Electric Teapots

Those of us who love coffee is not only inveterate tasters of the fruit of the coffee plantations. Sometimes we also opt for other infusions such as tea. However, other consumers close themselves off and limit themselves to drinking coffee or tea without giving the other alternative a chance.

Be that as it may, the point is that caffeine and theine, coffee and tea, are closely related beverages. That’s why, on a website like ours specialising in coffee machines, we think that there is also room for tea lovers… and for electric teapots.

There are many types of kettles, but we can broadly divide them into two groups: the manual or more traditional ones and the electric ones. And on this page, we will deal with the latter.

And the first question is… where to buy electric teapots? Well, in any consumer electronics shop, you might be able to find some, but it is certainly not the most popular appliance. This means that many places won’t bother to stock them, and the only solution will be to buy your electric teapot from Amazon. Take a look:

Tips for Buying Teapots Online 2021

OK, let’s start at the beginning. You want to buy a pot to boil water for your tea, and you don’t know where to start. First of all, when you buy an electric kettle or teapot, you have to consider two variables in particular: the size of the kettle and how it works.

An automatic (or electric) teapot is not the same as a traditional tea teapot which we have to remove from the heat before the water exceeds the boiling point. The latter would fall into the segment of teapots or coffee pots with whistles.

There are also whistling teapots, which are nothing more than teapots with a whistle that warn us when the water has reached its ideal temperature. These are manual teapots if you prefer to see them this way.

ProfiCook PC-WKS 1020 Stainless Steel Glass Teakettle
ProfiCook PC-WKS 1020 Stainless Steel Glass Teakettle
2 in 1 - tea and water heater; Including stainless steel tea filter raised and lowered; Temperature individually preselectable
Alessi 9091 FM Officina HOB Kettle with Steel Bottom, Silver
Alessi 9091 FM Officina HOB Kettle with Steel Bottom, Silver
Tea and infusion kettle with melodic whistle, suitable for induction stoves; Designer: Richard Sapper
LAMART Cuirve Red Stainless Steel Stove Top Kettle 2 Litre LT7001
LAMART Cuirve Red Stainless Steel Stove Top Kettle 2 Litre LT7001
Made of high-quality stainless steel; The handle is made of resistant plastic; Whistle to indicate when the water has boiled

Another aspect that you should take into account if you have an induction cooker is that the kettle is made of stainless steel. Stainless steel kettles conduct electricity and therefore allow applying heat to water. In induction kitchens, cast iron teapots do not work well, nor do porcelain or glass teapots, of course.

We cannot forget about individual teapots either. This is a small electric teapot that usually has just enough capacity for 1 or 2 cups of tea at the most. Ideal if you only need to make tea at home for yourself.

The sale of electric teapots online has become popular in recent times, thanks precisely to the ease and simplicity of electrically operated teapots. So today, it is common to see teapots for infusions in many homes, a not so common picture if we go back to the 90s and earlier.

What is the difference between an electric teapot and a kettle?

Electric teapots vs electric kettles: the eternal question. They are two very similar devices but with different uses, so they should not be confused.

An electric kettle, or kettle, is only used to boil water. There is no filter, infuser or tea strainer. Generally, this water is then used to prepare coffee, tea or any other infusion, but in any case, the hot water must be used separately.

Electric teapots, on the other hand, work in the same way as a kettle (they heat the water in a short time), but they have a filter or infuser in the central part, where we previously place the tea leaves or the infusion we want to make… so that we brew the tea inside the container itself.

Its main component is a heating element located inside the teapot’s container or jug. When heated by electricity, the heating element gains temperature very quickly and transmits it by contact with the water.

An electric teapot with a filter (also called teapots with infuser) is simply the traditional teapot, which allows you to put the teabag over the hot water and leave it for a while until the tea is ready.

The main types of electric teapots

What types of electric teapots are there on the market? Possibly more than you can imagine. Here are just the main ones… You probably didn’t know there were so many!

Stainless steel electric teapots

Almost all electric teapots have stainless steel in some element of their composition (especially in the base), but then actually, their main body is made of glass. There are not many models of (all-steel) steel electric teapots on the market, although we have found this one that plugs into the car’s 12v socket and serves as a travel electric teapot.

OurLeeme 750ml Stainless Steel Car Electric Kettle with Sealed Rubber Band Car Heating Cup for 12V...
OurLeeme 750ml Stainless Steel Car Electric Kettle with Sealed Rubber Band Car Heating Cup for 12V...
Kettle cover humanization design, easy to pour water.; Made of double layer 304 stainless steel food grade cup body, exquisite workmanship.

In any case, we should not confuse teapots with kettles, and the truth is that almost all models that are advertised as “steel teapots” do not actually have an infuser. In other words, they are simply kettles.

Glass electric teapots

We can also find glass electric teapots, which work in the same way as the steel ones but have the particularity that they allow us to see what is happening inside: how the watercolours as it infuses, and so on. In fact, this is the most common material used in this type of device.

They are usually made of borosilicate glass, as we saw in our guide to glass coffee machines, for precisely the same reason: to resist sudden changes in temperature without deforming.

Ceramic electric teapots

Ceramic electric teapots are similar to what we have discussed above with steel teapots. Most models are actually kettles because they do not have a tea filter. In any case, they have the typical teapot shape, so their purpose is more than clear.

The main advantage of electric ceramic teapots is that they are aesthetically more pleasing, allow for more variety in decorations, and fit very well with rustic or vintage style rooms.

On the downside, there is one very obvious drawback: they do not allow you to see inside, so you cannot follow the brewing process on your own or check if it is the right colour.

Small electric teapots

Well, as the name suggests, these small electric teapots work in the same way as normal electric teapots but are much smaller in size, allowing you to take them with you on a trip or in your luggage more comfortably.

To give you an idea, normal electric teapots usually have a capacity of around 1.5 or 1.7 litres. When buying a small electric teapot, we are talking about a kettle with a capacity of just 0.7 or 0.8 litres. In other words, they can brew tea for 1-2 people at most.

Electric teapots with temperature adjustment

The truth is that most electric teapots on the market are quite similar in terms of capacity, operation and quality. We could establish a kind of “high range” for this type of product, which would be the teapots that allow us to choose the boiling or boiling temperature of the water, generally with electric control and in ranges from 60º to 100º. In this way, we can enjoy our infusion at the temperature we like best.

Electric teapots with temperature adjustment are not too expensive compared to normal teapots, so they are an excellent option if we are going to use them frequently.

Automatic electric teapots

These domestic tea machines are surprising, and the funny thing is that few people know they exist. They work in a similar way to a capsule coffee machine, and their biggest advantage over traditional teapots is their speed and convenience. They work with both tea bags and loose tea leaves, and you can choose between two cup sizes depending on the amount of tea you want to brew.

It is true that they are more expensive than a traditional electric teapot with an infuser… but if you make your tea every day, you will surely end up noticing the difference and paying for it.

Tealounge System K-fee Tea Maker warmrot
Tealounge System K-fee Tea Maker warmrot
Highlights:; Die neue Kapselmaschine speziell für Tee entwickelt; Einfache Bedienung mittels 4 Tea Expert Programmen für die unterschiedlichen Teearten
Senya Tea Time Machine Electric Teapot Compatible with Loose Tea or Bag with Removable Infuser red
Senya Tea Time Machine Electric Teapot Compatible with Loose Tea or Bag with Removable Infuser red
Fast heating system (hot water in 40 seconds); Machine can be filled with loose tea or tea bags

Electric teapots: Market prices

The price of a teapot is similar to that of electric kettles and depends mainly on its size and the material it is made of. The cheapest electric kettles can be found from £15 to £20, and those with a higher range, such as those with adjustable temperature settings, can go for £30 to £40 at the most.

How to remove tartar from the teapot?

Scale is one of the main enemies of kettles due to the accumulation of water that is always in contact with the walls and bottom of the container. Instead of explaining to you how to clean a teapot, we are going to use a video that shows you everything in much more detail:

Now that you know how to remove tartar from a teapot, you are ready to enjoy yours for sure!