing System for Krups Fully Automatic Machine
Stainless steel milk jug; System Cappuccino and café latte; Languages: Da, de, El, en, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT, Ru

The Krups XS6000 is an automatic frother or Cappuccinator, which is often used in conjunction with numerous Krups automatic coffee machines (the list of compatibilities is very extensive and covers the entire range of this German manufacturer’s espresso machines practically).

As you can see in the pictures, this Krups XS6000 has a hyper-robust exterior, with a solid stainless steel housing and is completely smooth, without any edges or nooks and crannies. It also includes an accessory (shown on the right of the following picture) that connects the frother to the coffee machine, allowing the automatic preparation of milk froth drinks at the touch of a button.

Thanks to this little rubber tube, the milk froth that is made inside the Krups XS6000 goes directly to the coffee machine’s dispenser and is served in our cup at the right time and in the right dose, avoiding the trance of having to serve it ourselves.

However, and despite the fact that it is an accessory designed specifically for use with Krups’ automatic coffee machines, Krups XS6000 is an excellent separate milk frother, perhaps at a slightly higher price than the usual average in its range, but equally recommended for any user who knows how to get the most out of it.

Krups XS6000 milk frother: Pure stainless steel

The Krups XS6000 is constructed of stainless steel and can also function as a milk heater. It was launched in 2010 and had a quite generous capacity inside. It includes two positions, or modes of operation, which are no more than two different configurations for preparing milk froth: one for cappuccinos and one for lattes.

To tell the truth, we have not found any appreciable differences between the two. However, it is also true that we are not friends with pre-configurations. In the end, we rely more on each person’s particular criteria and taste when it comes to making a cappuccino or a latte with more or less milk froth.

To use this Krups XS6000 frother, we have to follow the same guidelines as any other milk whisk on the market.

First, we fill the stainless steel container with the milk (or the drink we want to froth), not exceeding the marks on the interior walls. If we do, the liquid will overflow when it froths. Next, put the lid on and connect it with the rubber tube to the coffee machine (or directly place the spout on the cup or glass you want to use).

As you can see in the picture, the Pisa Red model by Krups is even included in its packaging. It is one of the few coffee machines of this brand that has the Cappuccinator already incorporated and avoids you having to buy it separately.

krups pisa coffee machine plus milk frother

Krups XS6000 milk frother: Main features

  • Made of 100% stainless steel.
  • Launch date: 2010.
  • Accessory that, selects two modes of operation: foam for cappuccinos, or foam for lattes.
  • Includes a rubber tube that can be connected to the steamer of any Krups automatic coffee machine.
  • Automatic steaming system.
  • It is capable of heating the milk, not just frothing it.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 18 cm.
  • Weight: about 400 gr.
  • Includes, manufacturer’s warranty for two years.

Advantages of Krups XS6000 frother

  • It’s a near-miss if you have a Krups coffee machine in the house.
  • The body is 100% stainless steel.
  • In addition to making froth, it also serves to heat the milk.
  • The choice between cappuccino mode and latte mode.
  • It has a larger capacity/size than other milk frothers of similar range.

Disadvantages of Krups XS6000 milk frother

  • It is a delicate matter to clean, as it must be done by hand and after each use (otherwise, the milk residues can turn into bacteria and organic residues).
  • The best use of this milk frother is to connect it to a coffee machine.
  • You can heat the milk, but you cannot select the outlet temperature. If you like it hotter or colder than what this frother offers, this cannot be corrected.
  • Working with it can be a little more expensive than usual because of the parts and accessories used to connect it to your machine. A conventional skimmer offers a much more direct result: it makes the foam in the container, and then you serve it wherever you want.

Krups XS6000 milk frother: Videos

Nothing better than seeing the Krups XS6000 in action in this video, in conjunction with a Krups Espresseria series automatic coffee maker:

Here we also see a demonstration of use by a particular user:

And finally, a closer look at the various components and parts that make up the sorting head and the rubber hose connection to the coffee machine:

Why buy a Krups XS6000 milk frother?

We have already repeated several times throughout this analysis that the main virtue of the Krups XS6000 milk frother is the possibility of connecting it to Krups automatic coffee machines.

Initially, we would recommend this Krups XS6000 Cappuccinator only to users of Krups automatic coffee machines, whose compatibility is 100% guaranteed by the manufacturer.

However, there are numerous testimonials in the network from users of other brands of coffee machines (both espresso and pod) that ensure that the rubber tube and mechanism also fit their machines perfectly. It all depends on the tube’s diameter compared to that of your steamer, so even if you don’t have a Krups automatic, the Krups XS6000 auto-cappuccino accessory can still be a valuable addition to your coffee machine.

If you’re not sure you can connect it, you may find it more economical and get similar results with other mid-range frothers such as the Caso Fomini Jet, the Grundig MF 5260 the Clatronic MS 3326.

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