Bestron DSB3088

Name: DSB3088
Brand: Bestron
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 425 ml

Bestron Milk Frother
Bestron Milk Frother
An attractive cordless Milk Frother with a stainless steel finish; For frothing approximately 300ml and heating up (to 65ºC) approximately 425ml milk

The Italian company Bestron is doing its bit in the populous range of electric frothing machines with this Bestron DSB3088. It is a stainless steel milk whisk with an electric base to which it is connected by means of a multidirectional connector (360º). The container has a capacity of about 425 ml, although you know that if you are going to make foam, you can not fill it more than half. Otherwise, when the froth rises, it will overflow.

The interesting thing about an electric frother is that, in addition to making froth, it also allows us to heat the milk. Thus, the Bestron DSB3088 has up to 3 different functions or services integrated: emulsifying the milk at 65º C, foaming at natural temperature (without applying heat) or heating the milk (without creaming).

Everything is operated by a simple startup switch that allows you to choose whether or not to activate the temperature on the electric bass. This switch incorporates a light indicator that helps us to know the state of the emulsifier at all times.

To select between the froth generation or the simple milk heater, it is not necessary to press any button. Simply change the interchangeable accessory (a small wheel or crown-shaped piece) located at the base of the container, which is coupled to a rotating motor. There are two slightly different accessories: one that is capable of frothing when spinning, and another that simply shakes the milk, but without foaming it.

Bestron DSB3088 milk frother: Good size frother

The Bestron DSB3088 frother is completed by two secondary elements that are essential for the proper operation of these devices. Firstly, a transparent lid that covers the carafe mouth during the creaming process and prevents spillage, and secondly, a practical black handle that acts as a heat insulator and allows us to handle the carafe comfortably without the risk of burns.

Regarding the cleaning and maintenance of the Bestron DSB3088, we have to say that the inside of the steel carafe is completely coated with a non-stick layer. It prevents milk residues from sticking to it and allows the jug to be cleaned perfectly by simply rinsing and drying.

Also, the Bestron DSB3088 behaves quite effectively, and its power ensures that we have a milk foam with optimum characteristics in just 110-120 seconds (reference time, provided by the manufacturer himself).

If you still have questions about the use or operation of the Bestron DSB3088, you can consult its user manual by clicking on this link: Bestron Frother user manual (PDF).

Bestron DSB3088 milk frother: Main features

  • Electric mixer with three functions: hot froth, cold froth, milk heater.
  • Black electric base. It is connected to the power supply by means of a plug, and it is in charge of emitting heat by induction towards the interior of the jug.
  • Stainless steel jug with a maximum capacity of 425 ml (only 300 ml if we are going to make foam).
  • Transparent plastic lid to avoid splashes.
  • Automatic switch-off function.
  • A thermostat regulates the healing process and ensures that the milk never exceeds 65º C, which is considered optimal.
  • The jug is connected to the electric base by means of a 360º connector.
  • The inner walls of the jug have a non-stick coating that facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
  • Power: 650 watts.
  • Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 13 cm.
  • Weight: about 780 grams.

Advantages of the Bestron DSB3088 milk frother

  • The electric base gives us the opportunity to use it only as an induction milk heater (if we do not want to cream).
  • The container is 100% stainless steel.
  • It has a generous capacity, more than 400 ml total volume, more than the average of other frothers in this price range.

Disadvantages of the Bestron DSB3088 milk frother

  • We cannot choose the output temperature; the thermostat stops the process automatically when it reaches 65º.
  • The electric bass is made of plastic; it could have a better presence and a higher quality material.
  • Bestron is a little known company, despite having a lot of international experience in the field of coffee machines and related accessories.

Why buy a Bestron DSB3088 milk frother?

The Bestron DSB3088 is an electric milk beater that is making inroads into the busy mid-range skimmer market. If you are looking for an electric foamer between 40 and 50 pounds, you will find a wide range of possibilities. Among them, this Bestron DSB3088 stands out for its large capacity (425 ml for heating milk, or 300 ml for frothing), almost double that of some competitors.

So size is the main reason why we recommend buying the Bestron DSB3088 before other frothers in this segment. In all other features and possibilities, this Bestron creamer is on a similar level to the Caso Fomini, Grundig MF 5260, Klarstein Biancolatte, or the Kenley Automatic MF24.

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