Ufesa CG7232

Name: CG7232
Brand: Ufesa
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1 litre

Of all the drip coffee machines on the market, the Ufesa CG7232 has been at the top of the sales lists for many years. This is not by chance. This is a faithful exponent of the basic range of home coffee machines, with a very tight quality/price ratio and all the reliability of a well-known brand.

The simplicity also plays in its favour, as it is a coffee machine that is very easy to operate and that will give you hardly any technical problems.

The conventional user will not miss anything and will be able to prepare his coffee every day without complications. More or less what everyone is looking for, right? Therein lies much of the success of this Ufesa CG7232.

This Ufesa CG7232 or Ufesa Avantis 70 has a maximum capacity of 10 cups of coffee, includes a permanent filter, anti-blocking safety system and a heating plate that maintains the temperature of the freshly brewed coffee.

The permanent filter is removable, so it does not exclude the possibility of using traditional single-use paper filters. The filter holder is pivotable, a detail that helps to operate with it (e.g. for pouring ground coffee).

The water tank of the Ufesa CG7232 has a capacity of 1 litre and a practical transparent level indicator so that we can check from the outside how much water is left. It is located to the left of the front panel of the coffee machine.

The scale, as is usual with this type of coffee maker, is represented in a number of cups (from 4 to 10) and not in millilitres. Unfortunately, this tank is integrated inside the coffee maker and cannot be removed for cleaning or refilling.

As we can see, this Ufesa CG7232 has many details that distinguish it from the most basic drip coffee machines.

Some of those that have been overlooked are, for example, the carafe specially designed to preserve the aroma of the coffee (Aroma Plus function), the automatic switch-off function, or the anti-drip safety system that serves to stop the dripping if we remove the glass carafe before the extraction is complete.

Ufesa CG7232: The Ufesa Avantis series

As we have already said, this CG7232 model belongs to the Avantis series of Ufesa, a line of drip coffee machines with many models on the market and which we are going to detail below so that you can distinguish them all, and also so that you do not confuse it with another series of Ufesa: the Allegro coffee machines.

The most basic coffee machine is the Avantis 50, which corresponds to the Ufesa CG7230 (black) and the Ufesa CG7231 (white).

The protagonist of our analysis, Ufesa CG7232, is called Avantis 70. It includes numerous improvements over the previous model, which we have already outlined in this analysis.

And finally comes the Ufesa CG7236, or Avantis 90 Termo, the most advanced model in the series, which differs from the others in that it includes a thermal jug instead of the traditional glass jug.

You can learn more about these and other Ufesa coffee machines in the article Ufesa drip coffee machines.

Ufesa CG7232: Main characteristics

  • Water tank with 1 litre capacity, with transparent viewfinder.
  • The maximum capacity is 10 normal-sized coffee cups.
  • Includes glass carafe, specially designed to preserve the aroma of the coffee (Aroma Plus function).
  • The base where the decanter is placed is actually a heating plate – non-stick, for more details – which serves to preserve the temperature of the coffee once it has been extracted.
  • Pivoting filter holder.
  • Includes permanent and removable filter. Single-use paper filters can be used without problem.
  • Anti-drip safety system. Dripping stops if the carafe is removed from its original position.
  • Automatic switch-off function if the coffee maker is inactive.
  • Luminous On/Off switch.
  • Operating power: 800 watts.
  • Dimensions: 30 x 21 x 21 cms.
  • Weight of the coffee machine: 1.5 kg.
  • Cable length: 90 cms.

Advantages of the Ufesa CG7232

  • It allows us to use both the permanent filter that comes with the coffee machine and the old paper filters.
  • The main accessories and removable elements of the coffee machine can be put in the dishwasher.
  • Very advantageous quality/price ratio.
  • The carafe with optimised Aroma Plus design.

Disadvantages of the Ufesa CG7232

  • It does not tell us in any way when the coffee is ready.
  • The water tank cannot be removed, and the opening for refilling it is a bit narrow.
  • It depends on the taste of each one, but following the exact proportions the coffees can come out maybe too light or watery. A good solution, if this happens to you, is to fill the water tank only up to 9 (not 10) and pour the maximum amount of ground coffee.

Why buy an Ufesa CG7232?

This Ufesa CG7232, like the rest of the Avantis series of coffee machines, is an economic drip coffee machine whose greatest virtue is to provide all the basic functions that users need for their daily lives, not one more or one less, at a fairly affordable cost. In this case, you can find almost any model for 25-30 £.

We recommend it if you need an uncomplicated drip coffee maker and don’t want to spend more money than you have to. In this scenario, the Ufesa CG7232 is a safe and reliable bet. If you need some extra features, you won’t find them here, and you’ll have to scratch your pocket looking at a higher step: the mid-range drip coffee machines.

There are also other similar quality and price options on the market, such as the Taurus Verona, the Solac CF4021 or the Moulinex Subito.

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