Affogato Coffee

Mamma mia! These will be your words when you try the next affogato coffee recipe—a delicious drink with a unique taste and unparalleled freshness. Affogato coffee is an Italian dessert that combines two historical elements of Italian culture: espresso coffee and ice cream. Yes, ice cream. A very easy recipe to prepare as you will only need three ingredients.

As its name indicates, Affogato coffee is a type of coffee originating from Milan, Italy; it is prepared by melting an ice cream ball with hot espresso coffee.

Ice cream and coffee should always be part of an Affogato coffee, but you can add a splash of your favourite liqueur to make it more bitter and powerful.

And today, in the coffee recipe section, we bring you the step-by-step preparation of Affogato coffee so that, at that Friday meeting of friends, you can surprise them by making this easy affogato coffee recipe.

Ingredients of affogato coffee: Traditional recipe

(Amounts for one person, and 5 minutes of preparation)

  • 1 scoop of ice cream to taste. Although, the traditional flavour to prepare Affogato coffee is with vanilla ice cream, as it is not such a strong flavour it leaves the protagonism to the coffee; but you can try with other variations of flavours such as rum with sultanas, dark chocolate, white chocolate (a perfect option for the most sweet-toothed of the house), among others, that combine with the bitter and aromatic taste of the coffee. Just keep in mind that very acidic fruit flavours and sorbet-style ice cream do not fall into the Affogato coffee equation.
  • (1) A double espresso cup.
  • A splash of liqueur to taste, preferably Amaretto, Baileys or any other creamy fruit or nut liqueur such as hazelnut or almond liqueur. You can also include other varieties of alcoholic drinks, such as eau-de-vie.
  • An ice cream glass or cup with a capacity of about 300 ml previously cooled in the freezer.

How to make affogato coffee (step by step recipe)

First, you must make a good double espresso. Use the tool, coffee machine that you like best and with the coffee of your preference. Once it is ready, let it rest while you prepare the cup or glass of ice cream to be used.

Choose the ice cream of your choice. As we mentioned before, you can try different flavours that combine with our main character, espresso coffee.

With our selected ice cream, we take a portion of ice cream and place it in our glass previously removed from the refrigerator.

We cover it immediately with the hot coffee. The quantity of this one goes to the taste. Finally, we add a dash of liquor, for example, with a little Baileys to taste. This liqueur is excellent with affogato coffee.

Serve immediately, stirring the vanilla ice cream into the hot coffee so that it melts a little.

Here is a recipe similar to ours.

Affogato coffee with cream

This second option for preparing Affogato coffee has the same main ingredients: espresso and vanilla ice cream or another of your preference, but now we will add whipped cream and chocolate shavings to the list of ingredients.

Ingredients of Affogato coffee with cream

  • 1 scoop of ice cream to taste.
  • (1) One double espresso cup.
  • An ice cream cup or mug with a capacity of about 300 ml previously cooled in the freezer.
  • Whipped cream, to taste.
  • Chocolate shavings (optional).

How to make affogato coffee with cream


In the previously refrigerated ice cream glass, we will add chocolate shavings to the bottom.

Now, choose the ice cream of your choice. Take a generous portion of ice cream and serve it on top of the chocolate shavings in the ice cream glass.

Add to the glass the double espresso to your liking and to finish off this dessert, add the whipped cream over the coffee. The order in the recipe of the affogato coffee is important: it is not about making a normal coffee and suddenly “pouring” a ball of ice cream over it. No. Put the ice cream into the cup or glass, and then slowly and carefully pour the not too hot coffee into the ball.

Finally, decorate with cocoa powder, chocolate syrup or cinnamon powder. Whatever you like.

Very important! The classic affogato coffee does not contain sugar because it is supposed – this is also about taste, everything has to be said – that it is already sweetened with the same sugar that is in the ice cream.

Coffee and ice cream are the basic ingredients. Still, you can innovate your Affogato coffee recipe with more options or decorations that will provide an explosion of flavours to your taste buds as well as your eyes.  You can add, for example, chocolate shavings, cream, liquor, cocoa powder, ground cinnamon or ground vanilla.

Note: As a variant of the affogato, you can substitute coffee for some variety of aromatic tea or for a hot chocolate. This is an excellent option for the children of the house or for people who cannot consume caffeine.

The preparation of affogato coffee is simple and, at the same time, delicious. The result of either recipe, traditional affogato coffee or affogato coffee with cream, is the perfect example of a creamy drink with the cold/hot contrast that, in combination with the sweet taste of ice cream and the bitterness of coffee, offers us a surprising dessert.

Traditional affogato coffee is ideal for the summer, where the high temperatures and constant heat encourage you to have an ice cream glass nearby, but without losing that taste and aroma that freshly brewed coffee offers. However, this combination of affogato coffee and cream goes beyond the hot days, as this dessert is an option within the range of sweets at any time of the year and at any time of the day.

An easy, simple and perfect affogato coffee recipe to end a delicious meal; imagine coffee and dessert in one dish.