Biscuit and Coffee Cake

Biscuit cake, a dessert well known for its creaminess, taste and crunchy layers of biscuits. In many countries, it is common to recognise it by the name of Marquise of chocolate, the ideal sweet for parties or meetings with our children.

But, if a traditional biscuit and chocolate cake are delicious, what will a biscuit and coffee cake be like? Today in our coffee recipe section, we bring you the authentic recipe for the biscuit and coffee cake.

If you want to surprise your guests or friends with this biscuit and coffee cake, we assure you that they will be delighted by its easy preparation and its idyllic taste of liquor and coffee.

Biscuit and coffee cake recipe

There are different versions of this biscuit and coffee cake, but the one you see below has a slight resemblance in taste to the classic Italian tiramisu.

A more special version for those big children of the house, as this biscuit and coffee cake has that bitter and sweet touch of liquor and caffeine. Still, we can adapt it if necessary, for the little ones of the house, who also want to try this delicious recipe for biscuit and coffee cake.

Ingredients of the coffee and biscuit cake

(Duration: 60 minutes/meals: 6 people)

  • 30 rectangular biscuits. (Note: you can use the biscuits you like best).
  • 250 gr. butter at room temperature.
  • 2 tablespoons of soluble coffee.
  • 2 eggs.
  • 100 ml. of coffee (or, failing that, 100 ml. of decaffeinated coffee).
  • 50 ml. cognac + 2 spoonfuls.
  • 125 gr. ground sugar or icing sugar.

To decorate 2 tablespoons of grated coconut, chocolate shavings or coloured shavings.

How to make a biscuit and coffee cake

Start by heating the 2 spoonfuls of cognac in a frying pan or casserole with the 2 spoonfuls of soluble coffee and stir until it is diluted. Remove from the heat. Set aside.

Mix the butter in a container, which should be at room temperature to form a cream more quickly. Add the eggs one by one and continue mixing until all the ingredients are integrated.

Now, add the 100 ml of coffee diluted in the two spoonfuls of cognac and add it to the rest of the mixture.

(Note: If the children are going to try this delicious recipe of biscuit and coffee cake, change the coffee for decaffeinated coffee and omit the liquor for a little milk).

Add the sugar and incorporate it very well until you get a cream. For this type of preparation, we recommend that you use icing sugar. We reserve the cream in the refrigerator.

Assembling the biscuit and coffee cake

To start assembling our biscuit and coffee cake, we will need to use a unique container or mould where we will assemble all the ingredients.

In a deep dish, we mix the cognac with the coffee. Wet the biscuits, one by one, as they are placed on the tray in an orderly fashion. We have to be very careful not to soak the biscuits too much as this causes them to crack.

Once we have the first layer of biscuits, we cover it with some of the coffee creams that we have reserved. Cover the cream with a new layer of biscuits and so on until it is finished. We finish the cake with a new batch of wet coffee biscuits.

Finally, to finish this preparation of biscuit and coffee cake, we will cover the sides with grated coconut, chocolate or coloured shavings.

We keep the cake in the fridge so that it acquires a certain consistency for at least 2 hours.

We have to wait for the ideal moment to consume this delicious coffee and biscuits.

Biscuit and coffee cake recipe without liquor

If you want a version without liquor, the following recipe for biscuit and coffee cake (for example, for the youngest) will not leave even the crumbs because it is delicious!

Ingredients for children’s coffee and biscuit cake

(Duration: 15 minutes + 4 hours of cooling. For 4- 8 portions, depending on how big we want to serve them).

To make the coffee cream:

  • 500 ml of milk at room temperature.
  • 100 gr. of sugar.
  • 3 egg yolks.
  • 50 gr. of fine corn flour.
  • 12 gr. of soluble coffee.
  • Vanilla essence or extract.

For the body of the cake:

  • 54 rectangular biscuits.
  • 20 gr. of sugar.
  • 200 ml. of coffee or decaffeinated coffee.

For decoration:

  • 120 gr. of chocolate with a 50% cocoa coating.
  • 100 ml. 35% milk cream
  • 3 egg whites for the meringue.
  • 100 gr. of sugar for the meringue

How to make the biscuit and coffee cake without liqueur

recipe cake chocolate coffee

We start by preparing the coffee cream. For that, in a saucepan or casserole over medium heat, we will heat half the milk with half the sugar and the soluble coffee. Mix it well until it dissolves and let it heat up.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, add the sugar with the cornstarch, mix well to avoid lumps in the cream. Now, add the yolks of the 3 slightly beaten eggs and the missing half of the milk, beat very well with the help of a balloon.

Then put the two mixtures together in the pot and take it back to the fire. Stir constantly until it starts to thicken, remove and leave to rest.

You can add at this moment a little bit of lemon rind, or if you prefer, you can add some drops of vanilla.

While the cream is cooling down, we will look for a mould to assemble our homemade coffee and biscuit cake. We recommend that you cover the mould with baking paper or plastic film so that it is easier to remove it from the mould later.

To start the assembly, first prepare the mixture where we will dip our biscuits. To do this, it is necessary to mix the coffee with the sugar in a container.

With this mixture, we will start to slightly wet the biscuits with the coffee, placing the first layer of biscuits, then we cover with a layer of coffee cream. And so we add a layer of biscuit and coffee cream until we have about 5 layers of cream and about 6 layers of biscuits.

(Note: Always, the last layer should be of biscuits so that the result is consistent).

As you can see, this last part of the assembly is similar to that of the tiramisu in layers.

Finally, we cover it with plastic film and let it rest in the fridge for about 4 hours or so. The longer we let it cool, the more homogeneous the result will be.

A photographic decoration for our coffee and biscuit cake

To cover the top of our cake, we first prepare the meringue. To do this, we will make a syrup with 100 gr of sugar with 2 spoonfuls of water and boil it for about two minutes until it starts to boil.

Now, in a bowl, we are going to beat the egg whites, adding our syrup in the form of a thread while it is still hot, without stopping beating. To make it easier, we can put the meringue into a piping bag or, failing that, into a bag with the tip cut off.

Now we will prepare the chocolate ganache. To do this, heat the cream in a pot over medium heat. When it is hot, please remove it from the heat and add the chocolate. Stir constantly until the chocolate is well incorporated with the cream. Let it rest for a few minutes.

To finish and to be able to enjoy this delicious recipe of biscuit and coffee cake, we only have to find and take our biscuit and coffee cake out of the fridge. We remove the plastic wrap and start decorating with the meringue on the surface.

The decoration can be as you like, but you can make little piles all over the edge of the biscuit and coffee cake, for example. When you are done with the meringue, pour the chocolate carefully over the cake and let it drain.

A 10 point decoration and the ideal one for that Instagram photo. And about the taste, what are we going to say? A real explosion of flavours and textures.