Graef CM800

Name: CM800
Brand: Graef
Operation: Electric
Capacity: 250 grams

Graef CM 800 coffee grinder - coffee grinders
Graef CM 800 coffee grinder - coffee grinders
Graef cm 800 – Coffee Grinder – Aluminium; Brown

When we talk about coffee grinders, there is one brand that is among the most important as a reference in the sector, and it is none other than the German firm Graef. Graef markets several coffee grinders, and today we are going to stop at what is perhaps their most emblematic model: the Graef CM800.

Graef’s CM800 is an electric coffee grinder that works on the basis of pinions. It has a casing made of aluminium, a very resistant material (you can see Graef’s hand here).

The main compartment or dispenser is conical in shape and is specially designed to preserve all the aroma of the coffee beans intact and bring them freshly ground to your cup. It has a capacity of 250 grams.  It can be removed for cleaning or storage, as shown in this photo:

Graef CM800 dispenser

The 250-gram dispenser differentiates it from other types of coffee grinders that do not have it, and therefore you can only grind in them the exact dose of coffee you want to prepare (normally, you will have to weigh it first).

In case you are interested, you should also know that there is another model like it, the Graef CM81, which has the same features and looks as this Graef CM800, with the only difference that the finishes are lacquered in white. Both cost the same: around 150-160 pounds. And that’s because they are high-end electric grinders, don’t forget.

Graef CM800 grinder: general characteristics

  • Housing made 100% in aluminium.
  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 23 x 40 centimetres.
  • Weight: 2.65 kilograms.
  • The container for the coffee beans is transparent, has a lid on the top (to prevent dust or other dirt from entering), can be dismantled separately, and has a capacity for 250 grams of coffee.
  • It includes an automatic grinding function by means of a button or switch. You will see that the control knob has three positions: on, off and auto.
  • It includes a practical cable holder – no more loose cables in the kitchen!
  • It has up to 40 levels to adjust the grinding level.
  • We can make an additional fine adjustment on the upper grinder.
  • The base of the grinder is made of rubber, which absorbs the vibrations of the grinding and prevents the grinder from moving when you are using it (apart from acting as a silencer).
  • It includes a brush for cleaning.
  • It has an aluminium bearing with five blades that ensures the best output of the ground coffee.

Advantages of the Graef CM800 grinder

  • The materials. Graef always chooses the best to build its coffee machines and grinders. They are hard, durable and robust products. And the Graef CM800 grinder is no exception.
  • The degree of grinding is adjusted with great precision over all its 40 levels: you can choose the result of your coffee (more or less fine) without fear of making a mistake.
  • The automatic grinding function.

Disadvantages of the Graef CM800 grinder

  • Its price. It is considerably more expensive than a standard coffee grinder… of course this is not a standard coffee grinder. The immense quality of this product has to be paid for, and this is known by most coffee drinkers.

Graef CM800: videos and how it works

Here is a complete unpacking of the Graef CM800 grinder. They show you how it works from the moment it comes out of the box until it is installed and first started up. Very useful if you are thinking of buying this grinder.

And here we have a test run of the Graef CM800 coffee grinder in conjunction with another classic: the Delonghi Dedica EC-685 espresso machine.

Why buy the Graef CM800 coffee grinder?

If you are looking for a high-quality grinder for your espressos, do not hesitate: Graef CM800 is the choice of many baristas. Its precision and reliability in choosing the degree of grinding allow it to meet the demands of anyone. Try it, and you will be convinced. The user opinions you will find all over the network prove it. But only if you use it with the right type of coffee maker.

You will be happy to use it, for example, in combination with the Graef ES70 espresso machine. An unbeatable machine. From then on (e.g. for professional coffee makers), it might be a bit tight, and you have to look for bar grinders or other more powerful models. For a mid-range domestic espresso machine, the Graef CM800 should serve you perfectly.

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