Coffee recipes

Everyone knows coffee and its main beverage preparations, such as latte, cappuccino or flat white. However, the recipes of coffee drinks are endless and are not only limited to the well-known classic coffee drinks. On this page, we have collected lesser-known coffee drinks such as Lebanese coffee or the Affogato, but you will also find other recipes that use coffee as an ingredient.

If you read on, you will find delicious desserts with coffee as the main ingredient, used in traditional desserts such as mousse, ice cream or sponge cake. These desserts will not only appeal to coffee lovers, but thanks to the subtlety of this ingredient, they will surprise the whole family.

But as if it wasn’t enough to have made different drinks and desserts with coffee, we have dared to prepare meat dishes with coffee that you never thought could be so good. Don’t miss all these great coffee recipes:

Coffee-based desserts

A classic of coffee recipes are those used in desserts, as they are loved by everyone, regardless of whether you like coffee. The combination of sugar and coffee never fails, and we have prepared a good handful of recipes to delight your palate and your whole family.

In the recipes below, we have used coffee in different ways to create drinkable desserts, soak sponge cakes, powder form (as if it were cocoa), etc. Here, you will find cakes, flans, ice creams, sponge cakes, etc. We hope you enjoy reading these recipes as much as we have enjoyed writing them.

Recipes for different types of coffee drinks

Coffee as a beverage is known worldwide, but so successful are the classic coffee preparations that they overshadow all other recipes. We are talking about coffee drinks that do not only contain coffee and milk; we refer to those that incorporate liqueurs, creams, ice creams, etc. These are recipes that, without being desserts, have such intense and good flavours that they could be confused with them.

Coffee as an ingredient in the kitchen

If you have reached this point, it is because you are at a higher level of culinary intention. Coffee is a great unknown in gastronomy, but it is a great ingredient in many preparations, especially when preparing meat recipes. For example, coffee is a great ally when making sauces and combinations with salty dishes. When infused with other liquids, it adds a coffee aroma to any dish or broth.

It can also be used as a substitute for chocolate in classic stews; the possibilities are endless! We invite you to see the recipes below with some of the tastiest and most original coffee recipes:

Tea recipes

Although all the coffee recipes we’ve featured are simply delicious, there is always someone who can’t tolerate coffee or caffeine. We already know that tea is a great alternative to coffee, which also has other health benefits, so we have prepared this small section with unique tea brews so that everyone can enjoy them equally, even if you don’t like coffee.