WMF Barista

Name: Barista
Brand: WMF
Type: Moka Pot
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 6 cups

WMF Barista 0630006040 Espresso Machine
  • Modern espresso machine
  • Material: Cromargan, high-quality plastic
  • TransTherm universal base, suitable for all hob types
  • Easy to clean as it splits into individual parts, does not affect the taste of the espresso, fitted with a safety valve
  • The WMF Barista series provides everything you need to enjoy your coffee - espresso cups, coffee mugs, latte glasses and much more besides

When we analyse models like this WMF Barista, it becomes clear that not all Italian coffee machines comply with the typical low-cost product, with basic features and no taste for details. This WMF Barista, together with the prestigious Alessi 9090, constitutes in its own right what we could call the premium range of moka or Italian home coffee machines.

The motifs are obvious: the design of the WMF Barista coffee machine – the work of German designer Katja Falkenburger – is truly impressive. Although its lines are vaguely reminiscent of traditional moka coffee machines, the absence of edges and the clean, polished, almost futuristic look of its housing make it clear that this is an unusual coffee machine.

The first thing we must clarify when we talk about this WMF Barista, or more precisely about the WMF 0630006040 Barista model (throughout this analysis we have omitted the numbering, for short) is that “barista” is a generic line of small household appliances within the WMF brand.

Obviously we are going to refer to the Italian coffee machine, but we warn you because it should not surprise anyone to enter the term “WMF barista” into Google and get reviews of pans, coffee cups or other types of instruments  

Entering into matter, the WMF Barista is an Italian coffee machine built in 18/10 Cromargan stainless steel, therefore suitable for induction cooking, and with a polished and shiny surface. It has a capacity for approximately 6 cups of espresso (if we take the somewhat long coffee sizes… it will probably give us for some cup less).

Cromargan stainless steel – which you have probably never heard of until now – is an exclusive trademark of WMF. It is a special alloy that confers to the conventional stainless steel special properties of use and duration.

Cromargan 18/10 steel is completely non-deformable, much more durable and also perfectly resistant to the effect of acids present in food. The WMF Barista is therefore perfect for use in the everyday life of a home kitchen, where dirt and food residues are inevitable and end up splashing all objects.

In addition, the Cromargan steel does not alter the taste of the coffee at all and is dishwasher safe. Not for nothing does WMF use it not only in its coffee machines, but also in other kitchen products such as woks, pans and household items.

The black finishings you see in the photograph above are made of a conventional ABS plastic material. Finally, it should be mentioned that the base of the coffee machine has a TransTherm diffuser bottom. As we have said, the TransTherm base is valid for any type of kitchen, including induction kitchens, and ensures uniform heat diffusion.

One last detail to consider if you are buying the WMF Barista coffee machine: the top cover – also metallic – can become loose with use. This does not affect the normal operation of the coffee machine, simply that the lid would be a little loose instead of fitting tightly.

If you prefer this lid to remain fixed, you can always tighten it from time to time, or take care not to force the handle excessively when you take it to serve the coffee. In the last picture of this analysis you can see in more detail the piece that joins the handle to the top lid.

WMF Barista: main features

  • Built with 18/10 Cromargan stainless steel, much more durable, clean and resistant than the conventional one.
  • Polished and shiny exterior.
  • The coffee maker is divided into several components that can be easily cleaned separately.
  • It can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • Suitable for glass-ceramic cookers, gas cookers and induction cookers.
  • It has a capacity of approximately 6 cups of espresso.
  • The base has a diameter of 11.5 centimeters.
  • TransTherm universal diffuser base.
  • It includes a safety valve to avoid the risk of overpressure.
  • Metal top cover, to keep the temperature of the coffee intact.

Advantages of WMF Barista

  • The exterior appearance is impeccable: the whole piece is made of stainless steel, the design lines are super clean, the surface is perfectly polished, durability…
  • The spout through which the coffee is served is larger and more comfortable than what we are used to seeing in other coffee machines. A real antidote to the annoying spills and leaks of coffee when serving.
  • The use of Cromargan stainless steel makes the WMF Barista the most practical and durable Italian coffee maker to withstand the daily hustle and bustle of a kitchen.

Disadvantages of the WMF Barista

  • The WMF Barista is only available in the 6-cup size, which usually corresponds to the medium size in other coffee machines. We miss a version with a capacity close to or above the litre, in order to be able to prepare large quantities of coffee.
  • Its price is very high. It is obviously worth the price, but we understand that not all users are willing to pay this amount and settle for a lower-ranking Italian coffee maker.

Why buy a WMF Barista?

It is clear that the 6-cup WMF Barista is an Italian coffee machine that is out of the ordinary. If you’re just looking for a moka machine to get you through your housework, this is not the product you’re looking for.

If you are a true lover of this system of coffee preparation and are willing to pay what this model costs, then you are in luck: the WMF Barista will meet all your expectations to the full.

The only comparable alternative on the market at the moment is the Alessi 9090, another Italian coffee machine – not electric – made of stainless steel and with a signature design. Either option is unbeatable in this segment of coffee makers.

If you want to go down a step and ease your budget, you can look at other options such as the Cloer 5928 or the Graef EM 80. These are also top-of-the-range Italian coffee makers, but they do not have the exclusive design of an artist behind them, and their price is therefore somewhat more affordable than this WMF Barista.

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