Ufesa CK7355

Name: CK7355
Brand: Ufesa
Type: Combi
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.25 litres

The Ufesa CK7355 or Ufesa Duo Supreme has probably been the most popular combi for many years. Not surprisingly, it is a model that has already undergone several redesigns throughout its history. The one we are currently presenting is called the CK7355 and is marketed in bright orange colour.

This is a two-services combi coffee machine: we can make filter coffee or espresso with it.

In the drip service, we find a standard drip or filter coffee maker with a capacity of 1.25 litres of water (more or less for 10 cups of coffee), a permanent filter and a glass carafe. The drip service carafe has the number of cups marked on its wall (up to a maximum of 10) so that we know at all times how many coffees we will be able to serve.

The espresso service is actually a hydro-pressure coffee machine (i.e. more basic and with less pressure than a normal manual espresso machine). It has a capacity of approximately 4 cups. The characteristics and performance of each of the two parts will be explained in more detail later on.

Ufesa CK7355: Espresso and drip in the same machine

The design of this Ufesa Duo Supreme CK7355 places the espresso machine on the left and the drip machine on the right. Both include a glass decanter of proportional size to their capacity (10 cups for the drip coffee, 4 cups for the hydro pressure). Almost all the controls and operating controls are located, not on the front of the coffee maker at the top of it.

The roof of our Ufesa CK7355 is divided into two parts. The one on the right corresponds to the drip coffee machine and has a lid that lifts completely to allow access to both the water tank and the filter holder.

Neither of these two elements can be removed from the interior – a disadvantage of such a compact combi – but there is not much problem in refilling them either. A little more difficult will be to clean them without removing them from the inside…

Here we see where it is and how the water tank in the filter/drip part is filled:

ufesa ck7355 1

And in this other photo of the Ufesa CK7355, we see, just to the left of the previous one, the water tank of the espresso machine. As you can see, it has only one opening, and you have to hit the water jet over the hole. We found it particularly uncomfortable, to be honest, as if you were in a hurry on a Monday morning!

ufesa ck7355 2

Also, on the left side, corresponding to the espresso service, we find the intensity selector control for espresso coffee (aroma selector, which is said in the slang). You can see it in the photo above, just below the water hole.

This knob rotates in three positions: soft espresso, strong espresso or steam (the latter only works if the steamer lever is open, of course).

On the side of the left-hand side of the coffee machine is the steamer tube, which allows you to froth milk to make mixed drinks such as cappuccino or lattes. No doubt, a good detail is because this is a function more appropriate to espresso machines than to hydro-pressure machines.

The nozzle of the steamer is made of black rubber and can be removed for washing and rinsing each time it is used – if you are experienced in foaming milk, you will know that the maintenance and cleaning of the steamer must be thorough.

The espresso machine’s ladle or filter is of acceptable quality. It is sturdy, fits well with the filter holder, and does not give rise to any leaks or doubts about extracting the coffee.

On the other hand, in the lower area of our Ufesa CK7355 Duo Supreme, we find the platform that serves as a base for both services, and the switch with pilot light serves to turn the coffee maker od off, located on the left side.

The Ufesa CK7355 also features an anti-drip tray (in the espresso area) to collect coffee grounds and splashes and the always welcome heating plate for the drip tray. Thanks to the latter, we can keep the coffee hot for longer once it has been brewed.

An interesting detail of this Ufesa CK7355 is that both the espresso and drip sides have a blocking or safety system, which prevents or stops the extraction of coffee if the elements are not in place (useful above all to avoid spills).  For example, the drip coffee service will stop working if the glass carafe underneath is removed in the middle of the process.

Check all Ufesa coffee machines user manuals.

Ufesa CK7355: Main characteristics

  • On/off switch with status light.
  • Includes two services on the same machine: a hydropressure espresso machine and a drip coffee machine.
  • The drip coffee maker has a 1.25 litre water tank.
  • The hydro-pressure machine has a capacity of 4 cups of coffee.
  • It includes two glass jars, one for each service.
  • It has an integrated steamer to produce milk foam on the spot.
  • We can regulate the aroma (intensity) of our espresso at two levels: mild or intense.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Heating plate for the drip coffee machine.
  • The drip coffee maker uses a permanent filter.
  • Anti-drip system to stop the filter coffee machine from working if the decanter is removed from underneath.
  • Steel filter for dosing the espresso coffee.
  • Includes several non-slip pins on the base.
  • Includes 1 year warranty, courtesy of the manufacturer.
  • Power: 1800 watts.
  • Weight: 3.5 kg.
  • Dimensions: 24 x 24 x 35 cms.

Advantages of the Ufesa CK7355

  • Very good value for money. A good combi coffee maker at a very economical price for this sector.
  • The inclusion of the steamer in the espresso service.
  • To be able to enjoy two methods of making coffee – espresso and drip – in the same maker .
  • The design is quite compact, and the dimensions acceptably small considering the type of coffee maker we are dealing with.

Disadvantages of the Ufesa CK7355

  • The water tanks cannot be removed, so you have to fill them from the same coffee machine, from the top of the machine. This can force you to move the coffee machine if you don’t have enough space at the top or if you have it wedged in a hole.
  • The massive use of plastic in its construction, both in the external housing and in various components. We already know that Ufesa’s tendency is to offer good quality at a very competitive price… and somewhere you have to save costs.
  • The use of permanent filters has its pros and cons. It is clear that they are more comfortable and allow you to save, because you don’t have to be replacing the paper filter every time you use the coffee machine. However, in case of damage or breakage (come on… when you need a new one, for whatever reason) you will have no choice but to go to the spare parts shop and buy it there. You cannot use standard filters.
  • There is no option to buy a thermal carafe for your drip coffee machine.

Why buy an Ufesa CK7355?

Apart from the obvious motivation of having two methods of coffee preparation in one coffee maker, we must ask ourselves why we should choose this Ufesa Duo Supreme and not a similar combi.

The main advantage that this Ufesa combi has over its competitors is undoubtedly its value for money. Thanks to Ufesa’s traditional commitment to simple, functional and low-cost products, it is a much cheaper coffee maker than other similar combis.

Without a doubt, the Ufesa CK7355 is a great solution for many users, especially couples or families who have several coffee consumers at home with different tastes and needs.

In the chapter on alternatives and recommendations, you can look at the sensational Rommelsbacher EKS3000, a very high-end combi with espresso and drip service. You can compare the differences in quality between the two options and decide whether they make up for the noticeable – and logical – price difference.

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