Does coffee have gluten?

Years ago, nobody cared about the gluten content of food. Still, there has been a growing – and necessary – awareness of the coeliac disease and intolerance to this group of wheat proteins in recent years.

Fortunately, coffee is gluten-free. By its very nature, coffee is suitable for coeliacs. However, the fact that coffee does not contain gluten does not mean that we should not take precautions, especially if we buy it in formats other than coffee beans (soluble, capsules, ground, etc.).

In these cases, it is always advisable to check the labelling to ensure that it does not contain traces of gluten. Not naturally, but perhaps because it may have been in contact with other elements in the production chain (belts, storage, mills) used for gluten-containing foods.

So now you know: you don’t have to look for “gluten-free coffee” because coffee is gluten-free. But you do have to check the labelling for traces.

If you wonder whether coffee contains gluten in any of its various forms of distribution, we have to tell you that it does not. We have divided them into sections to answer better the specific questions that consumers often ask.

Does Nespresso coffee contain gluten?

As Nespresso only manufactures espresso and americano coffee capsules, these capsules do not contain gluten. The processing of the coffee beans and the subsequent packaging of Nespresso capsules do not add any risk or change the properties of the coffee in this respect.

In any case, you should always check the labels to dispel any doubts. Generally, companies that package coffee for capsules ensure that their ground coffee never comes into contact with instruments or machinery that have previously processed other foods.

It is quite another matter for capsules of coffee drinks other than espresso or Americano. These coffee drinks contain other ingredients and additives in addition to coffee, such as milk, cocoa, flavourings, etc. But Nespresso does not sell coffee capsules other than espresso or Americano.

As the issue of gluten-free coffee capsules can be confusing, we have gone into more detail in the following article: Gluten-free coffee capsules.

Does instant coffee contain gluten?

Like any other coffee (without additives), ground coffee is gluten-free, as long as the grinders used in the process are completely clean and are not used to grind other ingredients.

But there could be doubts about instant coffee due to the grinding and treatment processes to make it soluble. However, it should be clarified that soluble coffee is dehydrated and then spray-dried, so its original properties remain intact.

Conclusion: soluble coffee is gluten-free.

Does decaffeinated coffee contain gluten?

Decaffeinated coffee has the same gluten as regular caffeinated coffee: zero.

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