Bodum Latteo

Name: Latteo
Brand: Bodum
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 800 ml

Bodum 1446-01 Latteo Milk Frother, Borosilicate Glass - 0.25 L, Black/ Transparent
Bodum 1446-01 Latteo Milk Frother, Borosilicate Glass - 0.25 L, Black/ Transparent
0.25 l; 8 oz; Made from heat resistant borosilicate glass; Silk plastic lid has a deep rim to prevent foam from escaping through the spout

Bodum is a brand that needs no presentation in the world of coffee machines and, of course, also in the bouquet of accessories, such as grinders and frothers. This Bodum Latteo is a very representative manual sparkling machine in this segment, perhaps the one that, together with the Bialetti Tutto Crema, is most representative.

The fundamental difference between the two is that this Bodum Latteo has a glass container, thanks to which you can see everything that happens inside, the consistency of the milk, the texture of the froth, etc.

The Bodum Latteo retains all the qualities and features of the Bodum brand: innovative and elegant design, high-quality components, ergonomics, come on, regular Bodum users will perfectly recognize its essential features in this Bodum Latteo milk mixer.

Bodum Latteo also stands out from other frothers on the market because of its wide range of colours, all of which are very bright and cheerful. An unusual colouring in this type of accessory, which I am sure many users will appreciate. For example, this green Bodum Latteo. What do you think?

On the transparent wall of the container, we find the usual mark (the metal container skimmers have it carved inside) painted in black, which indicates the maximum level to which we should fill with milk to allow the foam to form with enough space. The container has a fairly generous total volume, around 800 ml, but we can only serve around a quarter of the milk.

Bodum Latteo: Manual and transparent milk frother

The usual elegance and taste for detail of Bodum can be seen in the handle, which is also transparent and is actually an extension of the glass of the container. Or in the mouthpiece with the appropriate shape to serve the milk froth over the cup directly from the container.

The instructions for the use of the Bodum Latteo are the same as for any manual milk frother. In addition to the glass container, a mast with a metal mesh bottom is included. By raising and lowering this plunger, we will achieve the effect of breaking up the milk and forming the desired froth.

In just 30 or 40 seconds of manoeuvring, we can achieve the desired result (although this is always to everyone’s liking). It is important to place the skimmer on a flat surface and make sure to close and hold the top lid well because otherwise, the milk will spill out.

NOTE: Remember to let the milk froth rest for about 1 minute so that it can settle.

Another advantage of this Bodum Latteo frother, common to all other manual skimmers, is its low price compared to electric skimmers and the possibility of controlling the result of our foam with greater precision (even if it is at the expense of using our arm).

Bodum Latteo milk frother: Main features

  • Transparent borosilicate glass container. Stainless steel mast and other plastic components.
  • Only the glass jar is suitable for microwave use.
  • Maximum capacity of the container: 0.8 litres.
  • Glass handle.
  • Top lid, in various colours, to avoid splashes.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The container has a nozzle to allow the service of milk or froth directly on the cup.
  • Maximum level of filling for frothing milk: 200 ml.
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 18 cm.

Advantages of the Bodum Latteo milk frother

  • The extensive, original and attractive range of colours offered by this milk frother.
  • Make the container transparent. We can control the emulsion process much better.
  • It has a much larger size and capacity than other skimmers of similar range and price.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe.

Disadvantages of the Bodum Latteo milk frother

  • If you want to create hot milk froth, you must preheat the milk beforehand, or put the container in the microwave for a few seconds after forming the froth. If you choose this second option, remember to remove the mast with the wire mesh before putting it in the microwave.
  • If you do not hold the lid properly, a lot of splashes can be released, especially from the nozzle.
  • At the moment there are no spare parts for the glass jar (it’s not very expensive either if you have to buy the whole skimmer).

Bodum Latteo milk frother: Videos

This is a detailed review of the Bodum Latteo foam frother:

Why buy a Bodum Latteo milk frother?

This Bodum Latteo milk whisk offers magnificent results in both hot and cold frothing. If you need a high-capacity frother (approximately twice as much as other mid-range frothers on the market), here is a very good option to consider. A 0.8-litre jug is a very considerable volume for this type of accessory.

Perhaps its biggest competitor is the Bialetti Tutto Crema, another of the reference manual frothers on the market. In our opinion, the same thing applies to one or the other. They differ basically in the container (opaque or transparent) and the brand. As for the rest, instructions for use, price, etc., are very similar.

On the other hand, if you prefer a skimmer that also allows you to heat the milk, you should take a look at electric skimmers such as the Klarstein Biancolatte, the Clatronic MS 3326 or the Caso Fomini Crema.

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