Senseo Latte Cappuccino

Name: Latte Cappuccino
Brand: Senseo
Type: Capsules
Operation: Automatic
Capacity: 1.2 litres

Are you thinking of buying a Senseo Latte for your house? If so, pay attention to the following analysis because we are not going to leave any detail of this magnificent coffee maker undissected. The Senseo Latte is one of Senseo’s top-of-the-line coffee makers, thanks mainly to the fact that it includes an excellent vaporiser for preparing milk froth.

It is also known as the Philips Senseo HD7853 or Senseo Latte, so that you can find out its name in both ways. For convenience, we will always refer to it by its “business” name: Senseo Latte Cappuccino.

The exterior appearance of this Senseo Latte Capuccino coffee maker is similar to that of the other Senseo machines. A tower on the back of which is inserted the water tank (1.2 litres) and a platform that serves as a base for placing the cups and houses the main control panel (there is also another panel of buttons for secondary functions on top of the coffee maker, as you can see in the last photo of this article).

Senseo Latte: instant milk foam

However, the main feature of the Senseo Latte (which serves to give it its name) is the milk vaporiser that allows us to enjoy a fantastic foam in our cappuccinos or any other beverage that carries milk at the touch of a button. It also increases the price compared to other Senseo coffee makers. In this regard, we must say that we have found significant differences in price between the basic model (in black) and the model in other colours.

The vaporiser button is located to the left of the on/off switch. The milk vaporiser works with fresh milk (that is, the one you use at home). It features a unique 200ml capacity milk container, and our Senseo Latte Cappuccino coffee maker steams it to pour a creamy layer of warm milk froth into your mug.

Senseo Latte colour range

When buying a Senseo Latte (and any other coffee maker), one of the things we usually take into account is colour.

Senseo Latte: its characteristics

Well, as we have already explained, the Senseo Latte Cappuccino coffee maker is practically identical to the rest of the coffee makers of this brand, with the only difference being the milk vaporiser added. It means that we will find in it all the qualities common to the rest of Senseo’s coffee makers.

  • Large water tank, with the capacity to store 1.2 litres (enough for about eight coffees).
  • The milk storage tank has a capacity of 200 ml.
  • Automatic energy-saving system: the coffee maker turns itself off after 30 minutes of non-use.
  • The Calc-clean decalcification system informs us if we need to change the lime deposits in our coffee machine. Very useful if we use tap water.
  • We can prepare two cups at the same time. However, some users indicate that the intensity of the coffee decreases, and that they prefer to make one cup with each capsule, even if it is more expensive. It is already a matter of taste, but the person who warns is not a traitor.
  • It has a light indicator of the remaining water level.
  • We can clean all the pieces in the dishwasher.
  • Exterior finishes: spray paint.

Advantages of Senseo Latte

  • The milk vaporiser is a luxury, and it also works with “real” milk.
  • The water tank has a size that is at the top of the range: 1.2 litres.
  • It lacks none of the basic features of any other Senseo coffee maker.

Disadvantages of the Senseo Latte

  • The price of this Senseo Latte is significantly higher than other Senseo coffee machines, due logically to the inclusion of the milk vaporiser. It is around 130 pounds (from now on).
  • The container for storing the milk in plastic, and sometimes it can give you the impression that it is not clean (because of the creaminess of the milk itself).

Senseo Latte videos: How It works

This video is in French. The reason why we have included it in this analysis is that of all those on the Internet; this one seems to us to be the one that best illustrates the process of preparing a cappuccino (undoubtedly the star product of this Philips Senseo Latte).

Why buy a Senseo Latte?

In short, the reasons for buying a Senseo Latte Cappuccino are apparent: if you want the milk frother, you must buy it, even if it is a little more expensive than the rest. If you do not mind this feature, then it would be logical to choose any other model of Senseo since the rest of the features are common to all machines of this brand.

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