Siemens TC 80104

Name: TC80104
Brand: Siemens
Type: Drip
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1 litre

Siemens is a well-known brand of household appliances worldwide, and of course, also holds a leading position in the domestic coffee machine sector. Today we present you with the Siemens TC80104, perhaps the best known and best-selling drip coffee maker in the Siemens top range, which has an interesting list of features that make it different from the rest and very appealing to the demanding consumer.

Within the subset of drip coffee makers, the Siemens TC80104 is a coffee maker with a quite modern and attractive design. It avoids the traditional, more sober lines. It presents itself with a rounded body in a dark red colour. The thermal carafe, the filter compartment and the water tank are skilfully integrated on the right and in a slightly backward arrangement.

This configuration of the elements is perfectly comfortable (all are very handy) and has the advantage that it results in a fairly compact coffee machine that is easy to place anywhere. And, of course, it is visually appealing.

The controls of the Siemens TC80104 are located in the lower part of the main body, just below the water tank. They are very intuitive as they are accompanied by a very clear legend that tells us what each of the buttons is for.

From top to bottom, we can see the timer (with two buttons to define the hours and minutes), the programming button to leave the coffee machine programmed, the descaling warning, the start button to start the coffee preparation, and finally, the on/off switch of the coffee machine.

As you can see, the Siemens TC80104 does not get lost in artifices and unnecessary options.

The reservoir, by the way, stores up to one litre of water, which serves to prepare up to a maximum of 10-12 cups of coffee (depending on whether we serve them too long or too short).

Above all, we must highlight the timer function, which is very easy to use: you select the hours and minutes with two buttons and activate the programming function with the lower button. This allows you to tell the coffee machine to start making coffee at the time you indicate, which is very practical if you want to have your coffee freshly brewed in the morning or if you are going to be home late.

Siemens TC80104: General characteristics

  • Its dimensions are 25x26x35 cms.
  • It weighs about 3 kilograms.
  • It has a compartment to collect the excess cable.
  • The water tank has a capacity of 1 litre.
  • There is also an indicator of the remaining water level in the tank.
  • Thermal carafe (not glass) to store the coffee as it is being prepared. The carafe also allows the aromas of our coffee to be preserved intact.
  • It includes a practical anti-drip system.
  • Automatic switch-off system to save energy.
  • Timer that allows us to program the preparation of coffee at the time we want.
  • Descaling alarm included.
  • The upper part of the filter compartment serves as a dishwasher or cup-warmer surface.
  • It distributes a potential of 1100 watts.

Advantages of the Siemens TC80104

  • It includes a decalcification alarm and automatic decalcification cycle, which always makes maintenance easier.
  • Attractive and carefree design, with a very bright colour.
  • Good quality materials for the components, especially the thermal carafe and the filter compartment (made of metal).

Disadvantages of the Siemens TC80104

  • In view of the quality of the other components, the plastic material of the red housing squeaks a little.
  • The surface suitable for heating plates or cups is not exactly the largest we have seen in the sector.

Why buy a Siemens TC80104?

Leaving aside some minor details, it is clear that the Siemens TC80104 coffee machine is a safe option to take home, as long as what you are looking for is a drip coffee machine that, in addition to good performance, offers you an attractive and cheerful design.

If you are particularly interested in drip coffee machines with a timer, we recommend you also take a look at other models such as the AEG KF7900, the Krups YY8304 or the Philips HD7753.

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