Arendo Milkloud

Name: Milkloud
Brand: Arendo
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 200 ml

What are the qualities we can ask of any electric milk frother? A 360º connecting base for easy attachment of the container, the possibility of heating the milk as well as frothing it, stainless steel coating so that the milk does not stick, and a reasonable price, because all this and much more is brought together in this Arendo Milkloud milk frother. One of the most cost-effective electric frothers.

Let’s get to know it better through this review.

The Arendo Milkoud frother, as we can see in the photographs, features the classic design of the electric milk mixers. It means a stainless steel glass (essential so that the milk does not stick to the walls), a plastic lid to prevent splashing during the process and a very simple control that is operated by just one button.

This control button allows two actions to be carried out: start the skimmer (so that the plunger turns) and activate the heater function to heat the inside of the skimmer. It couldn’t be simpler.

Arendo Milkloud milk frother: Three basic functions

Thus, the Arendo Milkoud milk frother has three basic functions: we can froth milk (using the frothing accessory) at room temperature, froth and heat milk, or just heat (with the second accessory, which serves for stirring but not frothing).

The two accessories, the frothing and the stirring accessory are shaped like a crown that is attached to the end of the rotary piston. They are interchangeable and are the only parts of the Arendo frother (together with the plastic lid) that are dishwasher safe.

This way, we only have to combine the desired accessory together with the heating button to apply any of the three functions of the skimmer mentioned above to the milk.

The total capacity of the Arendo frother is 200 ml (about one glass full of water). For those who are not yet familiar with electric skimmers, we have to point out that this 200 ml is the maximum volume of liquid that can fit inside the glass. If we are only going to shake or heat the milk without frothing it, then we can do it with a maximum of 200 ml of product.

If we are going to make milk froth, we can only fill the glass more or less halfway, i.e. 100 ml. Don’t worry; you won’t have to do it by eye: on the inside walls of the container, there is a mark that tells you what level you must not exceed if you are going to froth milk.

Why does this happen? For the simple reason that, when frothing milk, what we are really doing is injecting tiny air bubbles into it, and therefore the classic texture of the froth means that the milk increases significantly in volume during the process, i.e., 100 ml of milk froth takes up much more than 100 ml of liquid milk. If we were to fill the glass of our Arendo Milkloud whisk to the brim and use the frothing accessory, the product would overflow in just a few seconds.

Arendo Milkloud milk frother: Features and benefits

  • Electric milk frother available in three colours: black, white and cream (beige).
  • Three functions to choose from: frothing milk at room temperature, frothing hot milk, and heating milk only.
  • Stainless steel container with double coating (to prevent milk from sticking).
  • The exterior is rubber-coated.
  • Includes, a set of interchangeable crowns and rods for the frother. Use one or the other depending on whether you simply want to heat the milk, or froth it too.
  • The total capacity of the container is 200 ml. If we are going to froth milk, we can only use a maximum of half (100 ml).
  • Inside the glass are engraved the marks to know how far we can fill it at most.
  • Electric base with 360º connector that allows to couple the container in a fast and fluid way.
  • Automatic switch-off function when you finish frothing.
  • Allows the milk to be frothed either hot or cold.
  • It has a plastic cover on the top, to avoid splashing.
  • Incorporates, practical non-slip pads at the base.
  • It is not dishwasher safe.
  • Dimensions: 10 cms diameter and 20 cms height.
  • Total weight: 880 grams (594 gr of the skimmer and 190 of the base).
  • Cable length: 80 centimetres.
  • Power consumption: 365-435 KW.

Advantages of the Arendo Milkloud milk frother

  • As with all Arendo products, the value for money of this milk frother is very attractive.
  • The electric bass, which allows the skimmer to be used independently.
  • The possibility not only of frothing, but also of heating the milk without further ado in just a few seconds.
  • The possibility of choosing between several designs or colours for the same product is always welcome.
  • All the opinions and experiences of other users point to the fact that it is a fairly quiet model.

Disadvantages of the Arendo Milkloud milk frother

  • The total capacity of the container, 200 ml, is fine for one or two uses. But if we’re looking for a large frother, this Arendo Milkloud is not our best option.
  • By removing the accessories from the milk froth/stirrer plunger, we cannot put the parts in the dishwasher because they have integrated electronics. You have to wash, or at least rinse, it immediately after each use.

Why buy an Arendo Milkloud milk frother?

The Arendo Milkoud emulsifier is an industry standard and rightly brings together all the qualities that consumers demand from a product of this type. That’s why it’s often at the top of the market’s sales lists. Your best bet? A constant within the Arendo brand: it is able to offer everything that others offer at a slightly lower price. And of course, you can see that when you decide to buy your milk frother.

This segment of mid-range electric frothers (items around 50 pounds) is the most saturated and also the most popular within the skimmer market. So the alternatives are numerous. To name a few with the same capacity as the Arendo Milkloud (we, therefore, discard the large frothers), you can take a look at the Caso Fomini Crema, the Klarstein Biancolatte or also the Taurus Livenza.

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