Clatronic MS 3326

Name: MS 3326
Brand: Clatronic
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 750 ml

Clatronic MS 3326 Milk Frother
Clatronic MS 3326 Milk Frother
Power supply: 230 v, 50 hz. Power input: 600 w; Creates foamy milk in seconds; Also suitable for hot and cold chocolate

The Clatronic MS 3326 milk frother is a recurrent and very common option within the mid-range of electric milk frothers. The Clatronic MS 3326 is a high capacity (750 ml) milk foamer with three basic functions: cold milk froth, hot milk froth and milk heater (no froth). We can control each of them with their respective three buttons present on the control panel of the skimmer (see the first picture of this report).

The main advantage of this system over the traditional mixer is that we do not need to heat the milk beforehand: we can use milk from the weather and obtain the hot froth thanks to the fact that the milk takes on the temperature inside the skimmer itself.

The external housing of this Clatronic milk frother is made of black and silver plastic. The container and the handle to hold it is made of stainless steel (this last element is able to insulate the heat to avoid burning ourselves when handling the device). The interior where the milk is served is covered with an anti-adherent layer, whose function is to avoid the milk sticking or burning itself during the healing process.

All components of the Clatronic MS 3326 can be stored separately. The base where the foaming container is connected to the power supply (through the plug), so once the process is finished, we can remove the container from the base and operate it with total freedom and without cables.

We can use it directly as a jug to serve milk over our coffee or take it to a separate table where we are meeting with more people.

This container is connected to the base directly and without a fixed position (360º of freedom), which in practice means greater speed and fluidity in the handling of the device.

Clatronic MS 3326 milk frother: Three functions at different temperatures

The Clatronic MS 3326 milk mixer, as shown in the pictures, includes all the usual and expected details and accessories in a medium segment frother (neither expensive nor cheap). We are referring, for example, to the transparent cover that allows preserving the temperature of the interior and protects us from the always annoying splashes. Or the automatic switch-off function when the skimmer is inactive.

We also remind you that when the milk is foamed, it increases in volume due to the air injection we apply to it. So if we want to make froth, we cannot fill the 750 ml container to its maximum. At most, we can get up to about 400 ml. If we only want to heat the milk (or any other drink), then we can use the full capacity of the jug.

Another function of the Clatronic MS 3326 foamer, let’s not forget, is the ability to beat chocolate (cold or hot) or prepare hot drinks with a cocoa substitute. The applications are multiple!

The small wheels you see in the pictures are called stirring wheels, and they are used to spin and create more or less cream in the milk (or to heat it up without frothing). There are some spare wheels, but fortunately, they can be stored in an adapted compartment inside the skimmer itself.

Clatronic MS 3326 milk frother: Main features

  • Electric milk frother with integrated heating function. No need to pre-heat the milk.
  • Three main functions: processing of fresh milk froth, hot milk froth, and heating milk.
  • The stainless steel container has a maximum capacity of 750 ml. If we are going to cream milk, we can serve a maximum of 400 ml.
  • Heat-resistant stainless steel handle.
  • The jug can be separated and handled separately, without the wires from the electric base of the device.
  • The inside of the jug has a non-stick coating to prevent the milk from sticking or burning.
  • The individual skimmer components can be removed and separated from the main body, and are dishwasher safe.
  • Automatic shut-off: the device turns itself off when not in use.
  • Transparent lid prevents splashing.
  • Power: 600 watts.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 18 x 12 cm
  • Weighs, about one kilogram.

Advantages of the Clatronic MS 3326 milk frother

  • It is one of the milk frothers with the largest capacity on the market: 750 ml (three-quarters of a litre of milk if you fill the container to the brim).
  • The non-stick coating inside the container where the milk is heated.
  • Its operation is very simple, and 100% intuitive. No instruction booklet is needed.

Disadvantages of the Clatronic MS 3326 milk frother

  • The body and the general external appearance of the device may not be very striking or robust. Plastic is very prevalent.
  • The little wheel that serves – in theory – to heat without frothing, always shakes the milk in the end and forms a small amount of cream.
  • The milk heating function may not reach an excessive temperature. If you like your milk very, very hot, the frother will run a little short.

Clatronic MS 3326 milk frother: Videos

If you want to know how this Clatronic MS 3326 emulsifier works, take a look at this detailed review. A demonstration of full use.

And in this other tutorial, we see how a user uses his Clatronic frother to prepare a cappuccino:

Why buy a Clatronic MS 3326 milk frother?

The medium range of milk frothers is superpopulated and presents a multitude of options in the European and American markets. One of the most popular and sold on the market is this Clatronic MS 3326, surely because of its tight quality-price ratio. Its range of options is very similar to that of other foamers, among which we can count the Caso Fomini Crema or the SM 9495 from Severin. The Clatronic MS 3326 stands out in terms of capacity: three-quarters of a litre of the container, which even exceeds the containers of other higher range milk beaters.

For this reason, we dare to recommend the Clatronic MS 3326 emulsifier if you need to prepare a large quantity of milk froth frequently, for example, enough for 4 or 5 drinks (family meetings, visits, etc.).

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