Lavazza Coffee Machines User Manual

Lavazza is one of the brands in the capsule coffee sector, but its presence in many countries is not as widespread as that of other well-known manufacturers and single-dose formats. Thus, its users sometimes have to be creative because there is no physical network of stores or volume of information as full as usual. On the other hand, the quality of this Italian company and its products more than make up for these small inconveniences.

On this page, we would like to briefly list the free public links to all the instruction manuals for Lavazza coffee machines that are available. You won’t be the first user to have a problem with their coffee machine after several years (because, naturally, new coffee maker hardly ever cause any issues), and when you want to get hold of the instructions, you know where they will be.

Usually, the user manual for your Lavazza goes directly into the waste bin along with the warranty and the plastic packaging as soon as the coffee machine enters your home. It looks familiar.

All the user manuals for Lavazza coffee machines – Download in PDF

When we talk about downloading all the Lavazza instruction leaflets, we logically mean those that correspond to models that are sold – or have been sold in the past. We know that some are missing, but we publish at least those we have been able to find through official channels.

All these Lavazza instruction manuals come from an external source, and therefore we cannot guarantee 100% that they will work all the time correctly. Although, of course, we try to monitor them and keep them active within our capabilities.

The Lavazza user manuals linked above are available in downloadable PDF format. Almost all are accompanied by explanatory graphics, which are very clear, although they are not in colour but black and white. And they are translated into several languages, including English (otherwise, we wouldn’t have bothered to share them here).

Lavazza LM800 Tiny Macchina per caffè con capsule 0,75 L Semi-automatica
Lavazza LM800 Tiny Macchina per caffè con capsule 0,75 L Semi-automatica
Stop&Go button: Choose the desired amount of espresso every time; Transparent tank (0.75 Lt): completely transparent to control water level