Tassimo Style

Name: Style
Brand: Tassimo
Type: Pods
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 0.7 litres

The Tassimo brand is one of the most popular brands in the pod sector, but the truth is that the variety and quality of its machines is not the most important. All are basic-medium range coffee machines, with very standard features, which base everything on their successful beverage system with the T-Discs, patented by Tassimo. That’s why we are happy to receive the news of a new launch in the company’s catalogue: the Tassimo Style, which in Europe will be called TAS11.

The Style is a pod coffee machine that will first enter the German market in the middle of the summer of 2020. It has a couple of very marked features… but to tell the truth, it is not a revolution within a catalogue that already has similar alternatives.

If anything, we can mention the interesting and novel range of new colours in which we can acquire it, as we can see in the following gallery:

Tassimo Style TAS11: Tassimo’s most compact coffee machine

In the following image you can see it in more detail, but we advance you that the control panel and the options of this Tassimo Style are essentially the same as those of the predecessor models (Vivy and Happy, above all).

The coffee start switch also includes two automatic pilots that warn you if the water tank is empty, and the descaling alarm (remember that to remove it you have to descale your Tassimo when the pilot light is on, and not at any other time).

But if we already had this on previous Tassimo coffee machines, then what’s new? Well, mainly the size. This Tassimo Style is presented as an ultra-compact coffee machine that can be placed anywhere in our kitchen. Is this improvement enough to justify the launch of a new model? Well, the truth is that we have our doubts, because these are precisely the same virtues that already had the Vivy or Happy models, which to date are still working perfectly in the market.

Tassimo Style Coffee Maker

Tassimo Style: essential features

  • 0.7 litre water tank, removable
  • Housing available in various colours.
  • 15 bar pressure pump.
  • Decalcification and empty tank warnings.
  • Removable anti-drip grille, integrated in the same colour as the body.
  • Dimensions: 32 x 17 x 26 cms.
  • Maximum power: 1400 watts.

Advantages of the Tassimo Style coffee machine

  • Very small size.
  • It is a very easy to use and fast coffee maker to make the typical morning coffee or coffee break at work: you put the pod in and at the push of a button you have your drink ready.
  • Some of the available colours are quite original; innovation is always welcome.
  • The height from the spout to the floor is really wide if we remove the tray, and allows us to use very tall latte glasses.

Disadvantages of the Tassimo Style coffee machine

  • Too similar to other previous Tassimo models.

How to use the Tassimo Style coffee machine

If you already have another Tassimo coffee machine, or even any other machine that works with single doses, you will have no problem getting hold of this Tassimo Style from the first minute. Even so, we leave you with a video explanation in case you are a first timer:

Why buy Tassimo Style? Final opinions

The truth is that the launch of this Tassimo Style (at least in Germany) has left us somewhat confused.

On the one hand, it is always exciting to discover a new machine from one of the leading brands in the sector.

But on the other hand, we have not really understood what this Style offers, which seems to us to be too similar to other Tassimo machines such as the Happy, the Suny or even the Vivy. All of them are still selling well, and they are also very evenly priced. We found few differences with the new Style, that is the truth and so we have to tell it. We do not like makers that bring little compared to pre-existing models.

If we look at other brands, the most logical alternatives both in terms of price and performance are the Inissia or Essenza Mini models, in Nespresso, or the Mini Me in Dolce Gusto.

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