Klarstein Biancolatte

Name: Biancolatte
Brand: Klarstein
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 200 ml

Klarstein Biancolatte Milk Frother 3-in-1 Ideal for Coffee Specialities Cappuccinos Latte Macchiatos...
Klarstein Biancolatte Milk Frother 3-in-1 Ideal for Coffee Specialities Cappuccinos Latte Macchiatos...
Anti-stick coating for easy cleaning | Double wall stainless steel design

Do you like coffee with milk or froth? Do you usually prepare at home cappuccinos, stained milk, coffee with milk, lattes? Then you’ll certainly not be satisfied with your espresso machine’s steamer, and you’ll be able to use a frothing accessory like this Klarstein Biancolatte.  The Klarstein Biancolatte is an electric frother with a capacity of 200 ml, which has three different services or functions and has a power of 400 watts.

In addition to generating froth, its electric base applies heat and allows us to heat the milk (or the foam itself) so that we can serve cold milk in the container and obtain a result at 65 degrees in a few seconds. And the best thing is that we can separate the container from the base when we finish and use it as a serving jug at the table.

Before we analyse this Klarstein Biancolatte, let’s start by evaluating its external appearance and the different elements that make it up.

The Klarstein Biancolatte frother has a cylindrical plant, the industry standard, and a solid metallic appearance. It is available in two colours (black or metallic grey), and its various components include the transparent lid (essential to avoid splashes to the outside) and, of course, the electric bass.

The electric base skimmers have the advantage of generating heat (and therefore work as breast warmers) and allow the container to be handled separately without the inconvenience of cables, as the plug is only connected to the base. We can attach the container to the base to heat it and remove it when we no longer need to cream or apply heat – really convenient!

This type of skimmer also comes with a set of wheels, which are responsible for stirring the milk when the motor inside the container starts to spin. In the following picture, we can appreciate them better.

The little wheel with a mesh or spring crown around it is in charge of generating foam. If we only want to heat the milk without frothing it, then we must use the small accessory we see on the left (identical, but without the metal crown):

klarstein biancolatte components

Klarstein Biancolatte: 3 in 1 milk frother

As we say, the main quality of this Klarstein Biancolatte is its electric base and therefore the three different functions we can carry out with this frother are: it is possible to beat the milk (without frothing), to froth it at natural temperature, or to froth it hot (up to the optimum temperature of 65º).

The estimated creaming time is about 90 seconds, and the container has a double stainless steel coating on the inside walls to prevent the milk from sticking or burning due to the temperature. In theory, the internal thermostat of the skimmer controls the whole process and stops it when 65º is reached, so the milk should not stick, but this type of precaution is never superfluous. In the medium to high-end skimmers, such as the Klarstein Biancolatte, these details are a must.

On the front of the Klarstein Biancolatte, there is a light switch with a double position, which lights up in red (if the thermostat is activated) or in blue (if it is not). It is very reminiscent of the design of the Grundig MF 5260, a very similar milk whisk.

Klarstein Biancolatte: Main features

  • Luminous switch (lights up in red or blue depending on the temperature at which we are operating)
  • Available in two colors: black or metallic.
  • 3 in 1 frother: we can make cold milk froth (natural), hot foam at 65º, or simply use it as a milk heater.
  • It includes an internal thermostat that controls the heating process and ensures that the milk -or the froth- reaches the optimum temperature of 65º.
  • Includes non-slip pins on the bass.
  • It has the capacity to produce 100 ml of milk foam, or to heat 200 ml of liquid. The total volume of the container is 450 ml, although we cannot fill it completely because it would spill.
  • The interior walls are double-lined with stainless steel.
  • It has a transparent lid to cover the mouth of the container and avoid splashing to the outside.
  • The milk mixer turns off automatically after several minutes of inactivity.
  • 360º connection of the electric bass with the frothing container.
  • Power: 400 Watt.
  • Cable length of the electric base: 75 cm.
  • Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 20 cm
  • Approximate weight: 750 gr.

Advantages of the Klarstein Biancolatte milk frother

  • Firstly, the electric base that allows us not only to froth but also to heat the milk.
  • The operation is very intuitive; you do not have to think much to apply any of the three functions that the skimmer has.
  • Available in two colors to choose from, a not very common option in the domestic milk whisk segment.
  • The non-stick coating on the interior walls. Essential to prevent milk from sticking or burning.

Disadvantages of the Klarstein Biancolatte milk frother

  • If we need to prepare a lot of milk froth at once (e.g., for 3 or 4 cappuccinos), the capacity of this Klarstein Biancolatte may be a bit low.
  • Even if it is already curling the curl – some frothers allow this – it is a pity that we cannot choose the temperature of the foam output. The thermostat always jumps to 65°, which is otherwise considered the optimum point for emulsifying the milk.

Klarstein Biancolatte: Videos

Well, after reading our analysis, don’t you want to see a demonstration of the professional use of this electric milk mixer? Well, here it is:

Why buy a Klarstein Biancolatte?

We really liked this Klarstein Biancolatte: a very worthy representative of the medium-high range of milk heaters or electric frothing machines, which do not exceed the 50-60 pound price barrier. If, for your home preparations, you need to use milk froth continuously, having a milk whisk like this one is almost a must.

The Klarstein Biancolatte is a very popular milk frother in this world, and that prestige is not usually the result of chance.

There are similar options on the market, more or less in this price range and with similar qualities (electric-based milk frothers). You can consider, for example, the Grundig MF 5260, the Caso Fomini Jet, or (perhaps a little more archaic but with a bigger size) the huge Clatronic MS 3326.

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