Coffee Recipes

All the readers of our site are hardcore coffee drinkers. And most of us like to drink coffee and taste new specialities, but many are also lovers of using coffee in the kitchen. So it was only a matter of time before we opened a coffee recipe section on our website.


The preparations presented on this page are not only recipes for speciality coffees, nor recipes for making coffee alone, but also recipes that include coffee among their main ingredients. Did you know that coffee is an excellent pairing for certain meats? Well, here you will find several examples.

Coffee-based desserts

Dessert recipes with coffee deserve a separate chapter in our section on recipes made with coffee because this ingredient undoubtedly plays the greatest role in confectionery.

The reason for its popularity and for the fact that there are so many desserts with coffee is undoubtedly its versatility. It can be used as an infusion drink (to get drunk or soak masses), as a decoration powder (similar to cocoa powder, but with other nuances) or as the main ingredient of the classic cold desserts with coffee: the cake, the flan, the ice cream, you can see many of them on this same page.

The recipes with coffee liqueur

There is another ingredient that is widely used in this area, although it is not strictly coffee: liquor. In this way, we can make many desserts with coffee liqueur that will always have that special touch (not suitable for all) of the liqueur.

Some examples of recipes with coffee liqueur are the coffee liqueur with chocolate or the tiramisu (which can be made with coffee or with liqueur, we already know that this dessert has a thousand variations). And of course, there are the drunken cakes and other juicy bakery products, but there are also recipes for desserts with coffee, in the form of cream, mousse or mixed with chocolate (an explosive duo!).

Recipes for different types of coffee

Some of the best coffee recipes, and many of the most popular ones, are not actually cooking recipes but simply complex preparations of traditional coffee. They are usually achieved by adding some additional ingredient or cream to the regular coffee (the beverage). In other words, it complements the coffee we drink every day instead of using coffee as an ingredient. Here are some examples:

Tea recipes

Tea is the quintessential alternative to coffee, and we know that many coffee readers also appreciate the excellence of well-made tea – here are the best tea recipes for everyone!

Coffee as an ingredient in the kitchen

Coffee in gastronomy admits many more preparations than we first imagine. Yes, we all think of coffee custard or the classic traditional tiramisu, but the truth is that this ingredient is more versatile than we imagine.

For example, coffee is a great ally when making sauces and combinations with salty dishes. Do you know how? By infusing it in other liquids and adding a coffee aroma to any dish or broth. It can also be used as a substitute for chocolate in classic stews or dishes at home; the possibilities are endless! We invite you to see the gallery above with some of the tastiest and most original coffee recipes. Of course, there is also room for other preparations from tea recipes, such as kombucha.