Kenley MF24 Automatic

Name: MF24
Brand: Kenley
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 240 ml

Kenley Milk Frother, stainless steel
Kenley Milk Frother, stainless steel
Froth hot or cold milk; Heats milk to 65C in about 80 seconds; 3 simple settings: hot froth, cold froth and hot milk

The Kenley MF24 or Kenley Automatic frother is a mid-range electric milk beater. It is also known by the nomenclature Kenley HCP-MF24 (The MF comes to Milk Frother). Its capacity is around a quarter of a litre (250 ml), although for frothing milk, we can only serve around half: 125 ml.

It is a three-function frother that not only produces hot or cold foam but also allows us to use it as a milk heater. It is made of stainless steel, and all parts are washable and removable.

The two main components of the Kenley Automatic are the container already mentioned, 250 ml, and an electric base where the latter is attached, connected to the electric network by means of a plug. This electric bass is the one that allows not only to foam but also to heat the milk (or any other drink that we serve inside it: chocolates, smoothies with cocoa).

We should also mention the plastic lid, which covers the mouth of the steel jug and serves to prevent splashing to the outside, and the necessary ergonomic handle that allows us to handle the container without burning our hands.

This Automatic Kenley has a thermostat that regulates the whole heating process and guarantees that the temperature will never exceed 65º, the point considered optimal for emulsifying the milk. In addition, the interior walls of the container have a double non-stick coating to prevent the milk from sticking. What more do you need to enjoy cappuccinos or lattes in your own home with a delicious and firm layer of milk froth, as if you were in a cafeteria?

Kenley Automatic milk frother: Pure stainless steel

One of the greatest virtues of this Kenley Automatic Frother is its ease of use. The control panel, as we see in the picture below, consists of a simple button panel with the main switch and two buttons to operate at natural temperature (or cold) or hot temperature (65º).

The function of frothing (shaking the milk) or simply heating is selected by inserting a pair of interchangeable accessories at the bottom of the container, similar to small wheels or crowns. Depending on the accessory we choose, the milk will make either froth or spin without being stirred too much.

By the way, inside the steel jug, you will also find two small carved marks. The one above indicates the maximum level up to which you should fill the milk if you are only going to heat it. The lower mark has the same purpose, but in case we are going to froth. If you serve milk above the two levels indicated, it is most likely to spill when you start the skimmer.

In total, the process of emulsifying the milk (making hot milk froth) up to 65º takes a maximum of 80-90 seconds. It means that in just a minute and a half, we can go from having cold milk from the fridge to a creamy layer of hot milk froth, and all at the push of a button. Such is the advantage of having an electric frother like this Kenley HCP-MF24 at home.

Kenley milk frother MF24: Main features

  • Electric frother with three functions: cold frothing, hot frothing, or milk heater only.
  • Stainless steel electric jug and base.
  • Maximum capacity: 240 ml for heating milk, or 120 ml for frothing.
  • The internal thermostat ensures that the milk will always reach the optimum point of 65º C.
  • Approximate heating time: 80-90 seconds.
  • Ergonomic black handle, insulating the temperature.
  • The inside of the container has a non-stick coating to prevent the milk from sticking or burning.
  • Automatic switch-off function at the end of the process.
  • All parts of the skimmer are removable.
  • Control panel with indicator lights.
  • Weight: just under 1 kg.
  • Frother dimensions: 20 x 15 x 12 cm.

Advantages of the Automatic Kenley MF24 milk frother

  • The electric base that allows not only to create foam but also to use the Automatic Kenley as a milk heater.
  • The entire main body of the skimmer is constructed of stainless steel.
  • Good value for money: we can take it home for just over 40 pounds.

Disadvantages of the Automatic Kenley MF24 milk frother

  • It is not a large capacity frother: we can produce a maximum of 115 or 120 ml of milk froth.
  • The temperature cannot be selected: if we choose the option to operate in hot mode, the thermostat always takes us up to 65º. It is considered the optimum point for emulsifying the milk, but each user is different, and if we have other tastes, we will not be able to cater to them with this frother.
  • It is a little known brand.

Why buy a Kenley Automatic milk frother?

This Kenley MF24 or Automatic Kenley is a classic electric frother, included in the medium range of this type of product. It has a not very big capacity, although it is enough to prepare a couple of cups of cappuccino. Its operation and performance are practically the same as other electric milk beaters in the market.

In its favour, perhaps, is the fact that it is constructed 100% of stainless steel, both the jug and the electric bass. Its price is also adjusted, slightly below the average of this segment of skimmers (which are usually around 50-60 pounds).

However, despite the success of this skimmer, it is true that Kenley is not a well-known manufacturer in the market and that they offer in this segment of skimmers (medium range, with electric bass) is very wide. If you want to evaluate other options, we recommend you above all the Severin SM 9495, the Caso Fomini Jet, or the Grundig MF 5260.

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