Solac Stillo CF4020

Name: Stillo CF4020
Brand: Solac
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.5 litres

There is something different about this Solac Stillo (or Solac CF4020) that catches the eye from the first time we see it. It is a drip coffee machine of basic benefits, that if anything, stands out for a good capacity that is around the litre and a half and for the use of permanent filters that avoids us having to replace the classic paper filters every time we make coffee.

But its design, alas, its design. This is not a conventional coffee machine. We love the proposal of this Solac Stillo, although we are conscious that it is a risky bet and that there will be who does not dare to place a so showy household-electric in his kitchen.

The Solac Stillo presents a stainless steel front, inside which is the water tank, and that has a transparent level that allows us to know from outside how much liquid is inside.

The measure, as it is usual in the drip coffee machines, is scaled in a number of cups (the maximum is 12 cups of normal size or up to 15 of small size).

A large black plastic frame acts as a casing and protects the whole set. The lower space contains a hole for the glass jug and is spherical in shape.

The Solac logo appears at the base of the coffee machine, and the Stillo logo is engraved on the top. You can check this in more detail, thanks to the photographs that accompany this analysis.

solac stillo 1

Solac Stillo: Avant-Garde design

It is difficult to abstract from the innovative design of the Solac Stillo. Still, we must be rigorous in our analysis and also talk about its performance, which in the end, a coffee machine must serve above all to prepare coffee.

We have already said that both the tank and the glass carafe have a capacity of more or less a litre and a half. This is enough for 10-12 good-sized cups (or up to 15 short cups), so this is a drip coffee maker of the highest quality. Suitable for families with several coffee drinkers who need to have a sufficient amount of coffee available at the end of the day.

The glass carafe, by the way, has a design in line with the avant-garde lines of the rest of the Solac Stillo, both in the shape of the container -an almost perfect ball- and in the handle. It sits on a heating plate which helps to keep the coffee warm once it is finished being made.

The Solac Stillo uses a permanent filter -it comes incorporated, of course- that avoids us having to use the classic paper filters and change them every time we use the coffee machine.

We have already commented on some occasions that the permanent filters have as many admirers as detractors because if you are not satisfied with its filtering capacity, it is difficult to find alternatives, so we do not dare to present it as an advantage nor as a disadvantage. Let everyone value it.

As much to the filter as to the water tank, it is acceded raising the superior cover of the Solac Stillo, which is made in black plastic like the rest of the housing.

Solac Stillo: Main features

  • Avant-garde and innovative design.
  • Built-in black plastic with stainless steel finishes.
  • Water tank with a capacity of 1.5 litres.
  • Upper lid in black plastic.
  • Removable filter holder.
  • It has an anti-drip system that prevents coffee from being served if the jug is not in the correct position.
  • Includes 1.5-litre glass jug.
  • Heating plate.
  • Uses a permanent filter (no need to use the replaceable paper filters).
  • Water level of the tank transparent and visible from the outside.
  • Also includes a small measuring spoon to pour the ground coffee into the filter.
  • Spare and replacement parts can be purchased separately.
  • Power: 850 watts.
  • Dimensions: 51 x 41 x 31 cm.
  • Weight: 2.5 kg.

Advantages of the Solac Stillo

  • First of all, of course, we have to mention the attractive and original design of this coffee maker, which is far removed from the traditional lines of drip coffee makers.
  • Good capacity for a domestic coffee machine: 12 to 15 cups of coffee with a full tank.
  • When the coffee is extracted, the water is distributed evenly throughout the filter to ensure the best result (the water is not always passed through the same point).
  • The stainless steel finish and details are a sign of quality.

Disadvantages of the Solac Stillo

  • The design is spectacular, although it is true that it takes up more space than usual for this type of coffee maker. Especially in the upper cone.
  • The price-performance ratio is less tight than in other coffee machines with similar features. It is clear that the materials and design make the final price more expensive.
  • No thermal carafe, only conventional glass carafe.

Solac Stillo: Videos

This is a video in which you can see the Solac CF4020 from different angles, with more detail than in the photographs:

Why buy a Solac Stillo?

It is not a secret that the main reason to acquire a Solac Stillo, the model CF4020 of Solac, is its attractive aesthetics. If the appearance that has this coffee machine does not call your attention or does not fit in your kitchen, you have many other options in the market that offer the same benefits with an equal or smaller cost.

We refer, for example, to the Beem Nobilis, the Melitta Easy or the Braun CafeHouse KF570. Even the lower model of Solac, the Solac CF4021, can meet your expectations just as well as the protagonist of our report today.

We recommend it if you’re a fan of modern and groundbreaking designs and you like to escape from classic lines or if you need to have a large capacity drip coffee machine at home for daily use.

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