Easy Tiramisu

There are many tiramisu recipes, but not all of them are worthy of being called easy tiramisu. The tiramisu is one of the typical desserts of Italian gastronomy and perhaps the standard recipe that first comes to mind when we talk about desserts with coffee. A mixture of softness and subtlety in its taste, which can leave you very satisfied with a small portion enjoyed.

As we say, there are many recipes to make this prestigious dessert, but this time we bring you an option where you will require only a few minutes to prepare your own delicious and easy tiramisu in the comfort of your home.

Ingredients needed for the easy tiramisu

One of the star components of the tiramisu is the coffee, which provides, combined with the other ingredients, a unique sensation; and also the protagonist of our website, of course.

Each of the necessary ingredients in this recipe you can get in any store or commerce; it is not a complicated elaboration in that sense.

The other key element is the mascarpone cheese. You can actually make it with any spreadable cheese, but the recipe for tiramisu with mascarpone is the classic one.

We also think it is very important to point out that despite being a really tasty dessert, as we have already explained, preparing this easy tiramisu recipe will not be expensive for your pocket.

These are the ingredients to make quick and easy tiramisu for approximately 8 people:

  • 300 gr. of mascarpone cheese.
  • 200 gr. of vanillas.
  • 5 eggs.
  • 500 ml. of coffee.
  • 5 spoonfuls of sugar.
  • Cocoa powder.

How to make easy tiramisu step by step

First, place all the ingredients to be used in front of you and make sure you don’t miss anything to prepare your tasty simple tiramisu. Now, you can start by separating the whites from the yolks of the eggs.

For the time being, keep the whites or reserve them for another recipe in the fridge: we will not use them to make the easy tiramisu. Now you can take the yolks and pour them into a bowl together with the sugar and half of the liqueur. Stir the ingredients well to get a unique mixture.

On the other hand, now you can take the egg whites alone and beat them until they are snowy. Once you like the result, you can pour the content into the bowl with the other ingredients already mixed and stir once more. You will see how, little by little a cream starts to form. That’s good; our homemade easy tiramisu must be perfect.

As a next step, you should take the vanillas and place them inside your ready-made coffee. Make sure they absorb the coffee liquid well and then drain them a little, so they don’t spill. Once you have passed this stage, place a layer of vanillas on a tray.

Now you can put some of the creams on top of the vanillas in the tray. Then put a new layer of vanilla beans soaked in coffee on top, and you’re almost there!

How’s it going? You’re about to get your delicious easy tiramisu made with your own hands. You must now place the rest of the cream on top of the new layer of vanillas. More or less like a lasagne, layer upon layer.

Spread the cream well with a spatula, and you can sprinkle with cocoa, to give a flawless finish. The cocoa powder, as you may have guessed, is only for decoration, but it also adds flavour if you pour it in large quantities. This already depends on your personal taste.

Now you can take your cocoa powder to the fridge for a couple of hours, so don’t wait any longer! You can serve it and see how good this easy homemade tiramisu recipe looks in just a few minutes in your kitchen. Any “easy” recipe can also be called “quick”.

TIP: If you wish, you can try to accompany your homemade tiramisu recipe with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which will surely suit the combination very well.

In case you have any doubt about our explanation, we have found this other recipe for homemade tiramisu, easy and fast, which is very similar to ours. I’m sure that this way it will be more clear for you!

Low-calorie iced tiramisu

If you prefer to try a frozen tiramisu recipe, here is a fantastic alternative. The best thing about it is that if you are watching your calorie intake, as you will see below, this variant will allow you to enjoy a delicious tiramisu that is easy to make and also very low in calories – the super sought-after light tiramisu recipe!

Ingredients for making light ice cream tiramisu

  • 250 grams of vanilla yoghurt or 2 plain yoghurts
  • 1 full packet of vanilla.
  • 8 tablespoons of cream cheese.
  • Light cocoa powder.
  • Sweetener (instead of sugar)
  • 500 ml of prepared coffee.

With these quantities, you can make the lightly iced tiramisu for 8 people.

How to make the easy ice cream tiramisu

First, always make sure you have all the ingredients to make the tiramisu easy to work with on your worktop. We will start the preparation by preparing the cream. The first step is to pour the 250g of yoghurt into a bowl, along with the cream cheese. Add sweetener to your taste, as you like it sweet. Now proceed to mix evenly to obtain a perfect mixture for your frozen tiramisu.

Now take the vanillas and make sure you dip them well in coffee. When you remove them, if they still spill liquid, don’t worry. It’s not important to drain them at this stage, but it’s essential that you make sure they absorb as much coffee as possible. Place a layer of vanilla beans on Tupperware (preferably plastic), and take them to your fridge or freezer for 20 minutes.

Once the time has passed, remove the Tupper from your fridge and put half of your previously brewed cream in it. Now moisten the remaining vanillas with the coffee, but this time it is important that you drain them well before placing the second layer in the bowl. This clarification is important to ensure the success of your iced tiramisu. Now add the rest of the cream, and you are almost ready.

To finish off, you only have to sprinkle with the light cocoa and give the finish. You have now finished an excellent, easy to make tiramisu recipe that will meet your expectations. All you have to do now is take it back to the fridge and leave it there for 3 to 4 hours. Remember that it’s an iced dessert, so it’s important to make sure it’s almost frozen before serving it.

As you may have seen, you can make this low-calorie tiramisu dessert in a few minutes, and we assure you that due to the ingredients we have used, you will be able to take care of your diet without depriving yourself of your favourite dessert.

What do you say? Did you like our recipe? You can always propose us your alternatives (because this tiramisu recipe is always a real mess, everyone thinks his own is the best). However, for the more purist here, we leave you a video with the recipe of the authentic Italian tiramisu. Or at least, that’s what they say.

Tiramisu recipe with Thermomix

There are dozens of ways to make tiramisu on the Thermomix, as in the end, it is a matter of adapting any of the original tiramisu recipes we already know to the machine’s steps. We have chosen one of the more traditional ones, but bear in mind that we can adapt any variant of the tiramisu recipe in the Thermomix.

Ingredients for making tiramisu in the Thermomix (8 people)

  • A packet of soft biscuits (e.g. sunflower biscuits, or any other similar type)
  • 125 grams of sugar.
  • 150 ml of espresso coffee.
  • 6 eggs.
  • 500 grams of mascarpone cheese.
  • Cocoa powder (to decorate the top) and liquor to taste.

How to make the tiramisu recipe with Thermomix

First, place the butterfly in the Thermomix, and pour the egg yolks and 100 grams of sugar into the maker (note, not all the sugar, only 100 grams). Keep the egg whites, which we will also use later—speed 3 and temperature 37º for 3:30 minutes.

Then add the mascarpone. And we program 3 more minutes at speed 3 (without temperature).

Now it’s time to take out the mixture we have, put it aside, and clean the glass of the Thermomix well.

To continue making the tiramisu in the Thermomix, we put the butterfly back in to assemble the egg whites. Add the egg whites (if you want a pinch of salt, but it’s not compulsory)—speed 3.5, 50ºC, for 6 minutes.

When you have the egg whites mounted, pour everything over the previous mixture, and use a spatula to stir and mix everything well, being careful not to dismantle the result!

Egg-free tiramisu recipe (with cream)

A basic element not only when preparing tiramisu, but any other type of dough for baking and pastry, are the eggs and whites that are assembled.

Is it possible then to make tiramisu without eggs? Yes, we can look for some alternatives to achieve a result very similar to the real Italian tiramisu, which also does not pose a problem for people with allergies.

Ingredients for making tiramisu without eggs (with cream)

  • Mascarpone cheese: 200 grams.
  • Whipping cream: 0.2 litres
  • Sugar: 2 tablespoons.
  • Soletilla cakes.
  • Espresso coffee + liqueur (to soak the biscuits)
  • Cocoa powder to sprinkle.

As you can see, the ingredients to make the tiramisu without eggs are the same as the traditional ones, but without the eggs. We are not going to use any substitute, but we will slightly change the preparation: what we will do is to whip the cream instead of whipping the egg whites.

How to make egg-free tiramisu step by step

The first thing, as in any tiramisu, is to have the mixture of coffee + liquor ready to soak the biscuits at the end.

Then, we will whip the cream with a whisk (or by hand, if you have no other option). When the cream is whipped, and not before, it is time to add the mascarpone cheese and mix it very carefully with the whipped cream. Do it slowly so that it does not come apart. The aim of this step is to achieve a homogeneous mixture.

Now we will soak the biscuits in the coffee we had reserved from the beginning, and we will assemble the tiramisu without egg in layers, as we do in the rest of the preparations. You know: a layer of cake at the base of a dish, mix the tiramisu cream on top, a new layer of cake, and cream to finish.

And on top of the tiramisu, cocoa powder to save (ideally, you can’t see any of the tiramisu creams underneath, but this is already to your taste).

And finally, to the fridge! Chill your egg-free tiramisu cake recipe for several hours so that it stays consistent and doesn’t crumble when you break it.

Once this is done, we reserve and proceed to assemble our tiramisu with Thermomix. Open the packet of biscuits, dip them in the espresso (or if you like, you can mix the coffee with a splash of liqueur beforehand, this is to your liking). Do not soak them too much, because if you go too far, they will break, and we are not interested in that.

And now we “build” our tiramisu with traditional Thermomix: we put a layer of biscuits at the base, and on top a layer of cream; then another layer of biscuits, and then another of cream on top. That is to say: sponge cake-cream cake-cream cake.

And on top, to cover the tiramisu well with Thermomix, sprinkle cocoa. The amount of cocoa powder is also to the taste of the diner, but ideally, it should completely cover the top of the tiramisu.

Your tiramisu recipe with Thermomix is ready, but don’t eat it yet. We recommend putting it in the fridge so that it sets well and the flavours integrate, if you can, better from one day to the next (minimum 12 hours).

Lemon tiramisu recipe

Do you like to innovate? Do you want to give a twist to the classic homemade tiramisu recipe? Then don’t forget to try this alternative to the lemon tiramisu, a fantastic dessert in which we introduce the little dot of lemon while still enjoying the taste of tiramisu as the canons command.

Ingredients of lemon tiramisu

  • 4 egg yolks.
  • 500 grams of mascarpone cheese.
  • 250 grams of milk.
  • 100 grams of sugar
  • 30 grams of corn starch
  • 500 grams of milk cream
  • 100 ml of lemon juice and grated lemon rind
  • Sunflower biscuits or similar
  • Lemon syrup (to soak the biscuits)

How to make the lemon tiramisu recipe

To make the homemade lemon tiramisu, the first thing to do is to make a lemon cream. To do this, we use half of the sugar in the recipe, mix it with the milk in a saucepan and heat it over medium heat.

On the other hand, while heating the milk, we mix the other ingredients: the rest of the sugar, the egg yolks, the corn starch, and the lemon juice with the grated rind. From here, we will get a homogeneous mixture.

When the milk is hot (so that it doesn’t boil, be careful), take it off the heat and pour it over the mixture immediately. Put everything back on the heat, not too hard. Now you will have to be stirring the mixture slowly, without hurrying, but without pausing, until the whole thing thickens.

At most, you can wait until 1 minute after it boils.

And that’s it: this is the base cream to make the lemon tiramisu. Now all you have to do is put it in the fridge and wait for it to cool down.

The second part of the lemon tiramisu recipe is easier:

Pour the mascarpone cheese into a large bowl, and start beating it. When it is soft, add the cream (the remaining ingredient) and the lemon cream from the fridge. With the mixer, mix everything until you get a dense and homogeneous composition.

Finally, we proceed to assemble our lemon tiramisu: soak the biscuits in the lemon syrup, and place them in a large bowl as a base. Then pour a layer of the lemon tiramisu cream you have prepared, put another layer of biscuits on top, and again a layer of lemon cream.

On top, instead of the cocoa powder used in the real homemade tiramisu, we suggest decorating with whipped cream or meringue.

tiramisu lemon

Strawberry or chocolate tiramisu recipe

By substituting the lemon-related ingredients in this recipe, you can obtain magnificent chocolate or strawberry tiramisu. The idea of the strawberry tiramisu recipe is the same as that of the lemon: you replace the egg whites to assemble with a cream made from yolks, sugar, the cheese and the ingredient you want to add flavour to your tiramisu cake recipe (in this case, the strawberry or some chocolate).

Tiramisu recipe without coffee

What? A tiramisu recipe without coffee? But can tiramisu without coffee or liquor really be called tiramisu? Well, the more puristic may be thrown in, but the truth is that this recipe for homemade tiramisu without coffee, also called children’s tiramisu, is very popular.

It is a tiramisu cake just as rich as the traditional ones, but with some variation in the ingredients that make it suitable for children.

Okay, you can always take a traditional tiramisu recipe and remove the liquor, and use decaffeinated coffee instead of espresso. But it will still taste like coffee, and kids don’t like that. Take note of our proposal:

Ingredients for making tiramisu without coffee

Yes, somewhat different from the originals, but in essence, the basic ingredients of the tiramisu remain:

  • A packet of biscuits.
  • Half a kilo of cheese (mascarpone, if possible).
  • Milk with colacao, Nesquick, cocoa shake… whatever you want. This is to replace coffee.
  • 6 eggs.
  • 200 grams of whipping cream.
  • 200 grams of sugar.
  • 60 ml of orange juice.
  • Cocoa powder (for decoration when finished) and a spoonful of vanilla sugar (optional).

How to make tiramisu for children without coffee (step by step)

If you know how to make the traditional tiramisu, you will have no problem. As far as the elaboration is concerned, we will follow a classic tiramisu recipe (you can take any from this page, for example).

The difference comes in the ingredients:

In this children’s tiramisu recipe, the mixture of coffee with a dash of liquor (in which the biscuits are soaked) is replaced by a large glass of milk with cocoa, with a dash of orange juice.

Everything else is the same. In this case, the use of the cocoa + orange juice shake as an idea to soak the biscuits does not change the processing or cooling times of the tiramisu once it is assembled.

Can you think of an alternative way to make a tiramisu recipe without coffee?