Jura 72033

Name: 72033
Brand: Jura
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 340 ml

The Swiss firm Jura is a clear exponent of the highest quality and distinction in the world of domestic coffee machines and especially automatic coffee machines. The Jura 72033 milk frother follows this path and is positioned as a reference option within the market of electric milk frothers.

The Jura 72033 emulsifier is striking, first of all, for the oval shape of its steel jug, with a very wide mouth and a very characteristic striped relief on its external walls. It has a third (340 ml) of maximum capacity, although you know that if you are going to froth, you will not be able to fill it completely because the milk would overflow.

The inner walls of the container, as is usual with electric skimmers, have an anti-adherent coating to minimize the risk of the milk sticking. We will also see some carved marks on them, which indicate the maximum level up to which we can fill the container, depending on whether we want to emulsify or heat the milk, and also the minimum level (below which the skimmer would not work).

The electric base applies the heat needed to emulsify the milk to the container. It works by induction (that is why the containers of the electric frother are always made of stainless steel) and is made of black plastic, with the Jura logo engraved on the front.

Jura 72033: Milk froth at three temperatures

There is no doubt that, apart from the striking design, the most characteristic feature of this Jura 72033 foamer is the temperature selector.

Unlike other electric skimmers, which only allow for the production of hot or cold milk foam, the Jura 72033 adds a third state called warm froth. The selection is very simple: press the button once, twice, or three times to switch between cold froth (at normal temperature), warm froth or hot froth.

The icons drawn on the indicator lights allow you to operate the frother and select the option you want without having to think too much or read the instruction manual (although it is always advisable to do so, at least once). We found the handling of the Jura 72033 to be very intuitive.

On the other hand, if we want to use the Jura 72033 only as a milk heater, then we must change the rotating accessory for another one that does not generate cream but keeps the milk moving to prevent it from burning while it is heating.

When cleaning, we have to separate the jug from the base and rinse it or immerse it in water. It is not necessary to put it in the dishwasher with every use, although the container is suitable for this purpose. It is not the bass, which you will have to clean by hand obligatorily.

We must also highlight the compartments that the base itself includes to store the water pipes and the accessories or frothing wheels. These are very small pieces, and it is easy to lose them, so being able to attach them to the base is a welcome detail that facilitates maintenance and storage of the device. To access them, we have to turn the base over.

Before going on to read the product’s technical specifications, you can access the Jura frother’s user manual (PDF format).

Jura 72033 milk frother: Main features

  • Electrical base that emits heat by induction into the jug.
  • Stainless steel jug with a capacity of 340 ml.
  • Four basic functions: cold froth, warm froth, hot froth and milk heater
  • Plastic lid that prevents splashing out
  • Heat-resistant handle that allows us to handle the jug without burning ourselves.
  • Includes two accessories to operate: one to make the foam and the other to spin the milk while heating it (without cream).
  • Very intuitive operation with a single control button.
  • Cable length: 80 centimetres.
  • Operating power: 650 watts.
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 21 cm.
  • Weight: 1 kilogram.

Advantages of the Jura 72033 milk Frother

  • The design is really elegant and original. Jura leaves its mark on every detail; there is no doubt about that.
  • The possibility of selecting between 3 temperatures (natural, warm, hot), a function typical of high-end skimmers.
  • The compartments located at the base, which allow accessories to be stored without being lost.
  • The prestige of the Jura manufacturer, in everything related to the domestic coffee sector, is beyond doubt.

Disadvantages of the Jura 72033 milk frother

  • If we are not going to distinguish between different temperatures, and we are going to use the frother in a very basic way, then perhaps we should look at a more modest one and save some of the budget.
  • It is a high-end frother, and of such quality, that we feel a little sorry that it does not have a higher volume, or at least that it was available in several sizes.
  • It takes about two minutes to complete the entire emulsion cycle at the highest temperature. Time may not be a factor in your case, but you should know that other frothers take between 80 and 90 seconds.

Jura 72033 milk frother: Videos

We begin our audiovisual section with this commercial presentation of the Jura 72033 frother:

And we continue with a much more complete and detailed review, in which we can also see the Jura 72033 in operation:

Tempting, to say the least.

Why buy a Jura 72033 milk frother?

If you’re looking for a high-end electric skimmer, or rather, one that allows you to choose between several temperatures (and not just heat or not heat), then the Jura 72033 is one of the few affordable options you have on the market. The others are Severin’s higher models, such as the Severin SM 9688.

You should know that these skimmers are much more expensive than the mid-range ones, so if you are not going to appreciate the difference between the different temperatures, and you only need an electric skimmer that is simply capable of heating the milk, then your range of options is quite wide.

And you can save around £20 or £30 on this one. Some examples of mid-range skimmers are the Caso Fomini Crema, the Illy Milk Frother Acero, the Bestron DSB3088 or the Beper Dolce Crema.

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