Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000

Name: Power Moca Spume
Brand: Cecotec
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 400 ml

Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 Milk Frother, 400-ml Capacity, Dishwasher-Safe Jug for All Types of...
Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 Milk Frother, 400-ml Capacity, Dishwasher-Safe Jug for All Types of...
Supports foaming on all types of milk: normal, steamed, cold, lactose-free.

When we talk about a brand with such popularity and so much business in the coffee sector, as Cecotec is, it is not strange to find in its catalogue the basic appliances that complement the most demanding baristas. Such is the case of the grinders or the Cecotec milk frothers that we will review in today’s review; more specifically, we will focus on the Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 frother.

It is the top-of-the-range Cecotec milk frother. The Spanish company also markets another model with similar characteristics but somewhat less powerful and more economical (we will talk briefly about it later).

The Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 is an electric milk frother, which means that at the touch of a single button, the machine does its job more quickly and efficiently than if we had to emulsify the milk by hand. It is the ideal solution if our espresso machine does not have a lancet to vaporize.

It works at 650 watts of power and has a capacity in its stainless steel container (non-stick, of course) of 400 ml; this means that we can pour up to 400ml of milk or chocolate to heat-melt there.

If what we want is to emulsify milk and turn it into a froth, then the maximum we can serve is 200 ml, just half as much. You know why: to emulsify the milk, you have to apply air to it, and this makes the volume of the resulting froth much greater than that of liquid milk. If we add more than 200 ml of milk, the glass will overflow when it is emulsified.

It may seem complex, but don’t worry: inside the skimmer container, there are some marks that indicate the maximum and minimum levels of milk that we can use with each function.

Cecotec Power Moca milk frother: 4 functions

When we go to buy an electric milk frother, we usually find appliances that perform mainly three functions: frothing milk in the cold, frothing milk in hot and heating the milk (without stirring it so as not to emulsify it).

However, a few skimmers go further and offer us an extra function. It is the case of this Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 milk frother: the fourth function is hot chocolate. In other words: a real 4-in-1 milk frother.

How do you do it? Well, through an exclusive accessory called Chocco-Made that we have to attach to its head before selecting the heating function (without stirring). And this is undoubtedly the feature that most differentiates the Cecotec electric skimmer from other similar models from the competition.

Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 milk frother: Main features

  • Electric milk frother with a stainless steel cup.
  • Four functions: cold frothing, hot frothing, heating without frothing and making melted chocolate.
  • Non-slip base with 360° connection for the container.
  • Capacity: 200 ml if we are going to froth milk and up to 400 ml if we are only going to heat milk without emulsifying it.
  • Stainless steel jug, dishwasher safe, with graduated marks inside.
  • Automatic switch-off function.
  • Allows any milk to be frothed: cold, hot, lactose-free, steamed milk, everything.
  • Non-stick coating inside.
  • Power: 650 watts.
  • Totally BPA-free.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 14 x 14 cms.
  • Approximate weight: 1 kilogram.

Advantages of the Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000

  • Above all, the possibility of making hot melted chocolate.
  • The capacity of the frother is generous; it is a good option if you need to emulsify a significant amount of milk at a time (for several consumers).
  • The comfort of the electric bass, which avoids you having to depend on a plug when you are going to emulsify the milk.
  • Excellent value for money.

Disadvantages of Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000

  • It has a lot of competition in the segment of “good” (high-end) electric milk frothers.
  • Perhaps it would have been more convenient to have a button to activate each option, rather than having to hold the switch down for several seconds to change functions.

Cecotec Power Latte Spume 4000

Cecotec’s catalogue features another, cheaper, less powerful frother for users who are not looking for so much. It is the Power Latte Spume 4000.

The main differences with the main beater in our review are:

  • 500 watts of power.
  • Three functions instead of 4 (hot chocolate is missing).
  • Capacity: 115 ml for frothing and 240 ml of milk for heating.

All other technical specifications are the same as the Power Moca Spume 5000.

Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 Milk Frother, 400-ml Capacity, Dishwasher-Safe Jug for All Types of...
Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 Milk Frother, 400-ml Capacity, Dishwasher-Safe Jug for All Types of...
Supports foaming on all types of milk: normal, steamed, cold, lactose-free.

How do I use the Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 milk frother?

There is really no mystery to this model, as long as you are experienced in handling electric milk frothers. It is used just like other similar models. However, if this is the first time you are using this type of appliance, you should take a look at the following video:

Basically, you must pay attention to the marks inside the glass so that you don’t overdo it and select the function you are going to execute with the main button. Then you start it up, and it’s ready.

To charge it, you only have to plug the base into the electric current. Once charged, you can attach the glass or steel carafe to the base without having it plugged in all the time.

Is the Cecotec Power Moca Spume 5000 worth buying?

One of the main virtues (if not the main one) of all Cecotec products is their value for money. In the case of this Power Moca Spume 5000, the same is true. It belongs to the medium-high segment of electric milk frothers, but its price is much more affordable than, for example, those of Severin, to mention some of the great references of the sector.

If you want to buy a Cecotec milk frother and you are not very demanding (or you are going to use it very occasionally), the Power Latte Spume 4000 is also an option.

But if we talk about quality/price, the main competitors of this Cecotec frother are, for example, the Aicook milk frother or the Lidl milk frother. Little else can be found at a price as tight as this.

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