Aicook 200 Ml

Name: Electric 200 ml
Brand: Aicook
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 200 ml

Just looking at the design of the Aicook 200 ml frother makes you want to have it at home. Its design is original and elegant; its shape is similar to that of tin and, even if you think “but a tin is not elegant”, this design makes it so. It has a stainless steel coating with a silicone layer that is anti-slip. This black silicone layer not only makes the design relevant but also protects you from the heat when serving the milk-an interesting innovation in the world of milk frothers.

That means that Aicook for this design forgot about the handle! And he opted for a more original proposal, which is the silicone coating. It makes it even more compact and easy to move. On the other hand, on the inside, it has a non-stick layer, which makes it very easy to wash. And, the beater head can be removed for better cleaning. Also, it comes with a special brush for better cleaning.

Also, it should be noted that it is quite quiet and fast to operate. And, in addition, the product comes with a two-year warranty. It means that from the moment you buy the milk mixer until after two years, the company guarantees attention and service if your product deteriorates in quality or is damaged by a factory defect. Similarly, when you buy the Aicook 200 ml frother at Amazon, the guarantee is also valid, as you would be buying it directly from the Aicook store.

Aicook milk frother 200 ml: Review

With regard to its specifications, the main thing is that this milk frother has a capacity of 200 ml to heat the milk. However, for frothing the milk, its maximum capacity is 100 ml and a minimum of 50 ml.

All these measurements are indicated inside the product. It is important to take these indicators into account because they are designed for the proper functioning of the skimmer. Otherwise, failures may occur, or the milk may overflow from the container.

On the other hand, the operation is simple. It has two beaters, one for perfect frothing of the milk made of stainless steel. And, the other one is made of plastic, which is for heating. For its operation, it has two buttons that are quite simple to understand.

One is for heating the milk, and the other is for frothing the milk. Pressing either button will start its operation, which will be very fast. In one minute, the milk will be perfectly frothed.

The Aicook 200 ml milk frother does more than just froth milk; it also heats it. It allows you to prepare different types of coffee, such as cappuccinos, lattes, coffee with milk, flat whites, among others. Therefore, it is ideal for those who want to experiment and bring out the inner bartender they have. Really, it is a good experience, especially for those who like to vary and impress their guests with a different coffee.

Aicook 200 ml milk frother: Features

  • 200 ml capacity for heating milk.
  • For frothing milk, it has a capacity of 100 ml maximum and 50 ml minimum.
  • Its design is elegant and innovative.
  • The coating material is stainless steel and anti-slip silicone for better grip.
  • Inside it has a Teflon layer to prevent milk from sticking and to maximize its cleanliness.
  • It has two beaters, a stainless steel whisk for frothing the milk.
  • And, a plastic whisk to heat the milk.
  • It has a power of 400 watts.
  • It is black and silver in colour.
  • The weight is 862 grams.
  • It has dimensions of 10 x 10 x 17.5 cm.
  • It has an automatic shut-off system.
  • It also has three functions, heating milk, frothing hot milk, frothing cold milk.
  • It works for 1 minute.
  • You can buy the Aicook 200 ml milk frother online.
  • The base is removable.
  • The box contains: cleaning brush, instruction manual, two milkshakes and the milk frother.
  • The voltage is 220 to 240 v.
  • Its size is compact.
  • The whisk is removable.
  • Good value for money.
  • It has two simple buttons, for frothing and heating.

Advantages of the Aicook 200 ml milk frother  

  • It is easy to clean due to its materials.
  • Its size is quite compact, which makes it easy to move or relocate.
  • It is very effective and fast.
  • Also, it is very quiet.

Disadvantages of the Aicook 200 ml milk frother

  • It has little capacity.
  • For some, it’s too hot.
  • If you do not pay attention when the milk is heating up, it will stick to the container.

Aicook 200 ml electric milk frother: Reviews

Amazon users are delighted with this product. They are especially impressed by the perfect froth produced by this milk whisk. That is why we would like to highlight some of the comments made by buyers. To give us an idea of how the Aicook 200 ml milk frother really works:

It’s very easy to use; it doesn’t have a lot of science. It has two buttons, one of which works to heat the milk and the other to heat and froth the milk. It’s fantastic.


It looks nice. It’s effective and comes with two accessories, so it froths more or froths less milk and takes the time it says, it’s fast.

Ms. S. M. Patrick

It met my expectations very well. I recommend this frother to anyone who wants to enjoy a perfect cream for their coffee.

Tessa Billyeald

Why buy an Aicook 200ml milk frother?

We honestly recommend it 100%; this milk frother is modern, elegant, fast and works perfectly. Moreover, it has an excellent price/quality ratio. It is something that buyers on Amazon really appreciate. And most of their ratings are positive. That is why we recommend that this is one of your first options when choosing a milk frother for your home.

However, here are some other recommendations. The Severin SM 9495 milk frother, which has a modern and minimalist design. Another recommendation is the Vava Milk Whisk VA-EB008 240 ml, which is one of the best-rated, and its design is similar to the Aicook 200 ml.

Remember that the perfect milk frother for you will depend on the features you are looking for and those that suit your needs. For example, for some users, this milk frother has a small capacity, but for someone who lives alone, it is a perfect capacity.

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