Severin S2

Name: S2+ One Touch
Brand: Severin
Type: Espresso
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.5 litres

When we talk about the Severin S2 (Severin S2+ One Touch is its full name), we are referring to an automatic coffee machine of reference within the international market. It is a machine with a higher range than, for example, its companion Severin Piccola, with a more aggressive design, more functions, and with housings in different colours.

Each one of the colours corresponds to a nomenclature within Severin‘s references. Thus, the Severin S2 in silver corresponds to the Severin KV 8021 model. The black one, for example, is the Severin KV 8023 model, and the red one is the KV 8025.

At first sight, the modern and aggressive lines that Severin has bet on in the construction of this Severin S2+ stand out. A groundbreaking line which also finds support in the already mentioned range of colours and in the innovative layout of the control knobs, which we will see in greater detail in later sections.

S2+ One Touch: Severin’s most groundbreaking automatic

Let’s get down to business (never better). This Severin S2+, is an automatic coffee machine with 15 bars of pressure, 1.5 litres of capacity in the water tank, and that has an automatic system of preparation of cappuccinos and lattes.

This means that with the steamer you can not only make milk foam, but you can also choose the drink you want to prepare by pressing a single button, and the coffee machine will have it ready for you… without you having to do anything but place the cup under the dispenser and wait a few seconds.

As you can see in the picture, every automatic coffee machine comes with a built-in grinder. The Severin S2+ has ceramic grinders, and has up to five predefined settings for the grinding thickness. It can hold up to 140 grams of coffee beans. It also has an additional input for using ground coffee (not beans) to make espressos with different coffee varieties… even with decaffeinated coffee.

Both the grinder and the entrance for ground coffee can be accessed by lifting the top lid of the coffee machine:

Severin S2 grinder

As far as design is concerned, one of the most striking details of the Severin S2+ One Touch is that both the control panel and the information display are located on the top of the coffee machine, and not on the front. For us this is an obvious advantage, as they are more accessible and easier to handle. However, you should be careful not to place the coffee machine in too tight a space.

As you can see in the photo, the screen is slightly tilted, forming an angle, to make it easier to see. The icons shown are dynamic (they activate different options depending on the process you are carrying out), and can be configured in up to 11 different languages.

Below it are the four main operating buttons, and to the right the rotary knob used to select options. The controls are minimal and quite simplified, taking into account the intrinsic complexity of any automatic coffee machine.

And as a good automatic coffee machine, the Severin S2+ allows you to choose the parameters of elaboration of your coffee and to obtain a drink with very specific characteristics, always to your taste, without any effort other than pressing a button.

When it comes to options, this Severin One Touch does not fall short at all. We can choose the coffee output temperature, as well as its intensity or size (volume), among several predefined levels. From 50 ml to 250 ml per cup. Not bad, right?

It is also possible to customise the hardness of the water, to achieve the best adaptation of the tank water filter (which, by the way, is included with the coffee maker).

And to round off a really complete automatic coffee machine, the Severin S2+ gives us an automatic cleaning and rinsing system for all the internal pipes. It also includes several accessories such as the already mentioned water filter, a test to check the water hardness we use in the tank, cleaning tablets, and a plastic spigot for the milk outlet pipe.

As we have already said before, the design and the automatic preparation of drinks with milk foam are the most attractive qualities of this Severin S2+. However, it is convenient to read the complete list of features and technical specifications to get a complete view of the coffee machine that we are going to take home. Here we go:

Severin S2: Main characteristics

  • Automatic coffee machine with 15 bar pressure pump.
  • Available in three colours: red, black and silver.
  • With just one button we can prepare cappuccinos, lattes macchiatos or lattes, automatically and without changing the cup. A real One Touch coffee maker.
  • The brewing unit, or coffee group, is removable. It can be used for 6 to 10 grams of coffee per espresso.
  • Automatic cleaning, rinsing and decalcification systems for all internal coffee and milk lines.
  • Informative LCD display, located in the upper part of the coffee machine. Configurable in 11 languages.
  • Grinder with 5 settings or thicknesses for grinding, capacity for 140 grams of coffee beans, and grinders made of ceramic material.
  • Removable water tank with a capacity of 1.5 litres. Compatible with water filters, already included with the coffee machine.
  • Possibility of personality the temperature of the coffee, the size and the intensity of each extraction.
  • Programmable memory: saves your favourite settings so you don’t have to repeat all the steps continuously.
  • You can also indicate the water hardness (if you don’t know it, nothing happens: the coffee maker includes a test to find out). This serves to better adapt the operation of the filter.
  • Energy saving function: the coffee maker switches off after a period of inactivity that can be customised by the user.
  • Stainless steel bottom tray, to collect the dregs or drops resulting from the extraction.
  • The coffee dispenser is height adjustable: between 80 mm at its lowest point and 135 mm at its highest point.
  • Includes two extractors and two high efficiency heaters.
  • It has an additional inlet for ground coffee.
  • Includes various free accessories: water filter, test to check the hardness of the water used in the tank, cleaning and decalcification tablets, and a plastic tube for the cappuccino system.
  • Power in operation: 1500 watts.
  • Dimensions: 33 x 24 x 36 cms.
  • Weight: about 10 kilograms.

Advantages of the Severin S2

  • The possibility of making drinks with milk foam (cappuccinos, lattes, white coffees) is just a push of a button.
  • Available in various colours, a rare possibility in this segment of high-end coffee machines.
  • The number of accessories included as standard.
  • That the grinder is made of ceramic material: more durable, and less transmission of aromas to the raw material.
  • Many components can be separated from the main body of the coffee machine and washed in the dishwasher.

Disadvantages of the Severin S2

  • There is no space to preheat the cups and glasses before serving.
  • Only one cup can be removed at a time.
  • The size of the water tank (1.5 litres) is not small, but many automatic coffee machines of similar price exceed it (they are close to 2 litres).
  • This is a coffee machine with little support.

Severin S2: Videos

To begin with, here is a commercial presentation to get to know Severin S2 One Touch very closely:

And here is a complete tutorial in Spanish. Essential to see if you are thinking of buying this coffee machine:

Finally, if you are curious here you can see how to solve a milk frother problem:

Why buy a Severin S2?

The most immediate comparison of this Severin S2+ is with the other Severin automatic: the Piccola. The Severin S2+ One Touch is a much more complete coffee machine, with a higher range, more options, and logically more expensive. It is, without a doubt, on a higher level.

We recommend the Severin S2+ to users who are looking for a reliable alternative to traditional automatic coffee machines. If you are going to enjoy the automatic preparation of Cappuccinos and Lattes, this Severin S2+ (or Severin KV8021) will be a good option for you. If you’re not going to make much use of the cappuccino system… you’re giving up at a stroke 50% of the virtues of this coffee maker, so think about how you’re going to use it before you buy.

Its quality-price ratio is very tight, and it is at a similar level to other much better known automatic coffee machines, such as the Siemens EQ.6, the Philips 4000 Series, the Bosch VeroCafe Latte or the Delonghi ECAM 23.460. Interesting, versatile and very grateful. The decision to place a superior model above the Piccola, in our opinion, has been a wise move by the German firm Severin.

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