Ufesa CG7212

Name: CG7212
Brand: Ufesa
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 0.65 litres

Today we are going to talk about the Ufesa CG7212 Selecta coffee machine, a faithful partner of the Ufesa CG7232, which together constitute a worthy representation of Ufesa within the segment of economic drip coffee machines. This Ufesa CG7212 Selecta is also known as the Ufesa Allegro 20 model, and has a number of very common features in this type of coffee machine.

In essence, the Ufesa CG7212 (Allegro) is an earlier model and is smaller than the Ufesa CG7232 and the rest of the Avantis series of coffee machines. It has a two-thirds litre capacity tank, which provides more or less for six cups of coffee (the Ufesa Avantis coffee makers are between 1 litre and 1.25 litres) and logically has a lower consumption power (600 watts in operation).

The design of the Ufesa CG7212 conforms to the classic standards of drip coffee machines: black plastic housing, a glass jug with scale drawn in a number of cups, and a folding top lid that lifts up to access the tank filler and filter holder.

This last element, by the way, is pivotable (it turns to be able to separate it from the body of the coffee machine and pour the ground coffee more easily). The filter is permanent, although you can remove it and use the classic disposable paper filters instead (small size, however, not the standard 1×4).

We cannot emphasize the quality of the materials or the manufacture of this model since its virtues are different. It is clear that Ufesa seeks with this model to reduce costs as much as possible and to offer its consumers a very functional drip coffee machine at a very affordable price. It is aimed at the general public and at consumers who buy in large shops (not so much in specialised shops).

Ufesa Cg7212: Model Ufesa Allegro 20

We have already said that this Ufesa CG7212 belongs to the Allegro series (Allegro 20, in particular), a previous Ufesa line of coffee machines and is slightly cheaper than the Avantis line.

As we can see from the logo engraved on its front panel, the coffee maker incorporates a permanent filter, a heating plate on the base to maintain the temperature of the coffee in the decanter, and “Aroma Plus” technology which is nothing more than a glass decanter specifically designed to enhance and extract all the intensity and aroma of the coffee by dripping.

The carafe handle is made of plastic, also in black, and has a coating that insulates it from temperature.

Another interesting feature of this Ufesa CG7212 is the automatic switch-off when the coffee machine is no longer in use. There is also no lack of common features in this coffee machine sector, such as the anti-drip safety lock: dripping stops immediately if the glass decanter is removed from its original position under the spout.

This serves to prepare a smaller quantity of coffee than initially poured into the water tank.

Let’s take a look at their list of features and technical specifications:

Ufesa CG7212: Main features

  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 0.65 litres Provides 6 cups if filled to capacity.
  • Transparent water viewer.
  • Aroma Plus carafe that preserves and enhances the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • Pivoting filter holder.
  • Includes permanent but removable filter. We can use paper filters instead if we wish.
  • In the base there is a heating plate with non-stick properties that serves to maintain the temperature of the jug.
  • Anti-drip safety valve: the drip system is blocked if the jug is removed from the base.
  • Automatic switch-off function to save energy.
  • Power: 600 watts.
  • Approximate dimensions: 26 x 21 x 16 cms.
  • Net weight of the coffee machine: 1.3 kilos.
  • Cable length: 90 cms.

Advantages of the Ufesa CG7212 Selecta

  • The water tank is removable, so it can be filled very comfortably.
  • Very attractive quality/price ratio for the user. It can be found for less than 20 euros easily.
  • The glass carafe is designed to preserve the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.
  • It has a size suitable for small corners or kitchens with little space.

Disadvantages of the Ufesa CG7212 Selecta

  • It does not have a thermal carafe, although there is a heating zone at the base that helps the freshly brewed coffee not to lose temperature quickly. It is obviously not the same.
  • It is not a large capacity coffee machine, so if you need to prepare or consume more than 0.65 litres of coffee per day this coffee maker will not be practical for you.
  • If you don’t like the result of the permanent filter, you can use disposable paper filters but they are not standard size but small (because the coffee machine is small).
  • Be careful when operating with a full jug of coffee: it is easy to spill the first few drops if you handle it roughly.

Why buy an Ufesa CG7212?

This Ufesa CG7212 is an ideal model for those looking for an economical and uncomplicated drip coffee machine. It is smaller in size and has a smaller capacity (in tank and jug) than the Avantis series (Ufesa CG7232).

It only gives to prepare 6 cups, so we do not recommend it for households with more than two consumers or with the need to prepare many coffees a day. If this size is sufficient for you, and you are not looking for excessive demands on your drip coffee maker, the Ufesa CG7212 or Ufesa Allegro 20 is a good option for you to consider.

In the chapter on alternatives, we must first go to the Ufesa CG7232, a larger model but with very similar characteristics to this one. You can also check the Ufesa CG7226, which would be the equivalent version to the main one in our analysis, but in a size of 12 cups. In this same range, we have the Taurus Verona or the Moulinex Subito. You can also take a look at our compilation article on cheap drip coffee machines.

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