Caso Fomini Crema

Name: Fomini Crema
Brand: Caso
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 200 ml

When we check the list of the most sold milk frothers in the market, we always find the different models of the German manufacturer Caso, and specifically those of the Caso Fomini series. One of them is the Caso Fomini Crema, whose virtues and defects we are going to outline in our analysis today.

The Caso Fomini Crema milk frother has a total capacity of 200 ml (100 ml if we want to skim milk), and we can place it within the medium range of milk beaters on the market. It is perfect for preparing small quantities of milk foam, for example, for individual preparations. It does not take up much space and is faster than other larger milk frothers (which need more time to heat more milk).

As for its external appearance, the peculiar relief of the plastic casing is striking, giving the Caso Fomini Crema a unique personality. The holding handle has a special coating to insulate it from heat and avoid getting burned when handling the appliance. And in the upper part, a transparent cover prevents the temperature from escaping.

Caso Fomini Crema milk frother: Perfect for small quantities

Regarding the performance of this Caso Fomini Crema, we find a classic operation without great fanfare. The jug or container where we pour the milk rotates 360º on the base (this means that it is not necessary to couple it in a fixed and determined position). The interior of the jug incorporates a practical coating with non-stick properties. As you know, skimmers also heat the milk and expose it to the risk of burning, which would ruin our froth and force us to repeat the process.

At the bottom of the machine, we can see a blue or red light on the front panel that helps us to distinguish what the creamer is doing at any given time and whether it is processing the milk in hot or cold mode.

Our Caso Fomini Crema has three modes of operation: heating the milk (without foam), emulsifying the milk (cold) or emulsifying the hot milk. In this way, you can prepare a froth to your liking (hot or cold) or heat the milk to enjoy a milkshake or a freshly made cocoa drink.

The Caso Fomini Crema automatically turns off after several minutes of inactivity and is quite comfortable to clean, thanks in part to its handy size. However, cleaning will have to be done manually.

Caso Fomini Crema milk frother: Main characteristics

  • Three modes of operation: cold milk froth, hot milk froth, or just heating milk.
  • Container with a non-stick coating to prevent milk from burning or sticking to the walls
  • The total capacity of the container is 200 ml. We can fill it to the maximum if we are only going to heat the milk. If we are going to use it to prepare foam, then the maximum amount we should serve is half: 100 ml.
  • Transparent plastic top cover.
  • The handle for holding the milk container is covered with a special material that insulates it from heat and prevents us from burning ourselves when handling it.
  • Non-slip pads on the base.
  • Automatic shut-off function when the skimmer is no longer in use.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 18 cm.
  • Weighs, only 500 gr.

Advantages of the Caso Fomini Crema milk frother

  • The quality of the froth (density, consistency, durability) is quite good, considering that it is a mid-range frother that can be purchased for only 40 pounds.
  • The possibility of making both cold and hot milk froth.
  • The design of the skimmer is very original, and its size quite small. It is easy to store and very practical to take on the road.
  • It is available at a fantastic price for the features it offers and the prestige of the brand behind it.

Disadvantages of the Caso Fomini Crema milk frother

  • Only 100 ml of milk froth can be prepared. It is not very practical if we have to prepare a lot of froth.
  • It is in one piece (the components or the milk jug are not separated), so you have to be careful not to let water or any other material into the circuits when you clean it inside. You cannot put the whole appliance in the dishwasher, of course.

Why buy a Caso Fomini Crema milk frother?

It is not a coincidence that the Caso Fomini Crema is one of the best-selling milk frothers in the market in recent years. In our opinion, its quality-price ratio is unbeatable, but we must also blame it for its small size, a detail that becomes an advantage when it comes to finding a place to keep our appliance in the kitchen.  The Caso Fomini Crema is a perfect milk mixer for individual users or for families who do not need to use it much (at most, it gives you to prepare froth for a couple of cappuccinos no more).

Do you want to know alternatives? Well, within the same manufacturer, Caso, real specialists in milk frothers, we have another very interesting option as it is the Caso Fomini Jet. And if this Caso Fomini Crema is a little too small for you and you need to prepare more foam, you can go to a giant like the Severin SM 9688, which has more than three times the capacity.

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