Ufesa CE7150

Name: CE7150
Brand: Ufesa
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1 litre

Among the manufacturers, Ufesa undoubtedly holds a privileged position in terms of sales and popularity of coffee machines. Today we are going to analyse the Ufesa CE7150 model, a coffee machine that is part of Ufesa’s Duetto Creme line but which stands out from other models in the range, such as the Ufesa CE7141. It works, like almost all manual espressos, at 15 bars of pressure and has a capacity – not quite right, in our opinion – of 1 litre in the water tank.

As soon as we see it, we are struck by the design of this Ufesa CE7150. Attractive, with a modern dye, and above all very clean. It has a cylindrical plant, and all the finishes are made in chrome or stainless steel. This is, therefore, a coffee maker designed to endure and last for many years without the passage of time being noticed on the outside.

ufesa ce7150 1

As we can see in the image, the sober body of our Ufesa CE7150 is finished off with the logo of the brand and the Duetto Creme line, a feature common to all the coffee makers in this same range. This model, in particular, has it engraved on its base.

On the roof, there is a kind of tray where we can place the plates and cups before serving the coffee in them. This way, they will be already hot and will keep the temperature of the drink better. The Ufesa CE7150 also includes the essential spray tube to emulsify the milk and create a great foam instantly, so you can see that the Ufesa CE7150 lacks nothing!

Ufesa CE7150: Elegant and simple

When we put the coffee maker in operation, and we prepare to extract our first espresso, we realize that the Ufesa CE7150 is a very functional model. You won’t find many options in it, and you won’t have to read the instruction booklet three times to understand how everything works.

In fact, at first glance, we notice that there are hardly any buttons or switches anywhere.

The front of the coffee machine is presided over by three lights, arranged vertically. They indicate whether the coffee machine is switched on, whether it has reached its temperature and whether the steamer function is active. In this order, and going through them from top to bottom.

The filter holder is metal, but it has a black plastic handle that has not given us much security. Be careful when squeezing or levering it, just in case. In any case, one of the advantages of the Ufesa brand is having customer service, and most of these pieces can be bought separately if you need them.

But the strong point of the Ufesa CE7150 – if you have been awake, you will have seen it in the photos – is the compatibility that its filter offers with the famous ESE single-dose bags or pods.

The filter holder comes with two Bar Cream filters of different sizes. One can be used for two doses (preparation of long espressos or two espressos at the same time), and the other can be used individually to prepare a single espresso. The latter is also the one that allows you to use soft single servings, as mentioned above.

In this way, with your Ufesa CE7150, you can enjoy the advantages of each type of raw material – using ground coffee or single-dose coffee – without being tied to one in particular.

By the way, one aspect of this coffee machine that we are not used to seeing in other models is that you have to put a rubber band on the filter holder so that the espresso cup fits well. This is not a major inconvenience, but it is an extra step. In addition, the rubber must be placed in a certain position (the top is not the same as the bottom), and if you make a mistake, you risk the water spilling during extraction.

Ufesa CE7150: Main characteristics

  • Attractive design and finishes in stainless steel.
  • Pressure pump with 15 bar.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1 litre. It is removable.
  • Compatible with ESE single-dose.
  • Includes steamer tube, with adjustable steam flow.
  • Includes metal filter holder and two different size Bar Cream filters (for normal or double espresso).
  • Possibility of making one or two cups of coffee in each extraction.
  • There is a space on the top of the coffee maker to preheat the cups.
  • The drip tray, apart from being able to be removed, has a system that warns us when it is full, so that we can clean it in time.
  • Light indicators on the front panel of the coffee maker.
  • The power cable is retractable and is 90 cms long.
  • Power: 1080 watts.
  • Its dimensions are 35 x 24 x 24 centimetres (height, width, depth).
  • It weighs just over 3.5 kilos.

Advantages of the Ufesa CE7150

  • The compatibility with ESE single-dose bags is unquestionable.
  • A good detail: the drip tray warns us when it is about to be filled. Say goodbye to overflows!
  • We find the exterior finishes of the coffee machine and the design in general very attractive.
  • Its price has decreased a lot over the years, and at the moment it has a fairly decent cost-quality ratio.

Disadvantages of the Ufesa CE7150

  • The percolator has a fixed position, so under the filter holder we can only use small glasses or cups.
  • The materials of manufacture in the outer casing are acceptable, and the finishes interesting, but inside the quality is normal for a coffee machine of this price, clearly within the medium range of the hand espresso segment. No one should expect miracles or bargains.
  • The capacity of the water tank (1 litre) is lower than other espresso machines of similar cost.

Ufesa CE7150: Videos

This is an interesting commercial video in which Ufesa presents, jointly, the three espresso machines that give shape to its Duetto Creme line:

Why buy an Ufesa CE7150?

The Ufesa CE7150 has very similar features to the previous Ufesa CE7141, but with a much more commercial and striking design and also of higher quality. If it fits your eye, it isn’t easy to give it up.

However, if we stick to the rational and unemotional aspect of the purchase, we have to warn you that this Ufesa CE7150 model is still an economic and basic-medium range espresso. Its price is a great virtue, but the product’s features are in line with it. Don’t expect advanced functions or exclusive details because that’s not what this coffee machine is designed for.

If you want to evaluate alternatives, take a look at the Tristar KZ-2271, the Russell Hobbs Desire or the Clatronic ES 3584. All of them are under £100 and with similar qualities to the one in our review today.

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