Ufesa Drip Coffee Machines

Name: CG Series
Brand: Ufesa
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1 litre

Ufesa drip coffee machines are the most popular thanks mainly to their home user orientation and their affordable price, which is normally around £20-40. However, it is not just one Ufesa model that stands out on the sales lists, but many that continually appear at the top.

As there are so many of them and the differences between them are sometimes minimal, we have decided to compile them all into one article and thus help you to get to know the Ufesa range of drip coffee machines better. Some are part of the Ufesa Allegro range, and others are part of the Ufesa Avantis range.

Most of them have glass jugs with the Aroma Plus system (which helps to better preserve the nuances and aromas of the coffee once it has been prepared). Among the different models, you will find specific differences such as the inclusion of certain elements: steamer, stainless steel front, thermal jug… which logically also make the final price more expensive.

Your final decision will depend on what your needs are and how much money you are willing to invest in your drip coffee maker.

Ufesa CG7212

Ufesa CG7212, also known as Ufesa Allegro 20, is a coffee machine with a capacity of one litre (about 6-8 cups), 600 watts of power and a heating plate. The tank is removable and has a transparent display, thanks to which we can see how much water is left (the glass carafe also has a similar indicator). It is the most economical of all the Ufesa coffee machines we are going to see in this article.

Ufesa CG7226

The Ufesa CG7226 is a coffee maker with a larger capacity than the previous one: 1.25 litres (it gives us to prepare a couple more cups) and also more power: 1000 watts. It comes with an Aroma Plus glass decanter, a pivoting filter holder that can be removed, a heating plate and a transparent indicator of the level of water left in the tank.

It works with 1×4 paper filters, like the rest. The CG7226 is a good option if you are not satisfied with the most basic coffee machine and are looking for something similar but with greater capacities.

Ufesa CG7230

From the CG7226, we jump to the Ufesa CG7230, or Avantis 50. We have already moved on to the Avantis line, and it has the following main features: 800 watts of power, 1-litre tank (more or less for 10 normal-sized coffee cups), anti-drip valve, automatic switch-off function, permanent filter, heating plate and transparent indicator of the level of water left in the tank.

It is white, although we can also find the Avantis 50 in black as shown below:

Ufesa CG7230 Filterkaffeemaschine
Ufesa CG7230 Filterkaffeemaschine
Water Tank; Water level indicator; Antitropfsystem

Ufesa CG7231

Ufesa CG7231 is in the Avantis line, specifically the Avantis 50 in black. The previous one, Ufesa CG7230, is the same model as Ufesa Avantis 50, but in white. Therefore, its characteristics are identical and its market price as well. We advise you to take a look at the Amazon purchase link to see which one has a better offer at this moment.

Filter Coffee Cups ufesa CG7231 10-15
Filter Coffee Cups ufesa CG7231 10-15
Colour : black; Warranty : 2 years; Power: 800 watts; Water tank capacity: 1L; Maximum pressure: 15 bar

Ufesa CG7232

The Ufesa CG7232 is already a superior model to the previous ones. This is the Ufesa Avantis 70 with a permanent anti-drip filter and non-stick heating plate. As you can see, the front is made of stainless steel, not plastic like the previous ones, and the price difference is not excessive. For this reason, this Ufesa CG7232 is usually one of the best selling Ufesa coffee machines in all years.

It has a maximum capacity of 10 cups of coffee and a power of 800 watts (better than the 600 watts of the previous models).

Ufesa CG7236

The main difference between the Ufesa CG7236 (Avantis 90) and previous models is its thermal carafe. While the others are made of glass, the carafe of the Ufesa CG7236 is made of stainless steel and keeps the temperature much better than the previous ones. Moreover, the capacity of this Ufesa coffee maker is also 8 large cups (1 litre of water), and its power is 800 watts.

It includes an anti-drip function, automatic switch-off to save energy when the coffee machine is not in use, and a ladle to dose the ground coffee.

Ufesa CG7236 – Máquina De Café Avantis 90 Termo 800 W – Color Negro Y Gris
Ufesa CG7236 – Máquina De Café Avantis 90 Termo 800 W – Color Negro Y Gris
Automatic shutdown; Water level indicator, on/off switch; Power: 800 watts; 1 litre capacity

Ufesa CE7125

The Ufesa CE7125 belongs to a different line from the previous ones, but it is also one of Ufesa’s best-selling drip coffee machines. It has 750 watts of power, and a smaller capacity than the rest, just 2-4 cups of coffee (0.4 litres of water).

So, where does its appeal lie? Well, nothing less than the steamer tube, which allows us to prepare a delicious instant milk foam to top off our preparations.

Why should I buy a Ufesa drip coffee machine?

Ufesa drip coffee machines are the greatest exponent of the home-coffee machine. With the different nuances of each model, all Ufesa drip coffee machines are economical, practical, with sufficient capacity to meet the needs of a family, easy to handle and without noise.

This is the secret of their success. Those who are looking for a drip coffee maker for their home will always have the Ufesa brand as their first choice.

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