Silberthal French Press

Name: STE5
Brand: Silberthal
Type: French Press
Operation: Manual
Capacity: 1 litre

Regular users of french press coffee machines know that, as in any other area of the industry, there are good, bad and regular items. Today we are going to talk about a piece that is part of what we would call the top range of the sector: The Silberthal piston coffee machine with a stainless steel finish. We have had the opportunity to test it, and in this review, we are going to explain the conclusions of our analysis.

It is a large piston coffee machine, with a capacity of 1 litre, made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass (specially treated to withstand sudden changes in temperature) and which leaves practically the whole of the cup in view so that we can always see the coffee from outside.

This is a detail that some users of piston coffee machines value, and others not so much. Still, we underline it because the rest of the Silberthal French Presses (thus, in capital letters, which is the official typography of the firm) are totally opaque.

Silberthal coffee machines: A vision of the brand

Before reviewing this model in depth, it is worth giving some details about Silberthal, a German manufacturer not too well known and which you may never have heard of until today.

Silberthal is a brand specialized in high-end kitchenware and instruments (cutlery, tableware, advanced kitchen, dispensers, coffee tampers). Silberthal does not only bet on quality materials but on careful designs and aesthetics that differentiate them from their competitors – they compete, it must be said, in a very busy sector. You only have to look at their official website to understand this.

In Germany, their products often top the sales lists at Amazon, and they are also active in Austria, Switzerland, and in general throughout Central Europe.

As far as coffee machines are concerned, as is the case with most generalist manufacturers of household goods, Silberthal only works with types without electrical installation. In other words: articles whose quality lies entirely in the materials and design and not in the internal processes of coffee production (a factor which in this type of coffee maker depends almost 100% on the barista or end-user).

In this case, Silberthal offers several French presses and also a model of Cold Brew coffee maker that follows the same identity lines as the rest of the pieces of the firm.  We will talk about the piston coffee maker with a glass finish, in which you can see the coffee from the outside, but the other models are also made of stainless steel and are large in size.

If you are interested in buying a Silberthal coffee machine from Amazon, here you can see the full range today:

Silberthal french press: First steps

The experience of using the Silberthal French Press begins before opening the packaging. It comes in a black box, made of thick cardboard, with very careful protection inside, details that do not influence the preparation of the coffee or the long-term use of the coffee maker, but that do leave an initial sensation that we are dealing with a product that is above the market average, and certainly far removed from the usual white brand plunger coffee makers that we find on the shelves of large department stores and generalist distributors.

We also find the manufacturer’s logo engraved on the base of the coffee maker, and in general, a feeling that the article has been carefully designed and cared for, without leaving things to chance.

Premium brands, such as Silberthal, take great care with these details because they know that this first impression, in the long term, will have a positive influence on the buyer (who will normally have spent more money on their product than they would have done on any other) having a good memory, and going to the same brand for their subsequent purchases, of the same or a different product.

Isn’t it a coincidence that the most expensive brands have the most loyal customers in the market?

Inside the box, we find the usual components of these coffee machines: the glass cup, the skeleton that contains it, and the plunger with the filter.

But we also have a pleasant surprise: The Silberthal French Press has a spare filter that will prevent us from having to worry about losing or breaking the original, and it does not include all the brands in its coffee machines.

When handling the coffee maker, we are left with the impression of working with solid elements (if you often use this type of press, you will have come across more than once with plungers that look like toys) and designed to last for many years. An aspect that is presupposed when dealing with an expensive coffee machine but which cannot be confirmed by practice.

The handle of the Silberthal coffee machine is wide enough (not too close to the glass) and is comfortable even if the user has very large hands. You probably don’t pay attention to this detail if you have the smallest ones or if you are used to using small plunger coffee machines at home. Still, when it comes to 1-litre French presses, it’s something relevant: when they are full, the weight is much greater, and the service can be complicated if we don’t adapt well to the handle.

Silberthal french press: General characteristics

  • French press made of polished stainless steel (shiny) and heat-resistant glass.
  • Stainless steel mesh filter.
  • Large capacity cup (1 litre, about 8 normal coffee cups), with pouring spout to facilitate coffee service.
  • Exclusive design and very careful details on the outside.
  • We can use it as a coffee maker or as a teapot indistinctly (we always advise not to mix, and to use a different French press for each type of infusion).
  • 30-day guarantee without obligation: you can use the coffee maker and return it before the expiry of the period without any obligations or questions.
  • Dimensions: 25 x 16 x 14.5 cm.
  • Approximate weight: 640 grams.

Advantages of the Silberthal french press

  • Pleasant unboxing. Fantastic presentation.
  • It has a spare filter.
  • The filter mesh is really easy to clean (they call it Easy Clean Filter).
  • The design details are very well thought out; it looks as if nothing has been left to chance.

Disadvantages of the Silberthal french press

  • They only sell large sizes, both of this model and others of the same brand. It’s not your thing if you’re looking to buy a small plunger coffee maker or if you regularly brew a small amount of coffee.
  • Do the features justify the price? In our opinion, yes, but the reality of the market is that not many users are willing to pay 30 pounds or more for a French press.
  • The user manual is only in English and German, but who needs instructions on how to use a plunger coffee machine?
  • At the moment only the Silberthal Piston Brewer can be bought online. There are no dealers and it’s not easy to find it in physical shops – at least as far as we know, of course.

Why buy the Silberthal french press coffee maker?

The final verdict can only be positive, and there’s no doubt that the Silberthal brand – in general, not just for this particular model – deserves more popularity than it has.

However, when we talk about this type of high-end article, we always have the doubt as to whether its incursion into the market (where French press coffee is not so popular in many countries) really makes sense or is more of an act of faith than anything else.

For an advanced user profile, who has several plunger coffee machines at home and uses them daily, there is no doubt: it is worth investing in one of these. If this is your case and you decide to buy the Silberthal coffee machine from Amazon, you’re guaranteed to get it right.

But the French press market is small and consists of a multitude of occasional users, who may not value the virtues of this piece so much – obvious, on the other hand – as to pay double or triple the cost of a cheap piston coffee machine in any hypermarket. In the end, as usual, the decision is ultimately up to you and your priorities as a consumer.

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