Grundig MF 5260

Name: MF 5260
Brand: Grundig
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 250 ml

Today we are going to dissect the Grundig MF 5260 milk frother. The Grundig skimmer series is marked by the acronym MF (Milk Frother). Its most popular representative is this 5260 model, which has been optimised to accommodate a range of interesting features without over-inflating its price.

The Grundig MF 5260 fits into the medium segment of home milk beaters. It does not reach the level and capacity of the large skimmers, but it is much better than the traditional electric rod skimmers that we have to handle manually and that do not allow the milk to be heated.

On the Grundig MF 5260, as with any other skimmer with a container, we pour the milk inside and press the start button. The device has three different functions or services: milk heating (no froth), cream processing (cold) and foam processing (hot). And it has a variable maximum capacity depending on the service we want to apply.

If we look inside the container of the Grundig MF 5260 frother (you can see it in more detail in the attached pictures), we see that there are two Max marks engraved with two different symbols next to them.

The first mark, located closer to the edge of the container, tells us the maximum capacity of milk we can fill if we only want to use the heater function. The second mark indicates the limit that we must serve if we are going to use the frother function – you know that when creating froth, the volume of the milk increases notably because of the air bubbles.

In any case, the foam is sufficient to serve two good cups of cappuccino.

Grundig MF 5260: Milk heater or milk frother

The Grundig MF 5260 frother is constructed in black and stainless steel. Inside it has a double non-stick coating that prevents the milk from burning or sticking to the walls.

It is connected to an electric base (which has the plug for the current) that applies the heat by induction and is handled separately. The container fits 360º on this base – that is, it does not have a fixed position – and it is this detail that provides the comfort of not having to heat the milk before foaming it.

We can pour milk into the skimmer and obtain hot foam in a few seconds, and at the same time, it makes this Grundig MF 5260 skimmer a versatile device with which we can prepare not only milk foam but also for example, a cocoa shake or a hot chocolate.

For this purpose, the control panel has two red and blue indicator lights, which warn us at all times whether we are operating hot or cold and whether we are foaming or just heating the milk.

By the way: we find especially useful the shape that the designers have printed on the mouth of the container (see next picture), which allows to serve the milk or the froth directly from the inside without dripping or spilling.

Grundig MF 5260: Main features

  • Milk creamer with three functions: milk heater, cold froth, or hot froth.
  • External housing in black and stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel container with double non-stick coating.
  • The container has a specially shaped mouth that allows milk to be served more comfortably.
  • Quite discreet and silent skimmer.
  • Control panel with indicator lights (red or blue, depending on the temperature applied).
  • Includes a transparent lid that prevents spillage of splashes to the outside.
  • Electrical bass that, connects to the container at 360º.
  • Prepares, at once enough foam for two cups of cappuccinos.
  • The skimmer turns off automatically when it is no longer in use.
  • Power 435 watts.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 20 cm.
  • Weight: 700 gr.

Advantages of the Grundig MF 5260 milk frother

  • The design of the frother, the feel and the materials used are on a superb level.
  • As the skimmer is induction heated, there is no need to heat the milk beforehand.
  • The final size of the piece is quite compact and manageable. It does not take up much space in cupboards or kitchen drawers.

Disadvantages of the Grundig MF 5260 milk frother

  • It’s not a very large capacity skimmer. It’s enough to make froth for a couple of cups, but not for more. If you need it to attend visits or big meetings, you will probably have to do several services.
  • The Grundig company has a hard time making a name for itself in the market, since we users associate it more with large appliances.

Why buy a Grundig MF 5260 milk frother?

Users looking for an electric milk beater that not only froths but also heats the product have already found it. This Grundig MF 5260 is one of the most popular offers within the mid-range segment of milk frothers.

The most recognisable feature of this type of device, as you know, is that you can prepare hot milk foam without having to heat the milk first. It is connected to an electric bass, which works separately, and in a few seconds, you have the froth ready at the temperature you prefer.

We recommend it if you are going to prepare milk cream often (and you need not invest too much time in it), and you don’t need to do it for more than one or two cups at a time. And if you are looking for a similar alternative – both in performance and price – you can take a look at the Severin SM 9495, the Clatronic MS 3326 frother or the Caso Fomini Crema.

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