Solac CF4015

Solac CF4015 or Solac Coffee To Go is the name of an unconventional drip coffee machine. We know that Solac is distinguished for offering to the market simple, functional and normally economic coffee machines for those who do not want to complicate their life and look for a good relation quality price. The Solac CF4015, however, contravenes this rule and seeks to meet needs a little more specific. Let’s see why.

The first thing that calls the attention of the Solac CF4015, there is no doubt, is its design. Under a black plastic casing, we see that there are two small thermal jugs, one on the right and one on the left.

They are used to make two preparations at the same time – by the way: if you are only going to use one, it must always be the one on the left, as the manufacturer tells us in the instruction booklet – but also to transport it, as the jugs are prepared as if they were glasses to be drunk or served elsewhere: temperature-insulating waist, lid so that the contents are not poured… hence the nickname of the coffee machine: Solac Coffee To Go.

In short, this is a coffee maker specifically designed for lovers of American filter coffee. However, this does not prevent you from preparing just one decanter and using that amount to distribute it, for example, in three normal-sized cups. The point is that in this Solac CF4015, we are not going to find the typical glass jug with an almost spherical shape.

It also highlights the presence of light on the front panel, whose function is to inform us of the status of the coffee machine. If it is green, it is that the coffee maker is extracting the coffee (dripping), and if it is red is that the coffee maker is on but is not dispensing coffee.

When there is no light (neither green nor red), it means that the coffee machine is unplugged. There is a third code (green flashing light) that is only used when the brewer is programmed.

Solac CF4015: Take your coffee with you

The operation of the Solac CF4015 is simple; it does not differ much from a conventional drip coffee machine. The only thing you should always look at is the selector for one or two cups which is located on top of the coffee machine.

It should be placed in the correct position, and if it is in the 1-cup position, we should make sure that we only use the left carafe. The right carafe is only used when both are prepared at the same time.

To fill the water tank, it is advisable to use one of the thermal cups as they are just the right size. If we want to prepare two cups, then we pour two full glasses of water.

The tank has a capacity for one litre of water (950 millilitres, to be exact), and each of the two thermal cups can hold 475 ml of coffee.

NOTE: the original American coffee was prepared by adding hot water to an espresso, thus imitating the taste of filter coffee.

Once all the water in the tank has been consumed, the coffee machine emits a sound signal in the form of consecutive beeps. EYE: this does not mean that all the coffee has been extracted, as drops may continue to fall for a while. It simply means that there is no more water left in the tank. When the beeps sound, the manufacturer recommends waiting one or two minutes before removing the thermal glasses to ensure that the coffee has stopped dripping.

If you do not want to wait for the water to run out, you can always stop the extraction prematurely by pressing the power button.

NOTE: We must be very careful when lifting the lid of the thermos glass (for example, to add milk or sugar to the preparation) as the temperature inside is quite high.

We must also mention that this Solac CF4015 uses a permanent filter (which is already included, of course). However, we always have the option of removing it and using a conventional paper filter. It is more uncomfortable because the paper filters are single-use, and we have to replace them with a new one every time we make a coffee. Still, many users are not satisfied with the result obtained with the permanent filter that comes as standard.

solac cf4015 timer

And here we see in the picture the programmable timer of the Solac CF4015. As you can see, you only have to use the two buttons on the right to set the hours and minutes, respectively, of the clock located above. When you press the PROG button, the coffee machine will be programmed to the set time, and the light will turn green and blink.

Solac CF4015: Most important features

  • Black plastic exterior bodywork. Stainless steel cups.
  • Water tank of almost one litre capacity.
  • Permanent filter (possibility of removing it and using replaceable paper filters).
  • Includes two thermal jugs or glasses, with hermetic cover and heat resistant waist. Each has a capacity of 475 millilitres.
  • Selector for preparing 1 or 2 cups.
  • Programmable timer, with digital display.
  • General on/off switch with indicator light.
  • Includes a measuring spoon for ground coffee.
  • Power: 850 watts.
  • Its dimensions are 39 x 26 x 26 cms.

Advantages of the Solac CF4015

  • The two thermos flasks or cups. Not only do they serve to keep the coffee warm, but they also serve as a carrying cup. They come very well equipped, with a silicone waist to be able to hold them without burning ourselves, and with a lid that prevents spillage.
  • The timer: it is priceless to be able to program the coffee maker to make coffee at the time that suits you best.
  • The possibility of preparing only the amount of coffee you are interested in regardless of the water in the tank: one cup (about half a litre) or both (almost one litre). In a normal coffee machine you should always use the whole tank.

Disadvantages of the Solac CF4015

  • For a more general purpose (making daily filter coffee in large quantities and for home consumption) there are other, more economical and larger capacity options on the market.
  • Perhaps the handling is more complicated than that of a basic drip coffee machine. Or rather, you have to look out for more options.
  • The price/performance ratio is unfavourable in comparison to low-cost or simple drip coffee machines.

Why buy a Solac CF4015?

It is clear that this Solac CF4015 is a coffee machine that satisfies very specific needs. If you are going to take advantage of the thermal glasses, you like to take the coffee from one side to another; if you need a drip coffee machine with a timer… then this Solac Coffee To Go is going to be very good for you.

If, on the other hand, you are simply looking for a normal filter coffee machine, then there are options on the market that do their job just as well and at a lower price. We can recommend, for example, the Solac CF4021, the Beem Nobilis or the Russell Hobbs Cottage (these last two, with timer).