Dolce Gusto Rechargeable Capsules

For many years, practically since the beginning of the capsule coffee machine era, users have been searching unsuccessfully for Dolce Gusto refillable or compatible capsules. You’ve thought about that too, haven’t you? Luckily, it all comes together. At the beginning of 2015, the company Emocup (which was already successfully marketing refillable capsules for Nespresso), after months of research, launched its Dolce Gusto refillable capsules, thus positioning itself in a privileged position within the sector. A good alternative, without doubt, to the official Dolce Gusto capsules.

Emocup is an initiative of the Catalan entrepreneur Albert Gálvez, who has managed to capture the attention of users by being the first to offer a quality alternative to the official Dolce Gusto capsules and by having accepted them entirely with his product.

The result is magnificent, very reliable, and the savings are significant. Let’s take a closer look at what these attractive refillable capsules for Dolce Gusto are and how they work:

What are Emocup’s Rechargeable Capsules like?

The Dolce Gusto refillable Emocup capsules are capsules with the same shape and size as the official Dolce Gusto capsules. You can reuse it several times and refill it with the coffee blend – or any other hot drink – that you prefer. This way, the long-term reduction in the price of each drink is noticeable, and you will save a lot of money while enjoying a coffee that is entire to your taste.

capsules dolce gusto rechargables emocup pack

Emocup distributes its refillable Dolce Gusto capsules in packs of 3, as shown in the picture. They look identical to the regular capsules, red and white, and logically without marks or drawings on their top label. The construction materials are similar to those of a standard capsule, with the only exception of the top.

In the official Dolce Gusto capsules, the top label is simply a plastic cover that is punctured by operating the lever on the coffee machine and lowering the needle that injects the water.

On the Emocup rechargeable capsules, this mechanism is somewhat more sophisticated as it must be prepared to work several times without the coffee maker piercing the capsule in a different place each time (which would end up rendering it unusable). Emocup solves this problem with a double plastic filter, which is punctured the first time you use the capsule and then allows the needle of the coffee maker to enter always in the same place.

How long do Emocup Dolce Gusto Reloadable Capsules last?

It is the most interesting point: The Dolce Gusto refillable Emocup capsules are manufactured and prepared to last around 50 uses. At least. In other words, a single rechargeable Emocup capsule will last you 50 times longer than a normal one. You can refill them at any time, not only with coffee but also with milk and other drinks – welcome to a world of infinite possibilities! The Dolce Gusto refillable capsules also open new perspectives for experimentation with your Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

Capsules Dolce Gusto Compatibles Emocup

How much do Dolce Gusto de Emocup Rechargeable Capsules cost?

OK, let’s get to the heart of the matter. This whole Dolce Gusto refillable capsule invention is all very well and good, but is it profitable? Well, the answer is yes. The math doesn’t lie:

The Dolce Gusto refillable capsules are on sale for £22.95 a pack of three; in other words, each refillable capsule costs £7.65. If you divide this price by the minimum of 50 uses that the manufacturer assures, we get a maximum amount of 15 cents to peruse. The difference with the official estimates, which are around 30 cents per capsule, is noticeable – you save at least half the price! Emocup says on its website that the savings can reach 70%, but this depends a lot on the uses you give each Emocup refillable capsule, and of course, what you spend additionally on coffee blends.

How do you use Dolce Gusto Rechargeable Capsules?

If you want to know how to use the Dolce Gusto refillable capsules (although the process is not too mysterious), it is best to take a closer look at this video where Emocup explains it to you in detail and with great clarity:

The system, as you can see, is very ingenious and frankly well thought out by Emocup. The first thing you have to do is insert the Emocup refillable capsule into the compartment of your Dolce Gusto coffee machine and lower the needle to make an early hole in the lid of your refillable capsule. Using this mark, you can insert the plastic filter through it to make the final hole.

Put the capsule back in the coffee maker and start it up again to check that everything is working correctly (even if it is with water). All of this must be done before the first use of your Dolce Gusto rechargeable capsule.

After these preliminary steps, you can refill your Emocup rechargeable capsule with the coffee blend of your choice. Cover it well with the plastic filter (this step is essential because if you don’t make sure that the filter is perfectly placed, the water could leak out at the ends, and the drink wouldn’t work), and you can use it in your coffee machine. Enjoy! Remember that you have up to 50 uses in each capsule, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Have you used these refillable Dolce Gusto capsules before? Do you know any other brands? Tell us about your experience with them!