Dolce Gusto Fruit Juice Pods

One of the great advantages or characteristic features of Dolce Gusto coffee machines is the possibility of making cold drinks; something that allows them to add a range of varieties to their capsule catalogue that distinguishes them from some of their direct rivals on the market.

Proof of this are the broth and soup pods, which we analysed at the time, or the fruit juice pods for Dolce Gusto that we present in these lines.

Could anyone have imagined that their coffee pod machine could also be used to make fruit juice? Well, that’s exactly what the Spanish company Zutec brings us with its Zutec fruit juice pods for Dolce Gusto.

Zutec is actually the brand name, the company behind it is called Tasty Drink SL. It is a Valencian company endorsed by Ecoembes and very committed to the environment and sustainability in everything it does, so the quality of the product is guaranteed from the start.

Before looking at them in more detail, it should be emphasised that the content of each Zutec Dolce Gusto fruit juice pod is only fruit, and only fruit. You won’t find any powders or substitutes as with some varieties of compatible coffee capsules.

Currently there is no stock in countries other than Spain, but we will keep you informed:

Zutec - Assorted Juice Capsules (Orange, Pineapple and Peach) - Compatible with Nescafé Dolce...
  • HYGIENIC: Enjoy comfortable one-dose capsules of 100% Fruit juice; each capsule contains high amounts of fruit of a maximum quality ground in its interior.
  • NATURAL: 0% added sugars, without any artificial preservatives, no colouring, no flavour enhancers, only 100% fruit. Made in Spain.
  • GREAT AMOUNT OF FRUIT: 1 orange capsule contains 2 fresh and juicy oranges; 1 peach capsule contains 3 sweet and flavourful peaches and 1 pineapple capsule 1/3 of refreshing tropical pineapple.
  • NEW FORMAT: We have not invented juice, but surely the way to prepare it.
  • INTELLIGENT CAPSULES: Its airtight seal in a protective atmosphere maintains the juice fresh by conserving all its taste and flavour. It is the hallmark of a company not related with Tasty Drink S.L.*

What varieties are there?

At the time of launch, there are three varieties of Zutec fruit juice pods for Dolce Gusto on the market, although the company is continually exploring new flavours to expand its offering. They correspond to the three most popular types of fruit juice: orange, peach and pineapple.

All of them come in boxes of 12 pods (not 16, as is the case with coffee) and you can also buy three boxes (36 pods in total) of each flavour or combined flavours.

Let’s take a closer look:

Zutec Orange Juice Pods

Orange juice is the most widely consumed fruit juice, at least in our country – possibly also worldwide, although we are not in a position to guarantee this fact 100% – so its presence in the catalogue is a must from the very first moment.

Each Zutec orange juice pod for Dolce Gusto contains the equivalent of two freshly squeezed oranges.

Zutec pineapple juice Pods

In the case of pineapple juice for Dolce Gusto, each pod contains an amount of fruit equivalent to one third of a whole natural pineapple. No added sugars, flavour enhancers or anything like that.

For climatic reasons, pineapple is difficult to grow naturally in Spain, but Zutec ensures that all the fruit used in the pods comes from environmentally friendly tropical plantations.

Naturally, all the single-dose pods are hermetically sealed, just like the other varieties.

Zutec peach juice pods

For these Dolce Gusto peach juice pods, each pod contains the equivalent of three whole peaches. As with the orange juice pods, all the fruit is sourced from Spanish cultivation.

This is one of the most practical options if you want to enjoy an instant natural juice, because the time saved compared to the work of peeling, pitting, crushing and straining three whole peaches is really enormous.

The most interesting feature of Zutec fruit juice capsules is that there are no chemicals or preservatives added: only concentrated fruit pulp.

You won’t find any powders or foreign substances either: it’s 100% natural fruit. You can easily check this by opening a pod, as you can see in the following image:

zutec dolce gusto fruit juice pods

How to use Zutec juice pods in a Dolce Gusto coffee machine?

The big question for many users will undoubtedly be how to prepare Zutec juice capsules in your Dolce Gusto. Of course, we are used to putting the coffee pod in, selecting the right amount of water, pressing the button and that’s it.

However, with Dolce Gusto fruit juice capsules, there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind:

  • The first thing: you should always select cold water (which is precisely the quality that allows these juices to be made in these machines).
  • Secondly, the juices are larger than a cup of espresso, so you should always prepare them with a level 6 or 7 – the maximum available – in your Play&Select automatic system. If your coffee pod machine at home is manual rather than automatic, calculate about the amount of a full cup.
  • Third (optional): a little trick if you really want to enjoy ultra-cold juice is, apart from choosing the cold drink option on your machine, to use chilled water in the reservoir. Directly from the fridge to the coffee machine.

What are the advantages of using fruit juice pods in my Dolce Gusto?

When you discover these products, you inevitably wonder why use a juice pod in your Dolce Gusto when you can just squeeze a fresh fruit and drink it just as fresh… right?

Well, the question is legitimate but the answer at the end is very similar to the one we discussed in the article on the 6 reasons to buy a coffee pod machine. It can be summed up as: speed and cleanliness. Especially if we want small children to make their own juice without leaving everything behind, right?

That, and maybe not everyone has a juicer at home. That also has to be taken into account.

On the other hand, it is true that orange juice is a fairly accessible product if we want to prepare it ourselves at home, but… what happens if we want to squeeze a natural peach or pineapple juice?

Here the process is more laborious, and we would need at least a blender or glass mixer in addition to having to clean and process the fruit manually… so Dolce Gusto juice capsules can save us a lot of work (and they will be healthier and more sustainable than prefabricated industrial juices).

Are there fruit juice pods for Nespresso?

Well no, unfortunately for the moment Nespresso users cannot enjoy this original proposal… largely because of the limitation of these machines to prepare only hot drinks.

Who wants to drink a hot orange juice at home? So we fear that as long as Nespresso coffee pod machines are not capable of making cold drinks, this type of initiative will remain exclusive to Dolce Gusto users.

Dolce Gusto fruit juice pods promotional video

Here is the launch video of these fruit juice capsules. A pity that it is only in Spanish, but for now you can only buy them in that country. We will keep you informed as soon as there is a date for its worldwide launch: