Ufesa CE7115

Name: CE7115
Brand: Ufesa
Type: Hydropressure
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 0.4 litres

The Ufesa CE7115 is a charismatic and almost mythical model within Ufesa’s range of espresso coffee machines. It is a faithful squire of the great Ufesa CE7141, and its main presentation card is its very small size.

The Ufesa CE7115, also called Ufesa Capricciosa, is a hydro pressure coffee machine designed for practically individual use. Its water tank does not reach half a litre capacity (it can prepare 2 or 3 cups of coffee at the most, with a full tank), and this makes the coffee maker really small as a piece.

But the most interesting thing of all is that, despite its ultra-compact design, the Ufesa CE7115 does not suffer from any important function within the world of espresso machines.

Do you like to prepare cappuccinos or lattes with freshly made milk foam? The Ufesa CE7115 allows you to do so. Do you consider it essential to have space to heat your cups before serving the coffee? You have it. Do you want to prepare two cups at once? No problem either.

Ufesa CE7115: Small size and low price

As you can see in the photographs, you cannot expect great luxuries in this Ufesa CE7115 because space limitations are evident. We can’t forget that the main basis of this coffee machine is to present a valid alternative for those who are looking for a small size machine.

Its design resorts to the black relief -typical of Ufesa, by the way- and bets on the curved lines. There are no buttons or control panel itself, just an on/off button.

The steamer tube is undoubtedly the most pleasant surprise of this coffee maker… we do not expect to find this kind of performance in such a small machine. It is located as usual on the right side of the body. It works quite acceptably, and at no time do we put any force or power into the steam output. The 750 watts that the Ufesa CE7115 distributes in operation are, in this case, well used.

In addition to the steamer, we have been struck by how the designs of this Ufesa CE7115 have managed to include a small platform on the roof of the coffee machine, which fulfils the purpose of a heater for our cups or saucers. Pro coffee makers know how important this detail is to prevent coffee from losing its optimum temperature when served in any container.

In the case of the Ufesa CE7115, this heating platform is not too big, but you don’t need it either as the coffee machine is not designed to brew more than 2 or 3 cups of coffee at once. In any case, hydro-pressure coffee machines usually do not have space for preheating the cups, so… point in favour of the Ufesa CE7115.

Another advantage of this Ufesa CE7115 coffee machine is that it comes with a small glass decanter, in the style of a drip coffee machine, which can be used to store already prepared coffee. It has more or less the same capacity as the water tank and has the reference level indicated on the walls. A quite useful detail… the accessories are always welcome.

Below we find the classic drip tray and a metal grid on which we place the cups to collect the coffee from the filter. Both elements can be removed and separated from the main piece, which is very convenient, especially when thinking about cleaning.

In the following photograph, you can see in more detail what they look like:

ufesa Ce7115 tray

Ufesa CE7115: General characteristics

  • Hydropressure coffee maker with black plastic body.
  • Capacity: 2 to 4 cups.
  • Water tank of 0.4 litres capacity, enough to prepare 2 to 4 cups of coffee (depending on how long you like it).
  • Boiler cap with safety valve included.
  • Coffee spout with one or two nozzles, which allows us to prepare two cups simultaneously if needed.
  • Specially designed heating space for pre-warming the cups and glasses before serving.
  • Removable drip tray.
  • Includes glass jug with lid and level markings.
  • It is possible to interrupt the steam or coffee output at any time by pressing a single button.
  • Removable metal grid to support the cups.
  • It has a steamer to make instant fresh milk foam.
  • Retractable cable, 150 cms. long, with built-in clamp.
  • Includes anti-slip pins in the base.
  • Power: 750 watts.
  • Dimensions: 29 x 24 x 17 centimetres.
  • Weight about 1.5 kilograms.

Advantages of the Ufesa CE7115

The advantages of this Ufesa CE7115, in our opinion, are very clear:

  • Firstly, its size and dimensions. Very low and only 17 centimeters wide. It fits anywhere and is ideal for travel or holiday.
  • It is a pleasant surprise that in such a small coffee machine we can enjoy a steamer tube to make our own milk foam.
  • Easy to use. You don’t even need to read the instruction booklet – although we always recommend it before the first use – to be able to operate the coffee maker without mistakes.
  • Very good value for money: this is a coffee machine that moves in the £30-40 range.

Disadvantages of the Ufesa CE7115

The main disadvantages of this Ufesa CE7115 are the classic ones derived from its small size and its own method of coffee extraction (steam pressure). They should not be a big obstacle if we are aware of what kind of coffee maker we are buying.

  • First of all, for the coffee machine to be so compact, the water tank must also be very small. The Ufesa CE7115 is not suitable for preparing more than 2-3 cups of coffee with one filling… maybe 4 cups if we hurry a lot.
  • The detail of the heating space is a plus, but we can only make good use of it if the cups or glasses have a small diameter.
  • The water tank is not removable. A small inconvenience when we have to fill it, and a big annoyance when it comes to cleaning.

Why buy an Ufesa CE7115?

The recipient of an espresso machine like the Ufesa CE7115 must inevitably be the individual consumer who only makes coffee for himself (or is the only coffee drinker in the house).

However, we were pleasantly surprised to find such small functions in a coffee machine that are common to standard-sized machines, such as the steamer tube, the space for preheating the cups, or the automatic service stop system. In short, a complete coffee machine as well as a very small one.

We recommend it if you live alone or if you plan to take it on a frequent trip.

There are few alternatives in the espresso segment, although there are similar models of hydro pressure coffee makers such as the Jata CA704 or the Severin KA5979. A drip or filter coffee maker with similar capacity and identical objectives is the Melitta Single5.

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