Ufesa CE7141

Name: CE7141
Brand: Ufesa
Type: Espresso
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1.5 litres

Ufesa CE7141, 1050 W, Silver and Black
Ufesa CE7141, 1050 W, Silver and Black
Colour: black/silver.; Material: stainless steel; Warranty : 2 years; Power: 1050 watts; Types of drink: Cappucino

The Ufesa CE7141 is a very popular espresso machine, the best selling of this well-known brand and almost always one of the best selling in the Amazon sales rankings. It is a very practical and functional espresso machine, without any artifice and without noise. It is also known as the Ufesa Dueto Creme coffee maker.

The first thing that catches our attention about the coffee maker Ufesa Dueto Creme CE7141 is its very classic design, in grey colour and with a structure that perfectly reminds of the manual espresso machine standards sector.

The control panel is located on the front panel and consists of three buttons and two indicator lights. The control is located on the right-hand side, which is also very common for most espresso machines. The outer casing is made of stainless steel, a real plus in terms of quality and durability.

The upper part of the Ufesa CE7141 acts like a cup warmer and incorporates two ladles of different capacities. The larger one can be used to make two cups of coffee simultaneously, and the smaller one can be used for ESE single-dose tablets if you wish. There is also a milk vaporiser or the usual drip tray. Not bad for a low-end coffee maker (low price, of course).

So let’s take a closer look at the list of features of this Ufesa Dueto Creme coffee maker. Here are all Ufesa user manuals.

Ufesa CE7141: Main characteristics

The Ufesa CE7141 coffee machine has a fairly standard catalogue of features and functions within the basic line in which this coffee maker is included. We list them below.

  • The water tank is removable and has a capacity of 1.5 litres.
  • The pressure pump reaches up to 15 bar.
  • It has a built-in milk vaporiser.
  • Two metal ladles of different sizes, ready to offer a fantastic cream on top of your coffee. The larger one can be used for long coffees or to prepare two cups at the same time.
  • You can use the ladles for both ground coffee and ESE single-dose tablets.
  • Includes a steamer to make milk foam – ideal for making cappuccino!
  • The upper part of the Ufesa CE7141 works as a cup pre-warmer.
  • The drip tray can be easily removed and emptied or cleaned.
  • At its base there are four anti-slip rubber points.
  • The length of the coffee machine cable is 0.8 metres.
  • The coffee machine is lined with stainless steel to guarantee its durability.
  • Its approximate dimensions are as follows: 22 x 31 x 27 cms.
  • Its approximate weight is 3.7 Kg.

Advantages of the Ufesa CE7141

  • The quality/price ratio is very good, it is a coffee machine that offers the fair and necessary benefits for most users at a price well below the market average.
  • Stainless steel is a construction element that guarantees quality and durability in the Ufesa CE7141.
  • It is a very versatile espresso machine: it allows you to use ESE single-dose pods, prepare two cups at the same time, make cappuccino… the Ufesa CE7141 is much more than just a machine for making espressos.

Disadvantages of the Ufesa CE7141

  • The water tank is not transparent, so we have to remove it if we want to find out how much water is left.
  • The truth is that the design could have been something more cheerful or avant-garde… it is not the main thing in a coffee maker but the creators of the Ufesa CE7141 have not paid much attention to it either.

Why buy an Ufesa Dueto Creme coffee machine?

It is no coincidence that the Ufesa CE7141 is permanently at the top of the espresso machine sales lists.

This is one of the preferred options for those users who want to spend little money on an espresso machine but who do not want to give up any of the basic features such as being able to prepare milk foam, compatibility with ESE single-dose machines, or special filters for removing cream. The Ufesa CE7141 is quality at a good price.

Looking at other types of coffee machines, remember that Ufesa is one of the most popular brands in the filter or drip coffee machine segment. You can review all its models here: Ufesa drip coffee machines.

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