Taurus Verona

Name: Verona
Brand: Taurus
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 6 or 12 cups

When it comes to drip coffee machines, one of the reference models has always been this Taurus Verona. Its irresistible mix of functionality and very low price (just £20) make it a coffee machine that is present in a large number of homes.

Its design is sober, with the traditional plastic casing – in this case in black, without the possibility of choosing other shades -, the filter holder that can be folded up to access the interior (by the way, with a permanent, removable filter that avoids having to use disposable paper filters).

This Taurus Verona model comes in two versions or sizes: the Taurus Verona 6 and the Taurus Verona 12. Naturally, one has a maximum capacity of 6 cups, and the other has double that. Both the water tank and the glass carafe are sized accordingly and in proportion to this size.

There are no other differences between them, apart from the size and the logo (“Verona 6” or “Verona 12”, which is engraved on the front of the filter holder each).

Taurus Verona 1

Taurus Verona: Classicism in abundance

It is true that we cannot classify the Taurus Verona as a modern or innovative coffee maker. Anyone looking for these qualities must aim at a higher sector within the vast universe of drip coffee machines.

In our Taurus Verona, you will find basic functionality, ease of use and a lot of conciseness. It will serve you perfectly if your purpose is to prepare your coffee with this method every day and with little else.

The Taurus Verona includes several essential elements in any entry-level filter coffee machine. To start with, the water tank has a transparent level that allows us to see from the outside how much water we have left. The scale, as usual, is measured in an approximate number of cups (from 2 to 6, or from 2 to 12, depending on the model of our Verona.

The same scale is naturally drawn on the glass jar.

We should also remember that this Taurus Verona is already on the market in a second generation, with the same characteristics as the first, but with a slightly more modern design. This is it:

taurus verona 2

The main switch on the coffee machine (in red) is located on the opposite side to that of the first-generation Taurus Verona, and there are also some silver-grey plastic trims.

The other difference can be seen in the water level indicator, which now has two scales (from 2 to 10, or from 2 to 12) depending on the size of the cups that we want to prepare. The maximum capacity would then be 12 cups of normal size, or 10 cups a little more generous.

Finally, perhaps the most remarkable element of the Taurus Verona is the permanent filter: a metal mesh filter that can be used as often as you like and that replaces the traditional, non-reusable paper filters. Luckily, this permanent filter included in the coffee machine is removable, so we can do without it if we are not convinced by the result and use one of the traditional paper filters instead.

If you have any specific questions about how this coffee machine works or about the elements it contains, you can consult its booklet here: user manual for the Taurus Verona.

Taurus Verona: General characteristics

  • Available in two sizes: Verona 6 (6-cup capacity) and Verona 12 (12-cup capacity)
  • The water tank has a transparent indicator for the remaining water level.
  • Glass carafe with scale for number of cups, and heat-resistant handle.
  • Heating plate at the base of the jug.
  • Anti-drip safety system: the dripping stops automatically when the jug is removed from its natural position.
  • Pivoting filter holder for easy access to the inside.
  • Includes a permanent removable filter (it is not compulsory to use it, paper filters can be used).
  • Top cover that lifts up to access the inside of the water tank.
  • Automatic shut-off function (not programmable, eye)
  • Includes dosing spoon.
  • Power: 600 watts (Verona 6) or 800 watts (Verona 12).
  • Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 21 cms (6 cups) and 22 x 17 x 31 (12 cups)
  • Weight: 1.2 kilograms.

Advantages of the Taurus Verona

  • Excellent value for money. You can have it for just over £20.
  • Taurus’ customer service works very well and their web site deals with any queries you may have about breakdowns, spare parts, etc.
  • At the base where the glass carafe sits there is a heating plate that helps to keep the coffee hot, once it has been brewed.

Disadvantages of the Taurus Verona

  • It does not have a thermal carafe, only a glass carafe.
  • Only available in black, no other colours available.
  • The entire external casing of this Taurus Verona is made of plastic, there are no finishes or elements of other material.
  • The automatic switch-off function of the coffee machine is pre-defined and cannot be set, so you may have to wait too long and eventually have to turn the machine off manually yourself.

Why buy a Taurus Verona?

Whether in either of its two versions, Taurus Verona 6 and Taurus Verona 12, or in either of its two generations (the first being older, and the second a little more modern in design), this drip coffee maker is going to give us enough functionality for almost any need, in exchange for a very affordable cost. This is its greatest virtue and the main reason for its sales success.

If you consider yourself a demanding and very regular user of this type of drip or filter coffee machine, then perhaps you should scratch your pocket a little more and aim for a mid to high range coffee maker.

Are there alternatives to this Taurus Verona? Of course, there are. You can check out our guide to cheap drip coffee machines for a start. Any of the Moulinex is also an interesting option, although we recommend the Moulinex Subito above all. The Solac CF4021 also has its own special place in this segment of low-cost drip coffee machines.

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