Senseo Switch

Name: Switch
Brand: Senseo
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1 litre

Are there both drip and capsule coffee makers? Well, yes, this one we’re introducing to you today. It’s an open secret that the coffee industry is constantly renewing itself. Proof of this is the Senseo Switch model, a proposal with which the Senseo company is trying to innovate in the increasingly populated segment of capsule coffee makers.

The Senseo Switch (model Philips HD7892) is not yet on sale in supermarkets all around the world but is a machine that has already achieved a great presence in central Europe, especially in Holland. When with a litre of capacity in the tank and star quality that distinguishes it from any possible competitor: it allows you to use pads, like any other Senseo coffee maker, to make espressos, but also allows you to filter the coffee as if it were a drip coffee maker.

Yes, you’ve read correctly: Senseo capsule coffee maker and drip coffee maker at the same time. Originality to power!

As with all Senseo coffee machines, the Switch is made by Philips. It has three main operating modes (single espresso, double espresso, or drip coffee maker function) that are conveniently selected through a button panel on the top of the machine.

By the way, in certain countries, this model has also been launched under the name of Senseo Up.

Senseo Switch: Two coffee makers in one

A good detail (for those who are going to take full advantage of the filter coffee) is that the Senseo Switch coffee maker includes a thermal carafe, stainless steel (you can see it in the photo), which helps you keep the temperature intact for longer. It’s not one of those conventional glass jugs that come with cheap coffee makers.

This steel jug also has a capacity of one litre, which should give us about 7 cups of normal-sized coffee. The filters it uses are the usual size 4×100.

Otherwise, the Senseo Switch coffee maker has a very conventional design, with the water tank located at the back of the piece and a practical drip tray that can be removed or put under the dispenser as we want.

The water tank, by the way, has a black plastic cover that covers it. All we have to do is remove it to be able to fill the tank or pour the water in without having to separate the tank from the main body of the coffee maker. In our opinion, this is a detail that greatly facilitates the daily use of the coffee maker, all a point in favour of the Senseo Switch.

Senseo Switch: General features

  • A real 2 in 1: single-serve and drip coffee maker in the same machine.
  • Works with normal Senseo capsules or pads, or with ground coffee in the filter function.
  • Includes stainless steel thermal carafe.
  • Black plastic filter holder.
  • Paper filters not included.
  • Drip tray or rack, which can be removed or placed at the base of the coffee maker.
  • Removable, transparent water tank, 1-litre capacity.
  • All removable components are dishwasher safe.
  • Three very simple operating buttons: a single espresso, double espresso and filter coffee.
  • Approximate dimensions: 15 x 40 x 27 cms.
  • Weight: about 3 kilograms.

Advantages of the Senseo Switch

  • The possibility of combining two services in one. Quite a feat.
  • Despite its innovative operation and the fact that it combines two completely different extraction modes, it is a coffee machine that is very easy to operate. The controls are very simple.
  • It includes a high-quality steel thermal carafe.
  • It is an ideal coffee machine to give away, since it does not commit the user to have to use the capsules or pads of Senseo.

Disadvantages of the Senseo Switch

  • If you’re not going to take advantage of either feature, the coffee maker stays halfway there and is more expensive than usual. A regular Senseo coffee maker, or a mid-range drip coffee maker, costs you much less money than this one.
  • This Senseo Switch has some strange dimensions: it’s a very narrow machine, but it has great depth, especially if you couple the filter accessory with the decanter. It can be difficult to find a gap in it depending on what you’re cooking.

Philips Senseo Switch: Videos

Although it is not sold physically, we can see how this Senseo Switch works live through this video:

And if you’d rather see a more detailed live demonstration, you can do so in this complete contribution courtesy of a particular user:

Why buy a Senseo Switch?

This Senseo Switch is a pleasant surprise and a nice breath of fresh air in a jungle that is already well-trodden, as is the capsule coffee sector. However, its innovative 2-in-1 concept, combining the function of an espresso machine (with a single pod) and a drip coffee machine, has a clear counterbalance: the price. It is a more expensive machine than if we acquired either of the two modalities separately.

It may make more sense in Central European countries, where drip coffee machines are much more popular and more common among the general public. It is no coincidence that this coffee machine was launched on the Dutch market much earlier than the others.

We honestly don’t know if Senseo will decide to launch this Philips Switch model in all countries, but fortunately, those who want to buy it can already do so through online purchase.

As alternatives, we can recommend other very popular combi coffee makers, such as the Delonghi BCO 420. Within Senseo itself, the most recommended model is the spectacular Senseo Latte Duo, although it is a capsule coffee maker completely different from the one featured in our review.

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