Solac CF4021

Name: CF4021
Brand: Solac
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.5 litres

Solac CF4021 Stillo
Solac CF4021 Stillo
Power: 1080 Watts; coffee-making technology: Drop; Format: counter-top; Types of drink: Coffee

When talking about the Solac CF4021, we have to refer to a very specific and concrete segment of domestic coffee machines, and that is that the basic filter coffee machines (or cheap ones, going to the grain) are still one of the most common products in the kitchens of many homes.

In many cases, people still prefer to get basic and sufficient functionality rather than invest a larger amount of money in higher quality features.

Let’s be honest: not all coffee machine users are so keen to appreciate or value more spending in exchange for more service. Well, the Solac CF4021 is a drip coffee machine that fits perfectly within this profile.

Solac CF4021, also known as Solac Stillo, is a large capacity drip coffee machine (1.5 litres, enough for 12-15 cups of coffee) with hardly any advanced features or unnecessary decorations. It’s a coffee machine that goes to the bean, and if you like filter coffee, it’s a great alternative to take care of your needs without complicating your life or spending more money than you have to.

As the main distinctive feature of the Solac CF4021, we can talk about the presence of the permanent filter, which you never know if is an advantage or a disadvantage. It is true that it is more comfortable than having to replace the disposable paper filter with each use. Still, it also prevents you from trying other alternatives if the filtering it produces is not to your liking.

NOTE: Please note that Solac uses the CF nomenclature for its filter coffee machines and the CE for its espresso machine models.

Solac CF4021: Sufficient quality at an affordable price

The rest of the characteristics and features of the Solac CF4021 – we will list them all below – are quite basic. Nor can you expect much more from a coffee maker that will cost you less than 40 pounds.

We find the anti-drip system particularly useful: a lock that prevents the coffee maker from continuing to operate if we remove the glass carafe from its position. This prevents us from having to clean up the splashes on our worktop or on the kitchen floor because of a mistake or simply out of necessity – for example, if we don’t want to fill the whole jug.

Also, we must call attention to the interesting finished and finishes in stainless steel that incorporates the Solac CF4021, something unusual in coffee machines of this price and that, although it does not affect the final quality of our coffee, always it looks better in the kitchen and is easier to clean and more hygienic than the plastic.

The water tank is inside the Solac CF4021, and we can access it from the top by lifting the lid. As we have already pointed out, its large size (it holds one and a half litres) and the transparent level that allows us to check from the outside how much water is left standing out. The scale of this level – the first photo in this report – is not measured in millilitres but in the approximate number of cups that could be prepared with the remaining liquid.

Solac CF4021: Main features

  • The design is mainly built in black plastic, with stainless steel finishes.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1.5 litres. It is used to prepare about 12 cups of normal size coffee, or 15 slightly shorter cups.
  • This system distributes the water uniformly throughout the filter, to make the most of all the coffee.
  • 1.5-litre glass jug.
  • Includes permanent filter (no need to use standard paper filters).
  • The glass carafe sits on a heating plate that maintains the temperature of the freshly brewed coffee.
  • Automatic locking system: the dripping stops if the glass carafe is removed from its position.
  • Power on: about 1000 watts.
  • Approximate weight: 2.8 kg.
  • Dimensions of the Solac CF4021: 22 x 18 x 33 cm.

Advantages of the Solac CF4021

  • It is a drip coffee maker with a fairly affordable price.
  • The finishes are in stainless steel.
  • Heating plate, anti-drip lock, transparent water level… to be a basic coffee maker it also has its little things. Very suitable for an average user without too many demands.

Disadvantages of the Solac CF4021

  • It has a very large capacity but you may not need to brew so much coffee (up to a litre and a half) if you are not going to consume it within the same day. This is a coffee maker designed more for a family user than an individual.
  • The top cover is not very solid: it is made of plastic and is very light. This can cause the coffee to rise by itself due to the action of the water vapour rising upwards.
  • The hole for filling the water tank is rather narrow.

Why buy a Solac CF4021?

This Solac CF4021, or Solac Stillo, is a reference model in the sector of the basic drip coffee machines. It offers enough functions and performances for the great majority of homes, combined with an interesting capacity to prepare a litre and a half of coffee. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a coffee machine for daily use, the Solac CF4021 should be among your range of options.

If you want to see other alternatives, you can take a look at the Ufesa drip coffee machines, the Easy model by Melitta or even the Russell Hobbs Cottage.

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