Graef MS 85

Name: MS85
Brand: Graef
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 180 ml

Graef MS85 Polished Milk Frother
Graef MS85 Polished Milk Frother

The Graef family of German products would not be complete without the frothing machines or milk beaters. As with their coffee machines or coffee grinders, Graef frothers are part of the medium-high range in their sector and are a guaranteed option for the most demanding users. Today we are evaluating the Graef MS85 electric skimmer, which at the time of writing is the top of the range of Graef milk beaters.

The Graef MS-85 frother has a power of 450 watts and a capacity to skim a maximum of 180 ml of milk. The container is made of stainless steel, with a double non-stick coating on the inside walls (so it is very easy to clean) and, thanks to the electric bass, it is cable-free.

It means that you can serve the milk froth once it has been made directly onto your coffee cup or take it to wherever you need it (the serving table, for example) so that your guests can use it themselves.

Of course, you can also use it to emulsify other types of milk, such as soy or lactose-free milk – it works perfectly in all cases!

Graef MS 85: Electric milk frother with German reliability

As we have already said, the main quality of this Graef MS-85 emulsifier is that it has an electric bass. As you can see in the pictures, the electric bass is the one that is plugged into the current, and it is the one that houses the switches and the electric device of our frother.

It means that you can put the container in the dishwasher without any problem if you want. The steel cup is attached to the base with a 360º connector, so it’s really comfortable and quick to use, wash and store separately when you don’t need it.

The great advantage of the electric skimmers is that they allow you to heat the milk while making the froth. This Graef MS-85 is even capable of heating the milk just like that (that is, without frothing) in a much faster and more economical way than lighting the kitchen fire.

To do this, it has two crowns or wheels, one with springs or spirals and another flatter one that you will have to exchange depending on whether you want to froth the milk or heat it.

Finally, we would like to highlight the great ease of use of the Graef MS-85 milk mixer. Two main buttons control it: one for frothing the milk in the cold, and another for frothing the milk in hot (or stirring it to heat it without frothing, if we use the correct crown).

And if you want to evaluate other alternatives, we inform you that some lower and higher versions of this model are also available, such as the Graef MS 62 and Graef MS70 skimmers. Here you can see them more closely:

Graef MS62 Acrylic Milk Frother, Black
Graef MS62 Acrylic Milk Frother, Black
Graef MS 701 - milk frothers (AC)
Graef MS 701 - milk frothers (AC)
Finest, creamy milk froth in Barista quality; Removable professional milk jug made of stainless steel, dishwasher-safe

Graef MS 85 milk frother: Main features

  • Triple function frother: frothing cold milk, frothing hot milk, or heating non-frothed milk.
  • Polished stainless steel cup, with a maximum capacity of 180 ml of milk.
  • The glass has a nozzle in the shape of a spout, so that the froth can be served directly without spilling anything.
  • Double non-stick coating on the inside walls.
  • Includes, electric base with 360º connector.
  • Automatic stop function.
  • Illuminated operation switches (lights up when the skimmer is running).
  • Transparent plastic cover to avoid the always annoying splashes when we are frothing.
  • Inside the container, there are marks that indicate exactly how far we should pour the milk without the risk of it spilling out later when frothing.
  • Includes, two years of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Power: 450 watts.
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 19 cms.
  • Weight: about 800 grams.

Advantages of the Graef MS85 milk frother

  • Undoubtedly the electric base, which allows the Graef MS-85 frother to work faster, and also act as a milk heater.
  • The double coating of the interior walls not only makes it easier to clean the glass (they are non-stick) but also serves to keep the froth warm for longer.
  • The casing remains cool, and there is no risk of burning when handling it.
  • The automatic stop: the user simply has to press the start button (hot or cold), and there is no need to wait to turn it off.

Disadvantages of the Graef MS85 milk frother

  • It is easy to clean, but we advise you to pour some water immediately after you finish frothing milk, to prevent it from drying out.
  • The size is suitable for normal domestic consumption, but it gets a little short if we need to make milk froth for several cups at the same time (visits, meetings, etc.).
  • The prestige of a firm like Graef is evident in the price at the end. There are similar capacity frothers, perhaps less reputable, but also cheaper.

Graef MS 85 milk frother: Videos

It is a video that gives a complete overview of the entire range of Graef milk frothers:

Why buy a Graef MS 85 milk frother?

If we are looking for an electric frother, this Graef MS-85 whisk is an excellent choice. It has almost everything to satisfy the demands of an average consumption (perfect for homes), the materials are of the best quality, and the piece is very durable. However, if you are thinking of buying a Graef MS-85, you should be aware that the German firm has a high prestige within the market, and that reputation is paid for.

As for recommendations, we can advise you on other larger electric frothing machines, such as the Melitta Cremio, the Clatronic MS 3326 or our favourite: The Severin SM 9685. In any case, options are very focused on the advanced user or at least accustomed to using milk emulsifiers on a daily basis.

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